Washington Forensics

League Information

Founded in 1920, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) is the head of athletics and activities in the state. The association divides schools into districts and then classifications based on location and school size, respectively. The goal of the WIAA is to be an assistant to member schools so that students of that school can excel in anything they do. All schools within the association are encouraged to hire competent employees to run events/activities/athletics, to get students to participate as much as possible, to recognize achievement, and to have an understanding of the importance of interscholastic competition. All member schools are required to write a plan for their school which will speak to the issues of citizenship and then follow-through on it to make it a reality.

Key Officers 

Executive Director: Mike Colbrese

Assistant Executive Director: Cindy Adsit

Assistant Executive Director: Andy Barnes

Assistant Executive Director: Teresa Fisher

Assistant Executive Director: Jim Meyerhoff

Assistant Executive Director: John Miller

WIAA Executive for Forensics: Andy Barnes