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Mission Statement:

  • "To enrich the academic experience of all students from Duval County Public Schools through participation in competitive team policy debate.  DUDL is especially interested in students with untapped potential, who are disengaged from the contemporary classroom setting. Through debate, students prepare to become engaged learners, critical thinkers and citizens who are effective advocates for themselves, their families, and their community."

Vision Statement:

  • "A nationally competitive team of local Great Debaters from Jacksonville who maintain high level of academic excellence and a commitment to community service."
  • "Invoke an intensive, Comprehensive Curriculum at each participating school with a focus on team work, listening, public speaking, research and analysis, winning, peer support and community/ parental involvement.  The Director will provide detailed documentation of curriculum models through virtual reports and consistent recorded meetings."
  • "To leverage debates unique ability to develop the whole child by reinforcing teacher instruction through thought-provoking classroom discussion, positive self-conceptualization and strong parental involvement inside and outside of the home. Our lesson plans are developed to appeal to a student or group of students diverse learning styles."


  • "To introduce and measure innovative programs that positively impact a student’s character and academic capacity, particularly in reading and math."

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Major Accomplishments
-Although formed last Fall in the '09-'10 school year, the DUDL has 15 schools and 100 members registered in the league. Membership is expected to grow as the expansion from middle school to both grade school and high school is made next year.
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