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In the words of Ms. Shaw, "Let's kick some butt."

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Erin Shaw
Austin/ Round Rock


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Oh, I don't even know.
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It May Be A Good Idea To Start Looking For Pieces


So it would appear that we are done with competition for the year, so what better time to start looking for pieces for next year? Yes, we do have the handy-dandy TFA cabinet, but that really should only be used as a last resort, and finding and cutting your own pieces always seems to add a little something. Besides, we don't have that many fantastic things in the cabinet.

Hello friends


Hello, since noone has done this yet, I think I will take the liberty of doing so.

First off I would like to thank Mr. David Willams for setting this up, it is a great idea, and how you found this website, I don't know.  

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