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Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Gurnee, IL
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Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Brittany Coriaci and Kylie Mohrmann    (Warren Township)
2.    Adelle McKenny and Megan Vacek    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Salo and Shurna    (Glenbard West)
3.    Colleen Kennedy and Hannah Mira Friedland    (Glenbrook South)
4.    Cook and Urick    (Glenbard West)
4.    Eva Rest and Nick Radmer    (Naperville Central)
5.    Kelly Tischler and Olivia German    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Kaitlyn Stoll and Natalia Montes de Oca    (Wheaton North)
6.    Rachel Zimmerman and Tyler Miles    (Fremd)
6.    Ferrone and Hohulin    (Glenbard West)
6.    Bailey Monte and Chandler Farrell    (Glenbrook South)
6.    Ally Moraga and Maddie Ewing    (Wheaton North)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Mariah Copeland    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Rose Murphy    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Jack Barker    (Glenbard West)
2.    Sabrina Gomez    (Naperville Central)
3.    Gregory Madden    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
4.    Rachel Campbell    (Hersey)
4.    Alexus Newson    (Southland College Prep)
5.    Dana Scholl    (Fremd)
5.    Claire Symington    (Glenbrook North)
5.    Joshay Silk    (Southland College Prep)
6.    Adelle McKenny    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Caitlyn Pagenkopf    (Fremd)
6.    Emily Dwyer    (Wheaton North)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Chris Schwartz    (Wheeling)
2.    Ammar Kalimullah    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Priyanka Kanal    (Fremd)
2.    Cody Schulz    (Wheaton North)
3.    Ben Berry    (Glenbard West)
4.    Dominick Scafidi    (Wheaton North)
5.    Lizzy Jamnik    (Fremd)
5.    Baily Bystry    (Glenbard West)
5.    Adam Hettinger    (Glenbrook South)
6.    Megan Vacek    (Downers Grove South)

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Liam Lucansky and Natasha Prosek    (Downers Grove South)
2.    David Sullivan and Liz Bajjalieh    (Fremd)
2.    Ellie Schnittmann and Kendra Moore    (Glenbrook North)
2.    Andrew Napora and Andy McDonagh    (Hersey)
2.    Brian Stroner and Jon Patton    (Wheaton North)
3.    Mariah Copeland and Rose Murphy    (Downers Grove South)
3.    O'Brien and Young    (Glenbard West)
3.    Austin Wells and Sergio Dukes     (Homewood-Flossmoor)
4.    Andrew Mahlan and Rachel Cruz    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Allie Kahan and Matt Miller    (Glenbrook South)
4.    Mackenzie Sheridan and Susan Bywaters    (Wheaton North)
5.    Ethan Pearson and Jake Barber    (Naperville Central)
5.    Alejandro Martinez and Irene Castillo    (Waukegan)
5.    Nick Samata and Tom Schwermin    (Wheeling)
6.    Chloe DeVries and Kevin Gibbons    (Fremd)
6.    Harman and Long    (Glenbard West)
6.    Gladkowski and Janisch    (Glenbard West)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Nathan Salstone    (Glenbrook North)
2.    Kelsey Kobler    (Fremd)
3.    Jodi Snyder    (Glenbrook North)
4.    Alex Kaplan    (Glenbrook North)
5.    Evan Ford    (Warren Township)
5.    Luke Engel    (Wheaton North)
6.    Mike Maloney    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Julia Dorn    (Glenbard West)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Susan Lee    (Glenbard North)
2.    Zoi Zaldivar    (Fremd)
2.    Ethan Baker    (Glenbard West)
3.    Eman Masood    (Fremd)
4.    Ammar Kalimullah    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Amber Kernan    (Glenbard West)
5.    Erica Teufel    (Fremd)
5.    Peter Danos    (Warren Township)
6.    Tom Schwermin    (Wheeling)

Informative Speaking
1.    Elizabeth Davies    (Fremd)
1.    Renata Wettermann    (Fremd)
1.    Hamsini Rao    (Glenbard West)
2.    Saeeda Zaman    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Rachel Elfman    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
4.    Monica Resch    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Christina Nowicki    (Fremd)
6.    Gauthaman Veloo    (Warren Township)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Anna Feldmann    (Fremd)
2.    Shalini Rao    (Glenbard West)
3.    Elizabeth Woo    (Glenbrook South)
4.    Dana Mrowiec    (Glenbrook South)
4.    Yohanna Gidey    (Wheaton North)
5.    Kaavya Poola    (Naperville Central)
6.    Hannah Joseph    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Abby Paras    (Glenbard West)
6.    Bahati Aimee    (Glenbard West)
6.    Laini Watts    (Homewood-Flossmoor)

Original Comedy

1.    Hannah Lee    (Fremd)
2.    Jake Prizant    (Glenbrook North)
3.    Jack McKay    (Glenbard West)
4.    Luke Sokolowski    (Wheeling)
5.    Chevaughn Starling    (Glenbard North)
6.    Sydney Foltz    (Libertyville)

Original Oratory

1.    Marygrace Schuman    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Morgan Chencinski    (Fremd)
2.    Shivani Jagarlamudi    (Fremd)
3.    Illana Slutsky    (Glenbrook South)
4.    Erin Keegan    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Sabrina Thomas    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Dina Peck    (Glenbrook South)
4.    Rachel Prostko    (Hersey)
5.    Pooja Nayak    (Fremd)
6.    Hannah Goettsch    (Warren Township)

Poetry Reading
1.    Marwa Saleh    (Naperville Central)
2.    Kristen Lobo    (Fremd)
2.    Deja Ivy    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
2.    Sabrina Gomez    (Naperville Central)
3.    Miguel San Miguel    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Anna Feldmann    (Fremd)
3.    Carmel Nkanga    (Glenbard West)
3.    Hannah Mira Friedland    (Glenbrook South)
4.    Lian Lucansky    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Izzy Gilles    (Fremd)
4.    Fiona Bare    (Glenbard West)
5.    Sofia Jones    (Naperville Central)
6.    Taylor Armstrong    (Wheaton North)

Prose Reading
1.    Dimitra Mourikes    (Glenbrook South)
1.    Natasha Kalafaitis    (Hersey)
1.    Caylee O'Connor    (Naperville Central)
2.    Chloe DeVries    (Fremd)
2.    Shivani Jagarlamudi    (Fremd)
3.    Hiba Khan    (Naperville Central)
4.    Marygrace Schuman    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Julia McMurtrey    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
4.    Sarah Gornick    (Wheaton North)
5.    Saeeda Zaman    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Jessica Lee    (Fremd)
5.    Sonam Kotadia    (Glenbard West)
5.    Katherine Rodgers    (Glenbard West)
5.    Jamie Kreppein    (Warren Township)
6.    Melissa Garza    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Kannan Raja    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Brian Bedoun    (Glenbard North)
6.    Natalie Burton    (Wheaton North)

Radio Speaking
1.    Elizabeth Davies    (Fremd)
1.    Cody Schulz    (Wheaton North)
2.    Hamsini Rao    (Glenbard West)
2.    Charlotte Hoover    (Wheaton North)
3.    Ian Fox    (Glenbard West)
4.    Justin Gorecki    (Fremd)
4.    Payton Witherell    (Glenbrook North)
5.    Sofia Conforti    (Glenbard West)
6.    Sunny Singh    (Glenbrook North)
6.    Peter Danos    (Warren Township)
6.    Ethan Jesse    (Warren Township)

