Missouri Forensics



League Information

Consisting of 580 schools, the Missouri State High School Activities Association was formed in 1926 and is the ruling body of all sports and activities in the state of Missouri, including forensics speech and debate. The association was formed by private and public schools to try to regulate basketball and oversee state tournaments. It has now expanded to include a wide array of sports, academic activities, and of course speech and debate.

Key Officers 

Executive Director: Dr. Kerwin Urhahn

Associate Executive Director: Harvey Richards

Associate Executive Director: Stacy Schroeder

Assistant Executive Director: Fred Binggeli

Assistant Executive Director: Tim Thompson

Assistant Executive Director: Davine Davis

CAA, Assistant Executive Director: Kevin Garner

Chief Financial Officer: Craig Long

Communications Director: Jason West

Administrative Assistant: Janie Barck

Events Offered 

Cross-Examination Debate, LD Debate, Public Forum Debate, Original Oratory, Extemporaneous Speaking, Duet Acting, Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Prose Reading, Poetry Reading, Storytelling, Radio Speaking

2009 Finalists 

Cross-Examination Debate

1. Ben Campbell and Matt Price (Parkview)

2. Matt Greenberg and Daniel Plott (Truman)

Tie for 3. Sarah Godwin and Myra Milam (Greenwood), Forrest Brown and Will Pearson (Central, Springfield)

Tie for 5. Luke Schiel and Anna Dardick (Parkway Central), Kathleen Naccarato and Will Schedl (Clayton), Allie Cagle and Ashley Jemes (Neosho), Matt Gilmoreand Jackson Hobbs (Blue Springs South)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1. Stewart Pence (Joplin)

2. Andi Fink (Park Hill South)

Tie for 3. Jordan Donaldson (Ozark), George Brauer (Nevada)

Tie for 5. Devin Kelsey (Parkview), Justin Letts(Neosho), Michael Clarke (Nixa), Aaron Sowards (Parkview)

 Public Forum Debate

1. Brittany Rymer and Jacob Skowronski (Lee’s Summit West)

2. Alexis Elliott and Ethan Poe (Liberty)

Tie for 3. Alex Ndikum and Mitchell Smith (Parkview), Rebekah Christian and LeighAnna Stone (Nixa)

Tie for 5. David Leader and Jake Bailey (Park Hill South), Brian Charles and Jerome Link (Raytown South), Brian McGarry and Ben Shantz (Central, Springfield), Max Mikitish and Susan Taylor (Liberty)

Original Oratory

1. Katie Smith (Pembroke Hill)

2. Jennifer Tian (Warrensburg)

3. BethAnne Hendrickson (Kickapoo)

4. Kim Petroll (Liberty)

5. Kara Bradley (Parkway Central)

6. Kyle LaVelle (Ritenour)

7. Bill Townsend (Monett)

8. Jarret Chaney (Nixa)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Nick Rivers (Raytown South)

2. Max Mikitish (Liberty)

3. Kyle LaVelle (Ritenour)

4. Justin Lettis (Neosho)

5. Nic Kennedy (Monett)

6. Casey Minnes (Marquette)

7. Alex Noikum (Parkview)

8. Zach Hamilton (Kickapoo)

Duet Acting

1. Eric Staves and Jenna Wiles (Liberty)

2. Katie Littleton and Taylor Yazel (William Chrisman)

3. Katie Western and Ty Harshman (Nixa)

4. Hayley Farrell and Nellie Maple (Raymore-Peculiar)

5. Kristin Racicot and Bridgette Renfro (Monett)

6. Andrew Gehrlein and Natalie Frank (Rolla)

7. Emily Bridges and Ray Schmid (West Plains)

8. Rachel Davis and Miranda Craig (Hickman Mills)

Humorus Interpretation

1. Katie Western (Nixa)

2. Chris Rosado (Moberly)

3. Emma Cadd (Liberty)

4. Dillon Amaya (Truman)

5. Teonna Wesley (Raytown South)

6. Brett Lowther (Blue Springs South)

7. Zach Perry (Parkview)

8. Bailey Norton (Marshfield)

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Alyssa Eggleston (Ava)

2. Austin Groves (Blue Springs)

3. Jeremy Eutsler (Parkview)

4. Alina Sharp (Raymore-Peculiar)

5. Keegan Huckfeldt (Jefferson City)

6. Ali Randolph (Hillcrest)

7. Christopher Carlson (Blue Springs South)

8. Colton Richardson (Pacific) 

Prose Reading

1. Chris Rosado (Moberly)

2. Sophia Brown (Raymore-Peculiar)

3. Savannah Jones (Savannah)

4. Brittany Perry (Parkview)

5. Ben Shuman (Cassville)

6. Hayley James (Lexington)

7. Rolando Rodriguez (Monett)

8. Stephen Bacon (St. Pius X, Kansas City)

Poetry Reading

1. Matt Mazick (Lexington)

2. Riley Cramer (Blue Spring South)

3. Katza Jones (Liberty)

4. Ryan Lewis (Blue Springs)

5. Josh Ellison (Raytown)

6. Alexandria Wilson (Grandview)

7. Megan Aleshire (Monett)

8. Andy Kozminski (Savanah)


1. Jake Helton (Blue Springs)

2. Quitman McBride III (Central, Cape Girardeau)

3. Hannah Campbell (Rock Bridge)

4. Taylor Silvestro (Platte County)

5. Cherise Wiley (Raytown South)

6. Megan Boren (St. James)

7. Samantha Stone (Fort Osage)

8. Katie Lutz (Lee Summit West)

Radio Speaking

1. Amanda Sasek (Moberly)

2. Foster Honeck (Pembroke Hill)

3. Alyssa Eggelston (Ava)

4. Stuart Portman (Parkway West)

5. Weston Hitchcock (Mexico)

6. Angela Protzman (Maryville)

7. Mariah Smith (Clayton)

8. Zack Martin (Willow Springs)