Georgia Forensics



League Information

The GHSA was founded in 1904 as a way to regulate all high school sports and activities events in Georgia. The GHSA is a member of the National Federation of State High School Associations. The league is composed of public and private schools, totaling 402 high schools. Aside from regulating rules and procedures for Georgia sports teams and activities, the league also is in charge of regulating the registration, training, and evaluation of all officials in the GHSA. The GHSA is open to all schools in the state. GHSA rules and regulations are decided by a group of representatives elected from each region who then discuss issues on the Executive Board. Local/Regional minor decisions (tie-breakers for instance) are determined by local representatives. Members are divided by not only the region they are located in but also their size. There are a total of 8 regions to belong to based on location and five divisions. The divisions are labeled A, AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA. The more A’s you have the greater the student population (each A has a range in order to categorize better). You can participate in a higher division’s level than what you belong in, but you cannot compete lower.

Key Officers 

Executive Director: Ralph Swearngin

Assistant Executive Director: Gary Phillips

Associate Executive Director: Joyce Kay

Associate Director: Dennis Payne

Associate Director: Ernie Yarbrough

Administrative Assistant: Tanya Anderson

Administrative Assistant: Julie Jones

2009 Finalists 


1. (Milton) Aff: Meredith McKay and Austin Layton

Neg: Farson Lotfi and Ken Bailey

2. (Chattahoochee) Aff: Matthew Rosenthal and Jeff Zhang

Neg: Chetan Hebbale and Richie Choy

3. (Alpharetta) Aff: Riana Ilango and David Lee

Neg: Neil Sethi and Ricardo Saenz

4. (Northview) Aff: Amit Pujari and Ryan Yan

Neg: Jeffery Wang and  Daniel Sung

Top Affirmative Speaker

Austin Layton (Milton)

Top Negative Speaker

Ken Bailey (Milton)

Class A/AA/AAA

1. (Pace Academy) Aff: Derek Leung and Jennifer Armstrong

Neg: Alec Seco and  Peyton Lee

2. (Calhoun) Aff: Ben Jordon and Kaitlin DeFoor

Neg: Kate Leggett and Joe Bearden

3. (Greater Atlanta Christian) Aff: Josh Douglass and  Andrew Kim

Neg: Getenesh Yilma and Fayzan Rab

4. Grady Aff: Lauren Scott and Ngoc Vu

Neg: Ben Dean and Holden Choi

Top Affirmative Speaker

Jennifer Armstrong (Pace)

Top Negative Speaker

Peyton Lee (Pace)