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Amanda Mawrence    (Glenbrook North)
2.    Susan Lee    (Glenbard North)
3.    Kannan Raja    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Priyanka Kanal    (Fremd)
3.    Dana Scholl    (Fremd)
3.    Kristina Hill    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
4.    Caroline Trant    (Glenbard West)
4.    John Adams    (Wheaton North)
5.    Ryan Wagner    (Glenbrook North)
6.    Jeannie Whitfield    (Fremd)
6.    Dana King    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
6.    Tom Rebman    (Wheaton North)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Valparaiso, IN
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1.    Chesterton  
2.    Munster Debate   
3.    Penn   
4.    La Porte High School   
4.    Columbia City High School

Novice 2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Andrew Caratini and Simon Andrews    (Chesterton)
2.    Josie Gidman and Larry Wang    (Penn)
3.    John Kapitan and Madeline Sharmat    (Munster Debate)
4.    Adrienne Carter and Sue Zhu    (Penn)
5.    Emily Perceifield and Kaley Brown    (Chesterton)
6.    Andrea Larsen and Jackie Leavitt    (Chesterton)
F.    Charmaine Connell and Ian Clark    (Munster Debate)
F.    Jeremy Starkweather and Rutger Ernsberger    (Penn)

Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate
1.    Dion Low    (Valparaiso)
2.    Taryn Trusty    (Chesterton)
3.    Hannah Clark    (Columbia City High School)
4.    Jon Denny    (Hammond High)
5.    Sam Carpenter    (Chesterton)
6.    Emily Tallo    (Canterbury School)
F.    Mandy Ploetz    (Valparaiso)
F.    Lance Pisowicz    (Lake Central High School Debate)

Novice Public Forum Debate
1.    Fareesa Siddiqui and Jessica Reddy    (Munster Debate)
2.    Calvin Sanders and Lester Blumberg    (Munster Debate)
3.    Spencer Stringham and Taylor Goodwin    (La Porte High School)
4.    Miranda Whah and Morgan Jackson    (Chesterton)
5.    Sudin Krishnan and Vijay Naryan    (Munster Debate)
6.    Joe Larimar and Tyler Colvin    (Chesterton)
F.    Andrew Antonetti and Chandler Nielson    (Valparaiso)
F.    Jessica Ratel-Khan and Melissa Biel    (Chesterton)

Novice Spontaneous Argumentation
1.    Mercedes Farias    (Valparaiso)
2.    Tatiana Congress    (Chesterton)
3.    Salman Lakhani    (Chesterton)
4.    Jack McCusker    (Chesterton)
5.    Corinne Leopold    (Chesterton)
6.    Brett Lara    (Chesterton)
F.    Natalie Richardson    (Chesterton)
F.    Gavin White    (Valparaiso)

Varsity 2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Austin Andreas and Dakota Wappes    (Columbia City High School)
2.    Jon Vincent and Justin Reed    (Chesterton)
3.    Cassidy Peretin and Warren Fasone    (Chesterton)
4.    Kalina Smith and Vicotria Simms    (Chesterton)
5.    Calvin Vick and Eric Etter    (Munster Debate)
6.    Brianna Meyer and Fengyee Zhou    (Munster Debate)
F.    Allison Puliiam and Alyssa Davis    (Penn)
F.    Azad Neupane and Collin Henson    (Munster Debate)

Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate
1.    Ingrid Adams    (Valparaiso)
2.    Corinne O'brien    (Chesterton)
3.    Brook Vogedes    (Chesterton)
4.    Jack McCrum    (Chesterton)
5.    Justin Pavlina    (Lake Central High School Debate)
6.    Michael Leopold    (Chesterton)
F.    Eric Dreischerf    (Chesterton)
F.    Clarissa Frederick    (Chesterton)

Varsity Public Forum Debate
1.    Courtney Hough and Patrick Abiney    (La Porte High School)
2.    Erik Muntzing and John Miller    (Valparaiso)
3.    Alan Whipps and Kaleb Hagen    (Valparaiso)
4.    Dakota McCoy and Spencer Hadley    (Chesterton)
5.    A.J. Alifimoff and Jodie Goodman    (Canterbury School)
6.    Kavon Baradaran and Maaz Ahmed    (Penn)
F.    Nikita Chawla and Summer Stockwell    (Chesterton)
F.    Jack Lazlo and Nick Lazlo    (Munster Debate)

Varsity Spontaneous Argumentation

1.    Dakota McCoy    (Chesterton)
2.    Neha Sehgal    (Valparaiso)
3.    Warren Fasone    (Chesterton)
4.    Calvin Sanders    (Munster Debate)
5.    Jack McCrum    (Chesterton)
6.    Dana Khabbaz    (Valparaiso)
F.    Gerald Chapman    (Valparaiso)
F.    A.J. Alifimoff    (Canterbury School)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Tremont, IL
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1.    Normal University 
2.    Glenwood
3.    Limestone   
4.    Tremont  
5.    Metamora

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Audrey Keen and Ben Edwards    (Normal University)
2.    Ben Shane and Kevin Tkach    (Glenwood)
3.    Adam Duffield and Ruben Lima    (Spoon River Valley)
4.    Cora Winfrey and Kiri Oswald    (Peoria Christian)
5.    Leanne Malcolm and Marissa Novel    (Glenwood)
6.    Rachel Swanson and Tyler Waugh    (AlWood)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Kambria Vance    (Normal University)
2.    Zack Taylor    (Normal University)
3.    Allie Vaughn    (Metamora)
4.    Adam Przybylski    (Normal University)
5.    Rachel Swanson    (AlWood)
6.    Eddie Driver    (Peoria Christian)
F.    Aidan Kennell    (Roanoke-Benson)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Skylar Midden    (Glenwood)
2.    Jansen Eaton    (Glenwood)
3.    Sarah Donnelly    (Spoon River Valley)
4.    Emily Welch    (Limestone)
5.    Mike Welch    (AlWood)
6.    Kiri Oswald    (Peoria Christian)

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Kevin Tkach and Nate Broderick   (Glenwood)
2.    Christina Kaufman and Devan McClaskey    (Limestone)
3.    Beatrice Masih and Taylor Hoerr    (Dunlap)
4.    Jared Swanson and Lauren Funai    (AlWood)
5.    Ashley Garrett and Kyle Dickson    (Galesburg)
6.    Antontio Armstrong and Jobias Gordon    (Peoria Manual)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Seth Hannan    (Tremont)
2.    Tayler Kinner    (Glenwood)
3.    Taylor Walters    (Dunlap)
4.    Rebecca Garrett    (Glenwood)
5.    Brandon Patkunas    (Normal University)
6.    Seth Kilby    (Glenwood)

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Jay Simmons    (Normal University)
2.    Tylar Midden    (Glenwood)
3.    James Rego    (Metamora)
4.    Max Look    (Limestone)
5.    Ben Edwards    (Normal University)
6.    Shelby Miller    (AlWood)

Informative Speaking
1.    Jansen Eaton    (Glenwood)
2.    Elora Karim    (Normal University)
3.    Tayler Kinner    (Glenwood)
4.    Mark Thomas    (Spoon River Valley)
5.    Morgen Gain    (Tremont)
6.    Kelsey McKeown    (Normal University)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Jill Kern    (Metamora)
2.    Sabrina Cantrell    (Tremont)
3.    Emily Wheeler    (Glenwood)
4.    Samantha Meismer    (Limestone)
4.    Adam Przybylski    (Normal University)
6.    Samantha Norris    (Peoria Christian)

Original Comedy
1.    Ben Shane    (Glenwood)
2.    Kelsey Larson    (Normal University)
2.    Grant Guttschow    (Normal University)
4.    Jared Swanson    (AlWood)
5.    Victoria Heller    (Limestone)
6.    Rebecca Garrett    (Glenwood)

Original Oratory
1.    Whitney Pledger    (Normal University)
2.    Joe Wilson    (Glenwood)
3.    Autum Greeson    (Limestone)
4.    Beth Sandy    (Dunlap)
5.    Jess Michels    (Normal University)
6.    Caitlin Krofchik    (Peoria H.S.)

