New Mexico Forensics



League Information

The New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) consists of more than 150 member schools who participate in both athletic and non-athletic activities, including forensics speech and debate. The NMAA was founded in 1921 as a means to regulate junior and senior interscholastic activities and to host state championship games. It now serves middle/junior high and senior high schools that choose to enter the organization and pay dues. In 1953 non-athletic activities began to enter the association and thus speech became a part of the state association. The NMAA considers non-sporting activities to be an extension of the classroom and encourages students to participate in one, if not more, of these types of activities.

Key Officers 

Speech and Debate primary contact: Ed Henry of Rio Grande High School

Executive Director: Gary Tripp

Associate Director: Sally Marquez

Associate Director: Mario Martinez

Assistant Director: Robert Zayas, CAA

Assistant Director: Rudy Aragon

Assistant Director: Dana Sanchez

Assistant Director: Scott Evans, CMAA

Assistant Directo: Gene Pino

Assistant Director: Dusty Young

Assistant Director: Bill Cleland

Finance Director: Carol Daniels

Assistant Director: Kristin Derr