Pennsylvania High School Speech League



League Information

The Pennsylvania High School Speech League (PHSHL) was founded in 1961 to promote curiosity and understanding of speech through the means of competition. The league also strives to keep quality of competition high, help schools with not only extracurricular speech programs but also curriculum ones, and offer as many types of competition/events to as many students who want to join. The league also wishes to help students realize their own potential and worth, understand and appreciate Arts and Humanities, enhance students’ skills in writing/communication/listening/speaking/etc, and further better analytical thinking abilities.

Key Officers 

Executive Director: Larry D. Augustine

Secretary: Sandra W. Saxman

Events Offered 

Drama, Cross Examination Debate, Public Forum Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Oral Interpretation of Poetry, Oral Interpretation of Prose, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Informative Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, Commentary, Duo Interpretation, Radio Announcing, Impromptu Speaking, Student Congress