Poetry Reading
1.    Kelsey Larson    (Normal University)
2.    Chase Breeden    (Tremont)
3.    Jobias Gordan    (Peoria Manual)
4.    Madison Oakley    (Normal University)
5.    Megan Buttrum    (Tremont)
6.    Daniele Oswald    (Peoria Christian)

Prose Reading
1.    Zack Taylor    (Normal University)
2.    Kambria Vance    (Normal University)
3.    Michaela Maris    (Olympia)
4.    Max Look    (Limestone)
5.    Audrey Keen    (Normal University)
6.    Alex Hoerr    (Dunlap)

Radio Speaking
1.    Jay Simmons    (Normal University)
2.    Nate Broderick    (Glenwood)
2.    Elora Karim    (Normal University)
4.    Mark Thomas    (Spoon River Valley)
5.    Ryan Russell    (Metamora)
6.    Sydney Lochbaum    (Metamora)

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Whitney Pledger    (Normal University)
2.    Rose Beauchamp    (Glenwood)
3.    Lauren Perez    (Dunlap)
4.    Ayla Kahn    (Glenwood)
5.    Cameron Jodlowski    (Olympia)
6.    Stephon Powell    (Spoon River Valley)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Streamwood, IL
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Team Sweepstakes
1.    Lemont   
2.    Downers Grove South   
3.    Streamwood   
4.    Lake Forest   
5.    Conant

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Aubree Talley and Danny Kulasik    (Lemont)
2.    Nikki Ahline and Sydney Bozich    (Lemont)
3.    Anne-Marie Alwan and Rachel Hunter    (Lemont)
4.    Alex Kotz and Elise Lamb    (Cary-Grove)
5.    Alexa Kropidoski and Jessie Lazzara    (Buffalo Grove)
6.    Kristen Mills and Megan Sover    (Huntley)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Mari Uchida    (Lake Forest)
2.    Megan Barnes    (Cary-Grove)
2.    Emmalee Gutowsky    (South Elgin)
3.    Jane Drews    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Mitch Sachdev    (Geneva)
5.    Angel Feder    (Buffalo Grove)
5.    Saddie Buckles    (Huntley)
6.    Connor Matthews    (Lemont)
6.    Sabrina Minhas    (Streamwood)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Nick Tannenbaum    (Downers Grove South)
1.    Rhette Buchmiller    (South Elgin)
2.    Cody Strolia    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Supal Mehta    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Josh Timm    (Lemont)
2.    Ankit Patel    (Schaumburg H.S.)
3.    Ryan Burns    (Lake Forest)
4.    Michael Papanicolas    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Matt Hackiewicz    (Lemont)
5.    Parker Tweeten    (Cary-Grove)
5.    Kevin Driscoll    (Lemont)
6.    Beata Krembuszewski    (Cary-Grove)
6.    Chris Pillay    (Conant)
6.    Joe Cristo    (Huntley)
6.    Joe Fabro    (Lemont)

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Chris Reusz and Stephanie Coupland    (Downers Grove South)
1.    Colin Siekel and Sammy Dolgin    (Lake Forest)
2.    Adam Newton and Grace Grannan    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Conor Matthews and Kayla Neetz    (Lemont)
4.    Andy Krivonosov and Casey Krause    (Conant)
5.    Angel Feder and Tim Angeliu    (Buffalo Grove)
5.    Devin Roody and Shane Ryder    (Woodstock)
6.    Alise Pape and Cassidy Fauser    (Lake Park)
6.    Emma Kamps and Kara Dwyer    (Woodstock)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Robert Rigler    (Lemont)
2.    Beata Krembuszewski    (Cary-Grove)
3.    Nikita Pillai    (Conant)
3.    Alex Werner    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Cara Dohse    (Lemont)
3.    Rhiannon Lindgren    (Lemont)
3.    Danielle Ortiz    (Schaumburg H.S.)
4.    Laura Sanderson    (St. Charles East)
5.    Diana Ramirez    (Buffalo Grove)
5.    Julia Pearson    (Cary-Grove)
5.    Zach Plata    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Aditi Das    (Prairie Ridge)
6.    Emma Cuitino    (St. Charles East)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Nick Tannenbaum    (Downers Grove South)
1.    Mitchell Bild    (Downers Grove South)
1.    Stephanie Ban    (Streamwood)
1.    Joh Doreson    (Woodstock)
2.    Matt Duncan    (Cary-Grove)
2.    Haley Ramirez    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
2.    Riya Bhavsar    (Schaumburg H.S.)
2.    Henning Matz    (Schaumburg H.S.)
3.    Rachel Hunter    (Lemont)
3.    Sabrina Minhas    (Streamwood)
4.    Alexander Vjestica    (Lemont)
5.    Mike Pappanicholas    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Joe Cristo    (Huntley)
5.    James Chen    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
5.    Christine Liu    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
5.    Kathryn Kim    (Illinois Math and Science Academy
5.    Karl Schulze    (Lake Park)
5.    Nathan Kievert    (Lemont)
5.    Nick Cottrell    (Lemont)
5.    Taylor Plourdie    (Woodstock)
6.    Jack LeBaron    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Kevin Zhang    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
6.    Liz Sullivan    (Woodstock)

Informative Speaking
1.    Leslie Kane    (Lemont)
2.    Anna Flemming    (Prairie Ridge)
3.    Nick Taluzek    (Lemont)
4.    Adam Newton    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Grace Cao    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
5.    Jen Nguyen    (South Elgin)
6.    Elly Walsh-Rock    (Downers Grove South)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Julia Wood    (Downers Grove South)
1.    Alisha Sandridge    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Mariah Ghant    (Conant)
2.    Jenny Lee    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
2.    Delia Ercoli    (Lemont)
3.    Sophia Nordgren    (Cary-Grove)
3.    Abbey Gleason    (Huntley)
3.    Michelle Awad    (Lemont)
3.    Jo Klay    (Woodstock)
4.    Colin Siekel    (Lake Forest)
4.    Hannah Rueger    (South Elgin)
4.    Matt Diede    (South Elgin)
4.    Guillermo Morales    (Streamwood)
5.    Alexa Kropidoski    (Buffalo Grove)
6.    Megan Tobias    (Buffalo Grove)
6.    Jessica Hinojosa    (Cary-Grove)
6.    Christina Bravos    (Woodstock)

Original Comedy
1.    Evan Paelmo    (Schaumburg H.S.)
2.    Michael Pirovano    (Conant)
2.    Kevin Chlapecka    (St. Charles East)
3.    Logan Moran-Rudd    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Erca Werner    (Lake Forest)
5.    Michael Cuaresma    (Cary-Grove)
5.    Meredith Dillon    (Geneva)
5.    Peter Gianakakis    (Lemont)
5.    Rhiannon Lindgren    (Lemont)
6.    Tim Angeliu    (Buffalo Grove)
6.    Rosa Terracciano    (Romeoville H.S.)

