Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association



League Information

The Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association (MIFA) governs all speech activities for middle and high schools in the state of Michigan. The MIFA offers competition in individual events, debate, and theatre. The league also provides supportive materials for coaches in the state.

Key Officers 

Executive Director: Steve Marsh

Chair of MIFA Council: Kevin Schneider

Events Offered 

Policy Debate, Legislative Debate, Broadcasting, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu - Senior High, Impromptu - Middle Level, Informative Speaking, Multiple Interpretation, Oratory, Poetry Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Sales Speaking, Storytelling, Original - Poetry - Only for use at the Original Interpretation and Pentathlon Tournaments, Original - Prose - Only for use at the Original Interpretation and Pentathlon Tournaments, Humorous Interpretation - Only for use at the Pentathlon Tournam

2009 Finalists 

Student Congress

Editors of the Newspaper: Brittany Hiltunen (North Branch HS), Greg Hutchinson (Frankenmuth HS), Julie Gagnon (North Branch HS)

President: Rex Manning (Frankenmuth HS)

Speakers of the House: Dexter Zhuang (Novi HS), Simon Boehme (Kalamazoo Central HS)


1. Kyra Weeks (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)
2. Candie Pierce-Winters (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)
3. Hannah Leisman (Grand Rapids Christian)
4. Jevaryar Jennings (Benton Harbor/MLK Academy)
5. Iris Vincent (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)
6. Erica Sanders (Fair Haven, Anchor Bay)


1. John Bohn (Fair Haven, Anchor Bay)
2. Kim Stokes (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)
3. Majid Mubeen (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)
4. Danny Hurvitz (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)
5. Greg Strasser (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)
6. Marly Zack (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)
7. Chloe Logan (Bloomfield Hills, Andover)

Legislative Debate

Super Session Finalists: Smith, McHugh, Zukowski, Michaels, Khare, Kelley, Karabatakis, Shinn, Zhang, Khuu, Mirza

Speaker Awards

1. Zhuang
2. Le
3. Yang
4. Boehme
5. Verma
6. Wu
7. Dalavayi
8. Kanitkar
9. M Cook
10. Vinnakota

State Debate Tournament

Division 1: West Bloomfield (2-1)

Division 2: South Lyon

Division 3: McBain

Class A/B Individual Events Results Unavailable.