Jersey Urban Debate League



League Information

The Jersey Urban Debate League (JUDL) all began with a vision to teach the ethics and intellectual rewards of debate to middle and high school urban students of New Jersey. All students should have the opportunity to learn speaking and argumentative skills often necessary for success in the world and to be able to compete. The JUDL was able to become a reality when a grant from the George Soros' Open Society Institute was given, as well with the aid of a partnership with FOCUS, Inc. Although the JUDL is small, a ten-mile radius expanding from Newark (Science HS in Newark has offered a strong debate program that shows results since 1978), the league does have 26 schools as members. The league offers training for coaches and students, financial assistance, and hosts tournaments. The JUDL truly does care about the students involved and even offers programs to help prepare for the SAT and various other academic programs. The league also provides two college fair sessions to help promote high education.

Key Officers 

Director: Brent Farrand

Program Administrator: Sandra DeLeon

Education Director: Kurt Shelton

Judge and Volunteer Director: Diana Dunker

Outreach Director: Yanira Rivera

Webmaster: Christian Oshiro

Events Offered