Original Oratory

1.    Arlinda Fasliu    (Woodstock)
2.    Jessica Wienand    (Lemont)
3.    Jessi Owensby    (Huntley)
4.    Alyssa Pierce    (Cary-Grove)
4.    Thea Kilinker    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Supal Mehta    (Downers Grove South)
4.    Mollie Blahunka    (Lake Forest)
4.    Ryan Luzzo    (Lemont)
5.    Nikki Trutter    (Lake Forest)
6.    Yang-Yang Feng    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
6.    Jenna Jensen    (South Elgin)
6.    Jiah Kim    (Waubonsie Valley)

Poetry Reading
1.    Molly Bennett    (Lake Forest)
1.    Becky Radavich    (Lemont)
2.    Sara Lewis    (Huntley)
2.    Nathan Kievert    (Lemont)
3.    Mariah Ghant    (Conant)
4.    Alex Scheufler    (St. Charles East)
4.    Maria Ranahan    (Streamwood)
4.    Justine Braden    (Streamwood)
5.    Jessie Lazzara    (Buffalo Grove)
5.    Holly Seiler    (Huntley)
5.    Jennifer Crawford    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
6.    Jane Drews    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Mandy Toledo    (Lake Park)
6.    Sydney Bozich    (Lemont)
6.    Karen Alamanza    (South Elgin)
6.    Vila Ahmeti    (Woodstock)

Prose Reading

1.    Robert Rigler    (Lemont)
2.    Erica Werner    (Lake Forest)
2.    Maria Ranahan    (Streamwood)
3.    Karolina Rys    (Conant)
3.    Stephanie Coupland    (Downers Grove South)
3.    Michelle Bautista    (South Elgin)
4.    Timmy Connor    (Schaumburg H.S.)
5.    Diana Ramirez    (Buffalo Grove)
5.    Allison Barnes    (Cary-Grove)
5.    Melissa Mikosz    (Conant)
5.    Thea Kilinker    (Downers Grove South)
5.    Abbey Gleason    (Huntley)
5.    Leslie Kane    (Lemont)
5.    Sierra Burgos    (Prairie Ridge)
6.    Sydney Parado    (Geneva)
6.    John Dohse    (Lemont)
6.    Sarah Van Hecke    (Lemont)
6.    Ally Kroka    (South Elgin)

6.    Dominique D'Souzia    (Waubonsie Valley)

Radio Speaking
1.    Tahel Axel    (Buffalo Grove)
1.    Mark O'Meara    (Huntley)
1.    Miles Kovach    (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
2.    Kelly Gallagher    (Downers Grove South)
2.    Sabrina Minhas    (Streamwood)
3.    Emily Greene    (Buffalo Grove)
3.    Christy Ulmet    (Lemont)
3.    Sarah Van Hecke    (Lemont)
4.    Maria Ranahan    (Streamwood)
4.    Sejzelles Erastus-Obilo    (Waubonsie Valley)
5.    Mary Sahs    (Lemont)
5.    Bob Walsh    (Prairie Ridge)
5.    Ali Barlas    (Woodstock)
6.    Ann Singer    (Conant)
6.    Margo Vida    (Streamwood)

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Delia Ercoli    (Lemont)
2.    KT Cunningham    (Cary-Grove)
3.    Sara Lewis    (Huntley)
3.    Aubree Tally    (Lemont)
4.    Sam Dooman    (South Elgin)
5.    Riya Bhavsar    (Schaumburg H.S.)
6.    Abby Armato    (Downers Grove South)
6.    Michelle Awad    (Lemont)
6.    Jessica Meyer    (St. Charles East)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Plymouth, IN
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1.    South Side   
1.    North Side   
1.    Bethany Christian   
1.    Elkhart Central    
1.    Howe Military   
1.    North White   
1.    Plymouth

1.    Stephen Stachofsky    (North Side)
2.    Haley Paton    (Plymouth)
3.    April Bowen    (Plymouth)
4.    Justin Rodin    (North White)
5.    Andrew Reichle    (South Side)
6.    Rachel Hacha    (Plymouth)
F.    Casey Neves    (North Side)
F.    Sommer McClellan    (Plymouth)

1.    Stephen Stachofsky    (North Side)
2.    Justin Rodin    (North White)
3.    Erin Minnick    (North White)
4.    Lawrence Gore    (Howe Military)
5.    Joe Donnelly    (South Side)
6.    Victoria Joyner    (South Side)
F.    Eli Schaap    (Howe Military)

Dramatic and Humorous Interpretation
1.    Freddie Williams    (North Side)
2.    Kate Peters    (Plymouth)
3.    April Bowen    (Plymouth)
4.    Christine Beckman    (Plymouth)
5.    Ellen Smith - Drama    (Plymouth)
6.    Ben Piazza    (Plymouth)
F.    Hayden Wolfe    (Plymouth)
F.    Gianella Cerriteno    (Plymouth)

Duo Interpretation (Scripted and Memorized)

1.    Ellen Smith and Tyler Wagner    (Plymouth)
2.    Briana Gantz and Kyle Barry    (Plymouth)
3.    Andrew Youst and Markee Farler    (Plymouth)
4.    Macie McMichael and Morgan Hite    (Plymouth)
5.    Angie Mercado and Jessica Midgley    (Elkhart Central)
6.    Shannon Keating and Tyler Hileman    (North White)
F.    Miranda Hacha and Sarah Iwinski    (Plymouth)
F.    A.J. Frigo and M. Duo Laurin Elliott    (North White)

1.    Paige Wheeler    (Bethany Christian)
2.    Ben Hochstetler    (Bethany Christian)
3.    Carl Jacobson    (Elkhart Central)
4.    Pooja Patel    (Bethany Christian)
5.    Isabella Herman    (South Side)
6.    Monique Thomas    (North Side)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Ben Hochstetler    (Bethany Christian)
2.    Rachel Hacha    (Plymouth)
3.    Brooke Watson    (South Side)
4.    Monique Thomas    (North Side)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Carl Jacobson    (Elkhart Central)
2.    Ann Brandon    (Elkhart Central)
3.    Jennifer Solla    (Elkhart Central)

Original Oratory
1.    Christine Beckman    (Plymouth)
2.    Jace Allen    (Plymouth)
3.    Alyssa Wolverton    (South Side)

Original Performance

1.    Jessica Cleveland    (Plymouth)
2.    Kaitlyn Wright    (North Side)
3.    Jacob Ganser    (South Side)
4.    Naomi Johnston    (Elkhart Central)

Poetry Reading
1.    Karis Sims    (North Side)
2.    Brittany Gantz    (Plymouth)
3.    Jessica Moeller    (North Side)
4.    Mary Donnelly    (South Side)
5.    Kaitlyn Wright    (North Side)
6.    Markee Farler    (Plymouth)
F.    Haley Paton    (Plymouth)
F.    Briana Gantz    (Plymouth)

Prose Reading

1.    Kyle Barry    (Plymouth)
2.    Katelyn Hartsell    (Plymouth)
3.    Kristen Gergely    (Plymouth)
4.    Miranda Hacha    (Plymouth)
5.    Sarah Iwinski    (Plymouth)
6.    Maddy Gerig    (Bethany Christian)
F.    Shahrah Aziz    (North Side)
F.    Shannon Richards    (Elkhart Central)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Mount Vernon, OH
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1.    Mount Vernon   
2.    Whitmer   
3.    Bexley   
4.    Olentangy Liberty   
5.    Liberty-Benton

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Rahel Adugna    (Bexley)
2.    Jennifer Shadle    (Liberty-Benton)
3.    Melissa Thoman    (Whitmer)
4.    Jessica O'Nan    (Liberty-Benton)
5.    Alexandria Warnke    (Wauseon)
6.    Erica Browning    (Mount Vernon)

