Arizona Forensics



League Information

The AIA is a collection of both public and private schools that work together to regulate sports and competitive activities. It was formed in 1925 and is also a member of the National Federation of State High School Associations (basically a larger, national version of the AIA designed for all state associations to work together as one). The AIA was formed as a means to regulate competition between schools. Prior to the AIA, when schools first began to compete with each other it was noted that differences in rules was an issue that needed to be solved. The answer of where and when competitions would be held posed problems. Also, the regulation of playing fields/equipment/age restrictions raised questions. Even rules for the competition itself needed some regularity. Thus, schools came together to address these issues and formed the AIA. Any rules for interscholastic competition can be found by looking towards the AIA. The AIA has divisions of management for each activity. For instance, there is a board of directors for Speech and Debate. Something special to the AIA is an event called Everyday Heroes which is an annual awards program designed to recognize excellence of schools, coaches, and individuals in the league.

Key Officers 

President: Ken VanWinkle

Vice President: Cindy Riley, CAA