Freehold Townships Forensics Fighting Opi Team

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Freehold Township Team Accomplishments - Click to Edit

FTHS Forensics Team, 5th place, State Tournament
Alanna Autler, 1st place, OO and DEC
Lucas Pasch and Melissa Taustine, 4th place PF, Districts
Scott Lief, 3rd place LD, Districts
Priyanka Chatterjee, 4th place DI, Districts
Alanna Autler, 1st place OO (National Qualifier), Districts

FTHS Forensics Team, 4th place, State Tournament
Ramy Jaber and Jason Cherchia, 2nd place, PF Debate, State Tournament
Nicole Anllo semi-final HI, Harvard University


FTHS Forensics Team, 3rd place, State Tournament
Michael Garson: 4th place at Nationals (in what??)
Alanna Autler, 1st place, Original Oratory, Yale University


FTHS Forensics Team, 2nd place, State Tournament
Joshua Pasch and Shannon Dwyer, 1st place, PF Debate, States Tournament
Joshua Pasch and Shannon Dwyer, 6th place, NFL Nationals Tournament


FTHS Forensics Team, 3rd place State Tournament
Rachel Segall, 1st Place, J-V LD Debate, State Tournament


FTHS Forensics Team, 1st place State Tournament
Lauren Siciliano, 1st place, Extemporaneous Speaking, State Tournament
Kara Kurczeski - Dana Goldberg, 5th place, Duo, State Tournament
David Silverman, 2nd Place, Varsity LD Debate, State Tournament
Michael Sarill, 1st Place, J-V LD Debate, State Tournament


David Segall, 1st Place, J-V LD Debate, State Tournament