Duo Interpretation
1.    A J Hutchison and Kristina Akhmametyeva    (Bexley)
2.    Danielle Lopez and Mariah    (Whitmer)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    John Smilges    (Olentangy Liberty)
2.    Matthew Pyo    (Olentangy Liberty)
3.    Torrie Jadlocki    (Whitmer)
4.    Lizzy Jones    (Liberty-Benton)
5.    John Rivera    (Whitmer)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Spencer Rizk    (Whitmer)
2.    Aldon Knolls    (Bexley)
3.    Kyle Yake    (Liberty-Benton)
4.    Aurora Zimmerman    (Whitmer)
5.    Abby Brink    (Wauseon)
6.    Jordan Wright    (Liberty-Benton)
F.    Cassidy Caudell    (Whitmer)
F.    Brad Roberts    (Marburn Academy)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Grace Pyo    Olentangy Liberty
2.    Taylor Myers    Wauseon
3.    Timothy Lemon    Wauseon
4.    Justin Morguet    Wauseon
5.    Jameson Kamp    Wauseon

Lincoln Douglas Debate
1.    Will Farrar    (Bexley)
1.    Dominic Zirbel    (St. John's Jesuit High School)
1.    Sean Wheelock    (St. John's Jesuit High School)
4.    Peter Heft    (Bexley)
4.    Harry Thaman    (St. John's Jesuit High School)
4.    Samantha Dorgan    (Worthington Christian)
F.    Olivia Vaughan   (Bexley)
F.    Taylor Widener    (Bexley)
F.    Austin Smith    (Mount Vernon)
F.    Sean Bayes    (Whitmer)
F.    Emily Cunningham    (Worthington Christian)
F.    Faith Mascari    (Worthington Christian)
F.    Alexis Szenas    (Mount Vernon)
F.    Tony Giammarco    (Worthington Christian)

Oratorical Interpretation
1.    Kelsey Matthews    (Wauseon)
2.    Mariah Moore    (Liberty-Benton)
3.    Cora Bachelder    (Wauseon)
4.    Donald Corlett    (Marburn Academy)
5.    Audri Barton    (Marburn Academy)

Original Oratory
1.    Rochelle Salazar    (Mount Vernon)
2.    Lisanne Ball    (Olentangy Liberty)
3.    Steven Meeker    (Mount Vernon)
4.    Taylor Zolman    (Mount Vernon)
5.    Matt Skaggs    (Mount Vernon)
6.    Amanda Dunn    (Liberty-Benton)
F.    Kasey Myers    (Mount Vernon)
F.    Bryant Isbister    (Marburn Academy)
F.    Charlene Egbert    (Whitmer)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Jennifer Shadle    (Liberty-Benton)
2.    Rosalyn Ransaw    (Olentangy Liberty)
3.    James Allen    (Bexley)
4.    Nathan Shutt    (River View)
5.    Nicole Beard    (Olentangy Liberty)

Public Forum Debate

1.    Matt Cannon and Teagan Micks    (Marburn Academy)
1.    Lindsey Studebaker and Sarah Bertschy    (Mount Vernon)
1.    Chelsea Kempton and Nicole Moore    (Mount Vernon)
1.    Kirk Menapace and Stephen Rowe    (Mount Vernon)
5.    Meghan Blundell and Molly Kane    (Mount Vernon)
6.    Isaac Miranda and Rhett Davidson    (St. John's Jesuit High School)
6.    Omar Kanjwal and Vasav Chodisetty    (St. John's Jesuit High School)
6.    Jake Francis and Kyle Chavonec    (St. John's Jesuit High School)
6.    Mazzin Elsamaloty and Raymond Antypas    (St. John's Jesuit High School)
F.    Elyse Meyers and William Needlemen    (Marburn Academy)
F.    Chris Blanton and Hunter Worstell    (Whitmer)

Student Congress
1.    Arie Alvarado    (Mount Vernon)
1.    Grant Knierim    (Wauseon)
1.    Sam Tyson    (Whitmer)
4.    Angelica Keller    (Whitmer)
5.    Andrew Oberski    (Whitmer)
6.    Peter Kirschner    (Bexley)
6.    Evan Gutter    (Bexley)
6.    Jasmine Switzer    (Liberty-Benton)
6.    Merissa Fiorilli    (Mount Vernon)
6.    Ruthanne Bandy    (Mount Vernon)
6.    Ross Anglin    (River View)
F.    Cynthia Mackie    (Mount Vernon)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Ryan Menges    (Olentangy Liberty)
2.    Hunter Orr    (Mount Vernon)
3.    Brittany Erow    (Mount Vernon)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Cleveland, OH
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2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Andrew Kovton and Michael Chen    (Solon)
2.    Adam Wolf and Arthur Erlendsson    (Hawken School)
3.    Anthony Hsieh and Paul Macklis    (Hawken School)
4.    Ayush Gupta and Sharan Subramanian    (Solon)
5.    Eli Kent and Rachel Terschak    (Vermilion)
6.    Andrew Pignolet and Elliot Glazer    (Hawken School)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Kathy Zhang    (Solon)
2.    Hoy, Dan    (Chagrin Falls)
3.    Kenzie Alexander    (Gilmour Academy)
4.    Liz Coerdt    (Gilmour Academy)
5.    Celeste Weise    (Olmsted Falls)
6.    Zac Schwartz    (Solon)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Alex Loheiser and Matt Lohiser     (Gilmour Academy)
2.    Jack Reiner and Kevin Gleason     (Gilmour Academy)
3.    Mayuri Jain and Meghna Gautam    (Solon)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Jessie Gill    (Beachwood)
2.    Scott Loeffler    (Olmsted Falls)
3.    Joseph Gibson    (Olmsted Falls)
4.    Cari Lyczek-Roser    (Olmsted Falls)
5.    Heidi Olander    (Rocky River)
6.    Carly Chernomorets    (Solon)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Divya Thomas    (Kenston)
2.    Danny Sperling    (Solon)
3.    Megan Zupon    (Laurel School)
4.    Harris Bransch    (Rocky River)
5.    Bryan Gemler    (University School)
6.    Nicki Goehl    (Gilmour Academy)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Tannaz Rowshanbakhtfardian    (Laurel School)
2.    Austin Price    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
3.    David Eapen    (St. Ignatius)
4.    Michael Luo    (Solon)
5.    Ojas Sathe    (Solon)
6.    Lexus Renner    (Kenston)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1.    Edwin Zhang    (Revere)
2.    Abby Davis    (Magnificat)
3.    Christine ElDabh    (Laurel School)
4.    Ani Dasarathy    (Hawken School)
5.    Sonja Postak    (Laurel School)
6.    Ben Leb    (Orange)

Oratorical Interpretation
1.    Lindsay Kopit    (Hawken School)
2.    Oliver Chen    (Solon)
3.    Madison Asher     (Gilmour Academy)
4.    Kasey Woomer    (Rocky River)
5.    Ian Adams    (Rocky River)
6.    Liz Eder    (Solon)

Original Oratory

1.    William Qu    (Solon)
2.    Ashwin Rane    (Solon)
3.    Alyssa Clary    (Kenston)
4.    Anne Meeker    (Laurel School)
5.    Siriana Abboud    (Solon)
6.    Maddie Covington    (Gilmour Academy)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Alex DeWitt    (St. Ignatius)
2.    Ashley Terry    (Vermilion)
3.    Annie Xin    (Solon)
4.    Kiara Vincent    (Laurel School)
5.    Maria Agostino    (Kenston)
6.    Maddie Small     (Gilmour Academy)

Public Forum Debate

1.    Ed Crotty and Will Walker    (University School)
2.    Hersh Agarwal and Tomas Navia    (University School0
3.    Eleanor Werner and Jane Morris    (Laurel School)
4.    Alex Kruse and Ann Dunn    (Laurel School)
5.    Alaina Valkoffe and Paige Altemare    (Rocky River)
6.    Blake Benson and Blake Lertzman    (Rocky River)

