North Dakota Forensics



League Information

The North Dakota High School Activities Association (NDHSAA) consists of 171 high schools and offers students of the state of North Dakota interscholastic activities/competitions, educational clinics, and festivals for all the schools to come together and bond with. Also, part of the association’s mission is to protect members from exploitation from special interests groups. Further, the association acts as a supplement for literary, dramatic, musical, and athletic programs of schools that are members to the association.

Key Officers 

Speech Advisory Committee:

Plays: Vickie Mayer (Washburn HS)

Congress: Jean Hoerer (Richland HS)

Debate: Yvonne Kalka (GF Central HS)

A Speech: Phyllis Kadrmas (Devils Lake HS)

B Speech: Bonnie Muehlberg (Rolette HS)

Events Offered 

Extemporaneous Speaking, Radio Braodcasting, Extemporaneous Programmed Reading, Stroytelling, Serious Duo, Poetry, Dramatic Interpretation, Inform, Humorous Interpretation, Humorous Duo, Serious Prose, Speech to Persuade, Impromptu, Speech to Entertain, Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate

2009 Finalists 

(Results for Class A; B was not posted)

Top Teams

1. Mandan: 122 

2. St. Mary’s: 92

3. Devil’s Lake: 75

4. Fargo Shanley: 53

5. Valley City: 46

6. Fargo South: 42 

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Teagan Lende (Shanley)

2. Chris Krapu (Valley City)

3. Phoebe Strom (Fargo North)

4. Will Bergstorm (Devils Lake)

5. Adam Swigost (St. Mary’s)

6. Chad Brinkman (Mandan)

7. Andrew Leizens (Grand Forks Central)

8. Mathias Staricka (Williston)

Radio Broadcasting

1. Vanessa Stumpf (Mandan)

2. Ben Thompson (Devils Lake)

3. Kate Happel (St. Mary’s)

4. Erika Berger (Mandan)

5. Josh Widmer (Devils Lake)

6. Jenny Sun (Fargo South)

7. Amy Yu (Fargo South)

8. Sean Lengenfelder (St. Mary’s)

Superior Medalist: Maneesh Apte (Fargo South)

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading

1. Nick Leingang (Mandan)

2. Hannah Andring (Mandan)

3. Emily Doll (St. Mary’s)

4. Britt Aamundson (Devils Lake)

5. Drew Spooner (Fargo South)

6. Jace Riggen (Devils Lake)

7. Diane Hahn (West Fargo)

8. Charlotte Babbitt (Williston)

Superior Medalist: Savanah Walseth (Fargo North) AND Morgan Hessman (St. Mary’s) 


1. Cassandra Becker (St. Mary’s)

2. Jon Lipp (Shanley)

3. Shanley Fogarty (Valley City)

4. Mallory Nygard (Williston)

5. Tessa Vaagen (St. Mary’s)

6. Travis Mack (Devils Lake)

7. Taryn Chase (Century)

8. Scott Ecker (Fargo South)

Serious Duo

1. Angela Loff and Jace Riggen (Devils Lake)

2. Rachel Levy and Aaron Schuldt

3. Nick Lee and Katie Anderson

4. Jacob Monson and Sarah Waltz (Williston)

5. Shelbie Johnson and Katie McConnell

6. Lisa Jensen and Chris Wagar (Valley City)

7. Stephanie Moore and Shiyel Rittenbach (Mandan)

8. Liz Fricker and Cameron Sorrels (Fargo South) 


1. Jonathan Wanner (Mandan)

2. Ryan Engberg (Williston)

3. Nick Leingang (Mandan)

4. Emily Engels (Jamestown)

5. Beatrice Hill (West Fargo)

6. Jimmy Chattin (Devils Lake)

7. Leah Haak (Valley City)

8. Connor Wright (West Fargo)

Superior Medalist: Jared Deckert (Devils Lake) AND Vanessa Stumpf (Mandan) AND Angela Goebel (Williston)

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Jonathan Wanner (Mandan)

2. Rachel Levy (Valley City)

3. Brittany Kuhn (Mandan)

4. Emily Doll (St. Mary’s)

5. Morgan Hessman (St. Mary’s)

6. Brittany Noltmeier (Devils Lake)

7. Lucas Wakefield (Devils Lake)

8. Anna Gulsvig (Devils Lake)


1. Ellen Mueler (St. Mary’s)

2. Eric Halvorson (West Fargo)

3. Nick Lee (Valley City)

4. Abby Hammes (West Fargo)

5. Mason Lende (Fargo Shanley)

6. Lindsey Ellefson (Mandan)

7. Tirzah Wethern (Fargo Shanley)

8. Kayla Hawley (West Fargo)

Superior Medalist: Will Bergstrom (Devils Lake)

Humorous Interpretation

1. Eric Halvorson (West Fargo)

2. Brittany Kuhn (Mandan)

3. Robert Kringler (Fargo South)

4. Travis Mack (Devils Lake)

5. Jeff Jung-Mandan

6. Courtland Miller (Wahpeton)

7. Kendal Newcomb

8. Kolte Kirby (Williston)

Superior Medalist: Matthew Donahue (Fargo Shanley) AND Courtney Schaff (Century) AND Jonathon Berntson (Jamestown)

Humorous Duo

1. Cora Joe Anderson and Mia Barnett (Fargo South)

2. Steve Strom and Nicholas Strom (West Fargo)

3.Jacqueline DeGragg and Monte Arso (Century)

4.Megan Anderson and Nicholas Bittner (Devils Lake)

5. Jacob Olson and Abby Stoner (Williston)

6. Katie McConnell and Marissa Kuhn (Mandan)

7. Luke Lordeman and Jacob Monson (Williston)

8. Kayla Hawley and Emily Erickson (West Fargo)

Superior Medalist: Britt Aasmundstad and Josh Widmer (Devils Lake)

