Florida Forensic League



League Information

Through the competition in curricular and co-curricular activities, the Florida Forensic League (FFL) strives to provide those in high school with the chance to develop their argumentative, communication, and leadership skills. The FFL gives organizational and instructional support to adults who help with the league so that the student’s can excel in speech and debate. The use of the FFL is offered to all schools in the state and governs local and state debate and speech competitions. The FFL is relatively new, having been formed in 2003 and officially operational in 2004. However, a less organized version of the FFL was in use prior to the FFL’s conception.

Key Officers 

President: Carol Cecil G. (Holmes Braddock HS)

VP/Operations: Steve Schappaugh (University School)

Panhandle Regional Director: Charlie Williams (Niceville HS)

Timacuan Regional Director: Mike Wascher (Lake Highalnd Prep)

Gulf Coast Regional Director: Jennifer Bell (Wharton HS)

Macaw Regional Director: Dario Camara (Royal Palm Beach HS)

Art Deco Regional Director: Mary Schick (Michael Krop HS)

Hurricane Regional Director: Beth Goldman (J.P. Taravella HS)

Events Offered 

Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Oral Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Student Congress, Original Oratory International Extemporaneous, Domestic Extemporaneous

2009 Finalists 

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Austin Sprague

2. Kaitlyn Terpstra

3. Brooke Weisman

4. Nick Gilyard

5. Sanika Oange

6. Gabriel Albaladejo

Duo Interpretation

1. Jude Flannelly and Justin Dodd

2. Matt Seely and Zack Snow

3. Samantha Levy and Marc Whiteman

4. Lindsey Zionts and Daniel Wetcher

5. Gabriella Oevia-Allen and Nick Gilyard

6. Joseph Hernandez and Gregory Fabiano

US Extemporaneous Speaking

1. John Mern

2. Chris Goldstein

3. Josh March

4. Ahkianne Wanliss

5. Charlotte Brown

6. Ryan Pereira

Humorous Interpretation

1. Connor Settlemire

2. Jude Flannelly

3. Austin Sprague

4. Rachel Brooks

5. Taylor Grimes

6. Ryan Lebar

International Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Devon Arnold

2. Max Solomon

3. Rustin Finkler

4. Mohammad Gardezi

5. Risha Asokan

6. Ryan Sasse

Oral Interpretaion

1. Stefani Gutierrez

2. Joseph Egozi

3. Nikole Cintron

4. James Bedell

5. Hannah Gutman

6. Stephanie Barron

Original Oratory

1. Kevin Pabst

2. Jason Bernstein

3. Emir Mizell

4. Marc Whiteman

5. Max Solomon

6. Evangeline Culbreth


1. Robert Colonel (Winter Springs)

2. Joseph Perretta (Christopher Columbus)

3. Rey Escobar (St.Thomas Aquinas)

4. Geoffrey Block (Trinity Prep)

5. Anna Tsiotsias (Nova)

6. Jorge Diaz (Legacy)

Chamber A

Session 1 Top Credits: Rey Escobar (St.Thomas Aquinas)

Session 2 Top Credits: Amanda DeStefano (Wellington)

Cumulative Credits

3. Jacob Gilson (Nova)

4. Mike DcRossa (Arnerican Heritage)

5. Eric Moussa (Belen Jesuit)

6. Alicia Barroso (G.Holrncs Braddock)

Chamber B

Session 1 Top Credits: Anna Tsiotsias (Nova)

Session 2 Top Credits: Robert Colonel (Winter Springs)

Cumulative Credits

3. Joseph Perreta (Columbus)

4. Guillermo Pradieu (Wharton)

5. Geotfrey Block (Trinity)

6. Jorge Diaz (Legacy)

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Lake Highland SK (Neg) defeated Legacy BW; 3-0 Randal Martinez, Glenn Powell, and Brad Hicks

Public Forum Debate

Timber Creek EW (Neg) defeated Lake Highland Prepara SM; 3-0

Policy Debate (results not posted)