Student Congress
1.    Anna Swanson    (Beachwood)
1.    Brigette Mendes    (Gilmour Academy)
1.    Emily Brincka    (Magnificat)
2.    Sarah Kuczmarski    (Laurel School)
2.    Michael Meany    (Solon)
2.    John Zeng    (Solon)
3.    Michael Stankey    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
3.    Niko Ruhe    (Mentor)
3.    Ethan Schmitt    (University School)
4.    Brandon Weisman    (Beachwood)
4.    Beth Moses    (Beachwood)
4.    Joe Shumway    (Kenston)
5.    Brandan Balasko    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
5.    Kaila Lopez    (Laurel School)
5.    Khaled Aboumerhi    (Mentor)
6.    Anshika Niraj    (Beachwood)
6.    Jay Rajan    (Beachwood)
6.    Aizik Zimerman    (University School)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Elliot Angart    (Beachwood)
2.    Shom Mazumder    (Olmsted Falls)
3.    Tiffany Li    (Solon)
4.    Aly Bryan    (Hathaway Brown)
5.    Sonia Godbole    (Solon)
6.    Abby Freeman    (Rocky River)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Plymouth, IN
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1.    Lincoln   
2.    Stanley Clark School   
3.    St. Paul   
4.    Emerson VPA   
5.    Columbia Middle School

1.    Evan Todd    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Haley Mills    (Lincoln)
3.    John Hunter    (Lincoln)
4.    Garrick Nate    (Lincoln)
5.    Kelsey Knight    (Columbia Middle School)
6.    David Popoola    (Stanley Clark School)

1.    Emma Trappe    (Lincoln)
2.    Maddy Deisch    (Lincoln)
3.    Grace Cupka    (Lincoln)
3.    Jake Marohn    (Lincoln)
3.    Aidan Reilly    (Stanley Clark School)
4.    Lisa Otto    (Lincoln)
5.    Michael Alvarez    (Columbia Middle School)
6.    Megan Sutton    (Lincoln)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Billy Yogan    (St. Paul)
2.    Jessica Ballard    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Andi Breitowich    (Stanley Clark School)
4.    Mary Landry    (Stanley Clark School)
5.    Erin Thomas    (St. Paul)
6.    Clair Migliore    (Stanley Clark School)

Duo Interpretation (Scripted)
1.    Alex Jeffirs and Sarah Tanner    (Lincoln)
2.    Elvin Uthuppan and Nina Hartman    (St. Paul)
3.    Billy Yogan and Erin Thomas    (St. Paul)
4.    Kylee Rippy and Max Holloway    (Lincoln)
5.    Allie Tharp and Gabby Garver    (Lincoln)
6.    Isabela and Lilly    (Stanley Clark School)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Partrick Azar    (St. Paul)
2.    Emily Beach    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Maggie Phillips    (Lincoln)
4.    Mary Cobble    (St. Paul)
5.    Meghan Egierski    (Lincoln)
6.    Eric Burch   (Lincoln)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Erin Luck    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Brantlee Joseph    (Lincoln)
3.    Layne Holloway    (Lincoln)
4.    Zoe Parker    (Canterbury)
5.    Dupree Price    (Emerson VPA)
6.    Ian Bardwell    (Lincoln)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Jacob Sherman    (St. Paul)
2.    Emma Mazurek    (St. Paul)
3.    Jennifer Gough    (St. Paul)
4.    David Schena    (Stanley Clark School)
5.    Abbey Kaser    (Stanley Clark School)
6.    Garrick Nate   (Lincoln)

Original Oratory
1.    Sam Sturtevant    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Nicole Gorman    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Max Behrend    (St. Paul)
4.    Kylee Rippy    (Lincoln)
5.    Daniel Goodman    (Stanley Clark School)
6.    Dupree Price    (Emerson VPA)

Poetry Reading
1.    Kalee Lowry    (Lincoln)
1.    Leigh VanRyn    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Emma Mazurek    (St. Paul)
3.    Kate Brogan    (St. Paul)
4.    Channing Scott    (Stanley Clark School)
5.    Colleen Schena    (Stanley Clark School)
6.    Livy Crim    (St. Paul)

Prose Reading
1.    Brooke Strickland    (Stanley Clark School)
2.    Isabela Nanni    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Ben Schmidt    (St. Paul)
4.    Lauren Deisch    (Lincoln)
5.    Olivia Little    (Columbia Middle School)
6.    Alex Jeffirs    (Lincoln)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Curtis Smith    (Lincoln)
2.    Ian Havens    (Stanley Clark School)
3.    Brantlee Joseph    (Lincoln)
4.    Layne Holloway    (Lincoln)
5.    Livy Crim    (St. Paul)
6.    Christian Sayers    (St. Paul)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Downers Grove, IL
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1.    Downers Grove South   
2.    Glenbard West   
3.    Wheaton North   
4.    Sandburg   
5.    Thornton

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Candice Turner and Lorenzo Jackson    (Bolingbrook)
2.    Kendyl Lynch and Yianni Kinnas    (Hinsdale Central)
3.    Ly'Vashia Wolford and Tashawna Rials    (Thornton)
4.    Jack Cherry and Kaitlyn McMahon    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Christine Hawn and Evan DeLorenzo   (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Anna Talamo and Joey Hansel    (York)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Lily Elderkin    (Maine South)
2.    Perla Larios    (Downers Grove North)
3.    Tashawna Rials    (Thornton)
4.    Norma Hernandez    (Leyden)
5.    Danielle Targosz    (Lockport)
6.    Mia Frasca    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
F.    Ron Amasciaray    (Bolingbrook)
F.    Charles Smith    (Thornwood)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Matthew Dudak    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Jen Rubino    (Maine South)
3.    Ani Sailesh    (Neuqua Valley)
4.    Richard Bernard    (Thornton)
5.    Abhishek Nigam    (Neuqua Valley)
6.    Tyler Miksanek    (Wheaton Warrenville South)

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Kiah Taylor and Kiana Logwood    (Thornton)
2.    Austin Ball and Mishari Zambrano    (Sandburg)
3.    Garrett Weaver and Michelle Owens    (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Jeff Peterson and Nicole Smith    (Downers Grove North)
5.    Nate Shinners and Phoebe Sullivan-Bing    (Oak Park-River Forest)
6.    Akhil Chavan and Saurav Patnaik    (Neuqua Valley)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Monica Hutchausen    (Sandburg)
2.    Katelyn Haas    (Neuqua Valley)
3.    Katie Weeks    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Demi Kallis    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Kate Rich    (Normal Community West)
6.    Samantha Gatwood    (Elk Grove)
F.    Caroline Krawcayk    (Naperville North)
F.    Josh Brown    (West Chicago H.S.)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Tasha Wiersal     (Shepard)
2.    Monica Hutchausen    (Sandburg)
3.    Halak Mehta     (Naperville North)
4.    Vinay Basti    (Hinsdale Central)
5.    Jacky Medellin    (Bolingbrook)
6.    Prerna Subramanian    (Neuqua Valley)
F.    Libby Morgan-Steiner    (Normal Community West)
F.    Mike Peretz    (Shepard)
F.    Molly Butler    (Maine South)
F.    Tim Coukart    (Hoffman Estates H.S.)