Serious Prose

1. Zach Wanner (Mandan)

2. Kendal Newcomb (Mandan)

3. Rachel Burckhard (St. Mary’s)

4. Kaylin Salwei (St. Mary’s)

5. Katelin Fullerton (Fargo South)

6. Hannah Andring (Mandan)

7. Grace Cabarle (Minot)

8. Sarah Greene (Fargo Shanley)

Speech to Persuade

1. Mason Lende (Fargo Shanley)

2. Dan Cho (Fargo Shanley)

3. Ellen Mueller (St. Mary’s)

4. Danni Askew (Bismarck)

5. Catherine Cho (Fargo Shanley)

6. Beth Osman (Fargo South)

7. Connor Baker (Devils Lake)

8. Abby Hammes (West Fargo)

Superior Medalist: Phoebe Strom (Fargo North) AND Brittany Davila (West Fargo)


1. Teagan Lende (Fargo Shanley)

2. Adam Swigost (St. Mary’s)

3. Mary Armstrong (St. Mary’s)

4. Amanda Kalka (Grand Forks Central)

5. Ian Yocum (Fargo South)

6. John Lynch (Jamestown)

7. Bryce Heustis (Devils Lake)

8. Chad Brinkman (Mandan)

Superior Medalist: Chris Krapu (Valley City) AND Dan Bickler (Williston)

Speech to Entertain

1. Paul Anderson (St. Mary’s)

2. Angela Loff (Devils Lake)

3. Lindsey Ellefson (Mandan)

4. Shanley Fogarty (Valley City)

5. Nikko Raymo (Century)

6. Joe Kalka (Grand Forks Central)

7. Jacob Olson (Williston)

8. Cassandra Becker (St. Mary’s)

Superior Medalist: Jesse Stiller (Wahpeton)

2009 State Debate Results

Top 5 teams

1. Fargo South, 97 points

2. Fargo Shanley, 83 points

3. GF Central, 22 points

4. Mandan, 16 points

5. GF Red River, 11 points

Division I Policy Debate

1. John Kenney and Dan Cho (Fargo Shanley)

2. Phil Thelen and Max Tolstedt (Fargo Shanley)

Semi Finalists: Jacob Dixon and Cristina Lawrence (Fargo Shanley) AND Joe Kalka and Chris Liepold  (GF Central)

Quarter Finalists: Taylor Lund and Sara Norden (GF Central), Claire Carlson and Brooke Solberg (GF Red River), Alicia Schroeder and Conner Wright, AND Jessyca Anttanasio and Patrick Anttanasio (GF Central)

Speaker Awards Division I Policy: Tie for 1st speaker:  John Kenney (Fargo Shanley) AND Max Tolstedt (Fargo Shanley)

 Tie for 3rd speakers: Joe Kalka (Grand Forks Central) AND Phil Thelen (Fargo Shanley)

Division I Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1. Jeff Fricker (Fargo South)

2. Mason Lende (Fargo Shanley)

Semi Finalists: Ian Yocum (Fargo South), Teagan Lende (Fargo Shanley)

Quarter Finalists: Jonathan Wanner (Mandan), Hedan Zeng (GF Red River), Cassandra Munter (Wahpeton), AND Adeeti Katti (Fargo South)

Division II Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1. Kate Thoreson (MayPort-CG)

2. Patrick Lin (Fargo South)

Semi Finalists: Catherine Cho (Fargo South) AND Jon Lipp (Fargo Shanley)

Quarter Finalists: Anna Nikle (GF Red River), Nick Traynor (Fargo Shanley), Laura Morken (Richland), AND Sarah Aho (Wahpeton)

Division III Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1. Anjali Lali (Fargo South)

2. Brett Johnson (Fargo Shanley)

Semi Finalists: Maneesh Apte (Fargo South) AND Taylor Gess (Fargo South)

Quarter Finalists: Anjali Lali (Fargo South), Cody LaVallie (Mandan), Taylor Gess (Fargo South), AND Ivy Nadeau (Mandan)

Division I Public Forum Debate

1. Jennifer Vetter and Tirzah Wethern (Fargo Shanley)

2. Matthew Budke and John Mitzel (Fargo South)

Semi Finalists: Amanda Kalka and Logan McManus (GF Red River) AND Navenna Lall and Thom Beneke (Fargo South)

Quarter Finalists: Erika Berger and Ashley Barrios (Mandan), Avi Rajender and Abhi Vaidya (Fargo South), Cassie Baumgartner and Tara Brekke (West Fargo), AND Garret Zastoupil and Beth Osman (Fargo South)

Division II Public Forum Debate

1. Andrea Richmond and Christy Smith (Fargo Shanley)

2. Kelsie Eiler and Kaitlin Ford (Fargo South)

Semi-Finalists: Leah Keim and Murphy Anderson (Fargo South) AND Matthew Kaseman and Atul Panigrahi (Fargo South)

Quarter Finalists: Jo Allard and Nikki Hansen (Central Cass), Bjorn Altenburg and Jesse Graham (Fargo North), Lukas Kinneborg and Janet Morken (Richland), AND Chris Hollerung and Issac Myhre (Richland)

Division III Public Forum Debate

1. Tom Startz and Katelynn Osland (Fargo Shanley)

2. Rizka Khairani and Morgan Johnson (Bismarck)

Semi-Finalists: Anne Ferguson and Sarah Beam (Fargo South) AND Maddie Hyde and Jenny Sun (Fargo South)

Quarter Finalists: Preston Zander and Marissa Kuhn (Mandan), Joey Osborne and Sidd Gupta (Fargo South), Trisha Morrell and Bryana Dorner (Mandan), AND Seb Startz and Rachel Ward (Fargo Shanley)