North Carolina - Tarheel Forensic League



League Information

The North Carolina - Tarheel Forensic League (TFL) was formed in 1976 and offers debate competition in Lincoln-Douglass Debate, Congressional Debate, and Public Forum Debate for the state of North Carolina. The league now consists of 44 schools. The league has two divisions, those of Carolina West and Tarheel East, which work together to form the TFL.

Key Officers 

TFL Chair: Keith Pittman of Asheville HS

Vice Chair/Alternate Member: Suzanne Sell of Jack Britt HS

Carolina West District Chair: Mr. Andrew West of Myers Park HS

Tarheel East District Chair: Ms. Elizabeth Carter of Pinecrest HS

Events Offered 

Events offered at the 2008 State Tournament: L-D, Public Forum, Congressional Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Humorous Interpretation, Original Oratory, Duo Interpretation, and Dramatic Interpretation