Informative Speaking

1.    Jasmine Ross    (Thornton)
2.    Emma Jerzyk    (Hinsdale Central)
3.    Atyab Bhatti    (Neuqua Valley)
4.    Christy Varghese    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
5.    Shaila Sundram    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Tierra Simpson    (Homewood-Flossmoor)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Jessy Curry    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Gabby Gazall     (Naperville North)
3.    Shana Woodland    (Shepard)
4.    Donny Stewart    (Shepard)
5.    Nandhini Satheesh    (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
6.    Nicole Stankus    (Hinsdale Central)

Original Comedy

1.    Dan Brunbaugh    (Shepard)
2.    John Runne    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
3.    Florin Kolbaba    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Krissy Delahanty    (York)
5.    Sam Washington    (Neuqua Valley)
6.    Joey Hansel    (York)
F.    Mike Peretz    (Shepard)

Original Oratory

1.    Cheryl Victuelles    (Elk Grove)
2.    Guadalupe Huerta    (Thornton)
3.    Lisa Ourada    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Kathryn Joost    (Sandburg)
5.    Elisabeth Hopkins    (Downers Grove North)
6.    Candice Perry    (Thornwood)

Poetry Reading
1.    Aaron Gatdula    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Angelisha Jones    (Shepard)
3.    Zena Ibrahim    (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Alec Bacon    (Normal Community West)
5.    Lorenzo Jackson    (Bolingbrook)
6.    Chelsie Kolarik    (Bolingbrook)

Prose Reading
1.    Kelly Potts    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
2.    Heater Afriye    (Bolingbrook)
3.    Julia Dobbs    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
4.    Kristin Lowe    (Thornwood)
5.    Laura Nelson    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Teresa Jackson    (Homewood-Flossmoor)

Radio Speaking
1.    Andrew Heitzman    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Cheryl Victuelles    (Elk Grove)
3.    Cora Georgiou    (Sandburg)
4.    Rebekah Covington    (Neuqua Valley)
5.    Brooke Sommerfeld    (Wheaton Warrenville South)
6.    Marissa Ondra    (New Trier)

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Myna Sharma    (Neuqua Valley)
2.    Derrek Chung    (Neuqua Valley)
3.    Annie Cappetta    (Hinsdale Central)
4.    Marc Hasan    (Lockport)
5.    Kaitlyn McMahon    (Hinsdale Central)
6.    Nadia Pelletier    (West Chicago H.S.)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Columbiana, OH
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1.    Canfield   
2.    Austintown-Fitch
3.    Howland
4.    Niles McKinley   
5.    Cardinal-Mooney

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    William Tipton    (Howland)
2.    Emily Damelio    (Canfield)
2.    Alex Lucas    (Niles McKinley)
3.    Rachel Fridley    (Niles McKinley)
3.    Samantha Williams    (Niles McKinley)
4.    Mariah Roberts    (Austinto)
6.    Rachel Ragheb    (Howland)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Jake Clasen and Jake Reid    (Austintown-Fitch)
2.    Josh Saverko and Sara Saverko    (Columbiana)
3.    Elise Szabo and Mary Elizabeth Monda    (Canfield)
4.    Nathan Pecchia and Rosie Jo Neddy    (Canfield)
5.    Elizabeth Hess and Lauren Misik    (Niles McKinley)
6.    Kailee Knight and Mackenzie Leskovec    (Niles McKinley)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Joe Soriano    (Austintown-Fitch)
2.    Tim Nesnidol    (Canfield)
3.    Dominique Favre    (Canfield)
4.    Carmella Ruberto    (Howland)
5.    Sarah Holloway    (Niles McKinley)
6.    Courtney Shaffer    (Niles McKinley)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Marisa McGrath    (Canfield)
2.    Chloe Gebacz    (Canfield)
3.    Gary Zamary    (Canfield)
4.    Gina DeSimone    (Niles McKinley)
5.    Sophia Ciancone    (Cardinal-Mooney)
6.    Dylan Edwards    (Columbiana)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Gretchen Scheel    (Canfield)
2.    Will Engler    (Cardinal-Mooney)
3.    Ian Macgillivray    (Columbiana)
4.    Tina Liu   (Austintown-Fitch)
5.    Kelly Fleming    (Canfield)
6.    Alyssa Culp    (Cardinal-Mooney)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1.    Ron DeAmicis    (Austintown-Fitch)
2.    CJ Blaney    (Canfield)
3.    Chris Kiriakou    (Howland)
4.    Juliana Figueroa    (Austintown-Fitch)
5.    Bailey Sandin    (Canfield)
6.    Nicole Baird    (Austintown-Fitch)

Oratorical Interpretation

1.    Caroline Bennett    (Canfield)
2.    Derrick Starr    (Champion)
3.    Julia Brogden    (Niles McKinley)
4.    Janell Verdream    (Austintown-Fitch)
5.    Dakota Smith    (Columbiana)
6.    Tyler Jordan    (Howland)

Original Oratory
1.    Heather Johnson    (Howland)
2.    Mary Wirtz    (Canfield)
3.    Sabrina Smith    (Columbiana)
4.    Mayson Dickinson    (Austintown-Fitch)
5.    Emily Bednar    (Howland)
6.    Jessica Ensley    (Canfield)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Olivia Buzzacco    (Springfield)
2.    Gina Powers    (Howland)
3.    Jake Velasco    (Austintown-Fitch)
4.    Jensen Hykes    (Ursuline)
5.    Kara Mazey    (Howland)
6.    Laruan Ferguson    (Austintown-Fitch)

Public Forum Debate

1.    Alina Kielbasa and Samantha Devenport    (Austintown-Fitch)
2.    Colin Rody and Lidia Mowad    (Poland Seminary)
3.    Arthur Brant and Maggie Watt    (Canfield)
4.    Mike Ledenko and Rocky Mitolo    (John F. Kennedy H.S.)
5.    Stacey Slagle and Taylor Swift    (Canfield)
6.    Erik Glasgow and Garet Rich    (Howland)

Student Congress

1.    Brandon Merriman    (Howland)
2.    Billy Quirk    (Canfield)
3.    Patrick Patchen    (Howland)
4.    John LaVange    (Howland)
5.    Nicole Chahine    (Canfield)
6.    Gabrielle Brant    (Canfield)
6.    Kristin Spina    (Howland)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Adrian Slipski    (Canfield)
2.    Richard Clark    (Cardinal-Mooney)
3.    Andy Sun    (Canfield)
4.    Zach Cohn    (Liberty H.S.)
5.    Liam Bouquet    (Ursuline)
6.    Rita Rehak    (Cardinal-Mooney)


Date: 11/06/2010
Tournament Location: Dougherty Valley High School


Date: 11/05/2010
Tournament Location: Massillon, OH
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2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Chelsea Zhu and Maggie Eby    (Wooster)
2.    Luke Zona and Will Heinricks    (Sylvania Northview)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    DJ Marlatt    (Perry)
2.    Corey Lipkins, Jr.    (North Canton Hoover)
3.    Jessica McCallum    (Perry)
4.    Jenna Dolan    (Louisville)
5.    PJ Calac    (GlenOak)
6.    Mina Hoffman    (Wadsworth)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Alli Francis and Justin Woody    (Perry)
2.    Daniel Rodriguez and Zach Lindesmith    (Canton Central Catholic)
3.    Marisa Lolli and Nina Kern    (Lake Center Christian School)
4.    CHANDLER MEEK and GABE MILLER    (Carrollton)
5.    Glenn Menteer and Travis Brown    (Southeast H.S.)
6.    Kim Rose and Suzi Shapuite    (Perry)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Issa Polstein    (Maumee H.S.)
2.    Travis Williams    (Perry)
3.    Tiffany Powell    (Perry)
4.    Jalen Carter    (Gahanna Lincoln)
5.    Cameron Jamshidi    (Highland)
6.    Caleb Snyder    (Perry)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Cody Oldham    (Jackson H.S.)
2.    Andrew Lundstum    (Stow)
3.    Jesal Solanki    (Jackson H.S.)
4.    Seth Noble    (North Canton Hoover)
5.    Ashley Moore    (Louisville)
6.    Colin Commager    (Maumee H.S.)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    NICK TORIAN    (Carrollton)
2.    Charlie Jeffreys    (Perry)
3.    Abhishek Bhargava    (Jackson H.S.)
4.    Shelby Logan    (Perry)
5.    Lizzy Kalikasingh    (Wooster)
6.    Nicole Waers    (Perry)

