Wisconsin Debate Coaches Association



League Information

The Wisconsin Debate Coaches Association (WDCA) is an organization composed of middle school and high school coaches.  The WDCA is devoted to setting competition standards and policies for debate that teaches good research skills, how to develop defendable positions, persuasive arguing techniques, and how to better note taking abilities and note organization.  

The WDCA was founded in 1965 as two separate entities: Tournament Practices and Procedures and Judging Standards and Judging and Coaching Ethics.  During the 60's the WDCA began to define how it was to be run and established policies and procedures.  Since then, the WDCA has continued to grow and has now become one of the premier Debate organizations of Wisconsin.  The WDCA is highly organized and publishes an annual history of their endeavors and accomplishments as listed at the yearly meeting. 

Key Officers 

President: Nick Bubb      

Past-President: Bill Batterman    

President-Elect: Steve Finch    

Secretary: Brian Devine    

Treasurer: Eric Van Ert    

Judging Standards and Ethics Chair: Dan Hansen    

Tournament Practices/Procedures: Tim Scheffler    

Media/Communications Chair: Jon Voss    

Middle Level Chair: Cheryl Bachtell    

History Chair: Jim Sauer    

New Coaches Chair: Kari Strebig    

Events Offered 

Lincoln-Douglas Debate, V4, VSS, Public Forum, Novice Policy, Middle School Debate

2009 Finalists 

Wisconsin State Debate Tournament 2009

V4 Top 4 Person Teams (1-6 listed)

1. West Bend 1 Aff -- West Bend 1 Neg
2. Homestead 1 Aff -- Homestead 1 Neg
3. Slinger Aff -- Slinger Neg
4. Mukwonago Aff -- Mukwonago Neg
5. La Crosse Aff -- La Crosse Neg
6. Homestead 2 Aff -- Homestead 2 Neg

V4 Top Speakers (1-6 listed)

1. Victor Sobralske (Slinger Aff)
2. Mitchell Gutbrod (Slinger Neg)
3. Emma Hill (West Bend 1 Aff)
4. Ed Euclide (Slinger Aff)
5. Avery Wehrs (La Crosse Neg)
6. Taylor Marx (West Bend 1 Aff)

V4 Affirmative Speakers in Order (1-6 listed)

1. Victor Sobralske (Slinger Aff)
2. Emma Hill (West Bend 1 Aff)
3. Ed Euclide (Slinger Aff)
4. Taylor Marx (West Bend 1 Aff)
5. Dan Kelly (Wausau Aff)
6. Karthik Shanker (Homestead 2 Aff)

V4 Negative Speakers in Order (1-6 listed)

1. Mitchell Gutbrod (Slinger Neg)
2. Avery Wehrs (La Crosse Neg)
3. Remington Schieffer (Mukwonago Neg)
4. Rahul Suvramanian (Homestead 1 Neg)
5. Colin Cooper (Slinger Neg)
6. Matt Holcomb (West Bend 1 Neg)

VVS Final Round

Nicolet LS (Neg) defeated Marquette University CT

VSS Top Speakers (1-6 listed)

1. Abby Loxton (Nicolet LS)
2. Colton Karoses (Appleton West KS)
3. Amen Okundaye (Neenah OH)
4. Tyler Thur (Marquette University CT)
5. Caitlin Holzem (Neenah OH)
6. Matthew Cekanor (Marquette University CT)

LD Final Round (winner not listed)

JMM BC & JMM AS in room 2105

LD Top Speakers (1-6 listed)

1. Arjun Seshadri (JMM AS)
2. Brendan Caldwell (JMM BC)
3. Carissa Stevens (Appleton West CS)
4. Advik Shreekumar (Brookfield East AS)
5. Pratyusha Kalluri (JMM PK)
6. Elaine Andersen (Brookfield East EA)

Public Forum Final Round

James Madison Memoria KS (Con) defeated Nicolet WW

Novice Policy Top Four Person Teams (1-6 listed)

1. Rufus King 1A -- Rufus King 1N
2. Nicolet A -- Nicolet N
4. Rufus King 2A -- Rufus King 2N
5. Appleton East 1A -- Appleton East 1N
6. Homestead A -- Homestead N

Novice Policy Affirmative Speakers in Order (1-6 listed)

1. Katie Beckman (Muskego A)
2. Nancy Gao (Nicolet A)
3. Megan Roessler (Waukesha South A)
4. Andy Russell (Mukwonago 1A)
5. Aliye Kidwell (Rufus King 1A)
6. Paige Liberski (Muskego A)

Novice Policy Negative Speakers in Order (1-6 listed)

1. Tim Ruhman (Cedarburg N)
2. Allison Friske (Mukwonago 1N)
3. Nathan Rein (MUHS1N)
4. Eric Hanson (Homestead N)
5. Chris Luckett (MUHS1N)
6. Kieran Farrell (MUHS2N)

Middle School Team Awards

1. 6 record team Mac1 from MacDowell 1
2. 5 record team GM1 from Golda Meir 1
3.  4 record team GM2 from Golda Meir 2

Middle School Speaker Awards

1st Affirmative

1. (MacDowell 1) Keenan Gibson

2. (Fritsche 1) Devon Zarcone

2nd Affirmative

1. (Fritsche 1) Deven Velez

2. (Golda Meir 2) Wanyah Frazier

1st Negative

1. (MacDowell 1) Donovan Green

2. (Golda Meir 2) Madison Cox

2nd Negative

1. (Golda Meir 1) Dustine Verley

2. (MacDowell 1) Tom Lowe