Oregon High School Speech League Coaches Association



League Information

Based in Wilsonville, the Oregon High School Speech League Coaches Association (OSAA) was formed back in 1918 and now regulates all activities and athletics in the state. Originally, the association was named the Oregon State High School Athletics Association, but was changed to its current name in 1947. The association sponsors 74 state tournaments every year and divides schools into not only classifications but conferences (size and region, respectively). The Oregon High School Speech League is the specific division of the OSAA that’s focus is only speech and debate. It is a resource for all coaches and competitors in the state. Debate topics, tournament information, and educational resources can be found on the site.

Key Officers 

1A Classification: Jack Henderson, President

6A Classification: Steve Iverson

5A Classification: Craig Roessler

4A Classification: Randy Schild, Vice-President

6A / 5A / 4A Classifications At-Large: James Hiu

3A Classification: Curt Shelley

2A Classification (Interim): Brad Yates

3A/2A/1A Classifications At-Large: Larry Ramirez

Events Offered 

After Dinner Speaking, Dual Interpretation, Expository Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Literary Interpretation for Beginning English Language Learners, Memorized Humorous Interpretation, Memorized Serious Interpretation, Oratory Speaking, Poetry Reading, Prose Reading, Radio Commentary, Student Congress, LD Value Debate, Public Debate, Public Forum Debate, Oregon Style Cross-Examination Debate

2009 Finalists 

After Dinner Speaking

Al B Navetta (McMinnville) 

Dual Interpretation

Alex Sylvester & Clarissa Castaldi (Bandon)

Expository Speaking

Diana Cater (Silverton)

Extemporaneous Speaking

Joe Noh (Glencoe)

Impromptu Speaking

Marcus Robinson (Wilson)

Literary Interpretation for Beginning English Language Learners

Yaoyuan Zhang (Putnam)

Memorized Humorous Interpretation

John Castaldi (Bandon)

Memorized Serious Interpretation

Justin Rodriguez (Marshfield)

Oratory Speaking

Diana Cater (Silverton)

Poetry Reading

Samantha Peterson (David Douglas)

Prose Reading

Alex DuBruyne (Tigard)

Radio Commentary

Elise Chow (Ashland)

Student Congress

Carson States (Silverton)

Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate

Joliene Chaffee (Bandon)

Public Debate

Nathan Mathabane & Stephen Kenyon (Lincoln)

Public Forum Debate

Alex Turzillo & Neil Mistry (Tigard)

Oregon Style Cross-Examination Debate

Cameron Nilles & Mitch Dunn (Barlow)