Freehold Townships Forensics Fighting Opi Team

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Can we update this page it is two years old : )


The Beard 2011

Some Thoughts and a Friendly Call to Write some Blogs :)


Hey Everyone,

First off, thanks to everyone who joined our FTHS Team. You all rock. It's great to see some of the old-timers like Rachel Segall, KenDoug, Silverman, Seegs, etc all on here. I think Segall has been meaning to make a post - if he can ever figure out how to work a computer. He told me he seems to be taken in by the poll he's winning by a shred.

Just an FYI to the old-timer LDers out there (you know who you are) - the current team gave me the impression that the LD Team could use some rebuilding. Any help-advice you could offer on current-future resolutions I'm sure would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to reach out to the current team to see if you could help me get some blogs going. The blogs could be on any category, on anything of interest related to forensics.