Victor J. Andrew High School

To provide a friendly and fun communication link for past and present VJA speechies.

Team Information
Kerry Yandel
Tinley Park, Illinois


Major Accomplishments
Individual Events Top Ten Teams: 1981 #10 /Individual Events Team Champions and Runner-Up: 1983 Runner-Up (score of 15)/ 1984 Runner-Up (score of 24)/ 1986 Champion (score of 20)/ Individual Events Individual Champions: 1981 HDA Joe Hackett & Mari Poulsen/ 1983 HDA Jack Kellogg & Mark Maranto/ 1984 DI Matt Gusick/ HDA Matt Gusick & Mark Maranto/ Prose Karen Schwartz/ 1986 HDA Cheri Rinchich & Karl Spohnholtz/ 1987 OO Michelle Etchason/ 2007 Extemp. Michael McLean
High School Team

Recent Team Posts

How has speech helped you in real life?


It might just be an extracurricular, but speech can alter your life. How has it influenced yours? And I don't mean like you had to miss a birthday party because of a tourney. Any real changes and impacts.

Thanks Guys!


Thanks to all of you for joining the team! I definitely appreciate it and so does the future of our team's page.

Out of curiosity, have any of you kept-up with speech-like activities when you graduated? I got a theatre minor...which is close but not really, haha.