Lincoln Douglas Debate
1.    Evan Meisler    (University School)
2.    Lear Jiang    (Copley)

Oratorical Interpretation
1.    Briana Beaver    (Louisville)
2.    Mariah Glascock    (Perry)
3.    Hannah York    (Perry)
4.    Kalyn Schirack    (Jackson H.S.)
5.    Aarika Ladow    (Perry)
6.    Erica Davis    (Perry)

Original Oratory
1.    Molly Craig    (Perry)
2.    Andrew Walker     (Jackson H.S.)
3.    Noelle Colant    (Our Lady of the Elms)
4.    Lisa Miller    (Gahanna Lincoln)
5.    Brandon Genetin    (GlenOak)
6.    Gena DiMattio    (Canton Central Catholic)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1.    Julia Benyo    (CVCA)
2.    Laura Shoenfelt    (Wooster)
3.    Gabi Fatzinger    (North Canton Hoover)
4.    Jena Kosinski    (Perry)
5.    Austin Black    (Perry)
6.    Olivia Justus    (Perry)

Public Forum Debate
1.    Dan Mefford and Evan Thorn    (Gahanna Lincoln)
2.    Diana He and Wei Sun    (Mason)
3.    Alison Yang and Clement Dupuy    (Sylvania Southview)
4.    Amanda Loucks and Brooke Branson    (GlenOak)
5.    Greg Feingold and Kyle McLaughlin    (Centerville)
6.    Courtney Larkin and Nikita Nambiar    (Mason)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Matt Meeks   (Perry)
2.    Ben Pykare    (CVCA)
3.    Elizabeth Kleinhenz    (Wooster)
4.    Rachel Bodenschatz    (GlenOak)
5.    Ethan Axe    (Copley)
6.    Qian Wang    (Mason)


Date: 11/05/2010
Tournament Location: Craig, CO
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2-Person Policy Debate
1.    Collin Dilldine and Ryan Zehner    (Moffat County)
2.    Lindsey Whitesides and Sunny Heart    (Fruita Monument)
3.    Brian DeRosa and Luke Sullivan    (Aspen)
4.    Ben East and Matt Balderston    (Moffat County)
5.    Betsy Connor and Dillon Lewis    (Fruita Monument)
6.    Joe Hendershott and Mandi Ellgen    (Moffat County)
F.    Marianne Pressley and Nicole Ferree    (Moffat County)
F.    Andrew Palmer and Michael Keller    (Fruita Monument)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Rosie Eichhorn    (Montrose)
2.    Jake Knowles    (Montrose)
3.    Deanna Wright    (Central of Grand Junction)
4.    Emma O'Brien    (Montrose)
5.    Alex Bulla    (Moffat County)
6.    Kelli Catlin    (Montrose)
F.    Francesca Scott    (Montrose)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Jake Knowles and Lauren Bony    (Montrose)
2.    Jamie Holt and Justin Baird    (Montrose)
3.    Cassandra Gray and Christian Gray    (Montrose)
4.    Alex Bulla and Mackenzi Griffin    (Moffat County)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Sarah Baker    (Fruita Monument)
2.    Sam Walker    (Central of Grand Junction)
3.    Justin Baird    (Montrose)
4.    Lauren Bony    (Montrose)
5.    Eve Franck    (Montrose)
6.    Cassandra Gray    (Montrose)
F.    Haley Donathan    (Delta)
F.    Mackenzi Griffin    (Moffat County)
F.    Cecilia Ramirez    (Central of Grand Junction)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Avivah Hotmisky    (Fruita Monument)
2.    John Kirk    (Moffat County)
3.    Collin Dilldine    (Moffat County)
4.    Ryan Neece    (Moffat County)
5.    Zeb Strickland    (Moffat County)
6.    Shane Petch    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Andrew Palmer    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Brandon Chin    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Egbert Ospina    (Aspen)
F.    Luke Sullivan    (Aspen)
F.    Morgan Carrico    (Moffat County)
F.    Michael Keller    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Darcy Figgs    (Montrose)
F.    Ben East    (Moffat County)
F.    Travis Zimbelman    (Montrose)
F.    Elizabeth Dowley    (Aspen)
F.    Matt Balderston    (Moffat County)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1.    Caleb Ferganchick    (Delta)
2.    Noemi Viera    (Central of Grand Junction)
3.    Brian Williams    (Central of Grand Junction)
4.    Jenaer Rader    (Fruita Monument)
5.    Avivah Hotimsky    (Fruita Monument)
6.    Matteo Garoffalo    (Aspen)
F.    Darcy Figgs    (Montrose)
F.    Nick Dziubasik    (Delta)
F.    Hannah Thomas    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Morgan Carrico    (Moffat County)
F.    Brittney Saltysiak    (Delta)
F.    Travis Zimbelman    (Montrose)

Novice LD

1.    Cyrus Poteat    (Aspen)
2.    Brett Foster    (Montrose)
3.    Haley Donathan    (Delta)
4.    Valerie Velasco    (Delta)
5.    Laurie Cotten    (Moffat County)
6.    Kelly Healy    (Montrose)
F.    Katie Miller    (Montrose)
F.    Megan Murray    (Montrose)
F.    Ridge Green    (Delta)

Original Oratory
1.    Ian Ruebel    (Aspen)
2.    Brian DeRosa    (Aspen)
3.    Jeaner Rader    (Fruita Monument)
4.    Sylvia Tran    (Aspen)

Poetry Reading
1.    Britny Humphreys    (Central of Grand Junction)
2.    Christian Gray    (Montrose)
3.    David Cochran    (Central of Grand Junction)
4.    Taylor Deskin    (Montrose)
5.    Emily Hansen    (Delta)
6.    Valerie Velasco    (Delta)
F.    Megan Murray    (Montrose)
F.    Ridge Green    (Delta)
F.    Elisa Teeter    (Moffat County)

Public Forum Debate
1.    John Kirk and Skyler Leonard    (Moffat County)
2.    Britny Humphreys and Stephanie Linsley    (Central of Grand Junction)
3.    Ryan Neece and Zeb Strickland    (Moffat County)
4.    Brandon Chin and Naomi Colman    (Central of Grand Junction)
5.    Emily Hansen and Sawyer Keeline    (Delta)
6.    Adam Mackley and Logan Emmert    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Jackie Flowers and Selina Najar    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Dakota Myers and Josh Crosby    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    David Cochran and Meg Bryan    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Derek Maiolo and Elisa Teeter    (Moffat County)
F.    Kelley Schweising and Shane Petch    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Keillor Wright and Sylvia Tran    (Aspen)
F.    Brandon Bishop and Brenna Allard    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Elizabeth Dowley and Katherine Dowley    (Aspen)
F.    Egbert Ospina and Ian Ruebel    (Aspen)

1.    Sam Walker    (Central of Grand Junction)
2.    Taylor Deskin    (Montrose)
3.    Deanna Wright    (Central of Grand Junction)
4.    Eve Franck    (Montrose)
5.    Rosie Eichhorn    (Montrose)
6.    Francesca Scott    (Montrose)
F.    Emma O'Brien    (Montrose)
F.    Kelli Catlin    (Montrose)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Ryan Zehner    (Moffat County)
2.    Brian Williams    (Central of Grand Junction)
3.    Sawyer Keeline    (Delta)
4.    Derek Maiolo    (Moffat County)
5.    Caleb Ferganchick    (Delta)
6.    Adam Mackley    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Naomi Colman    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Dillon Lewis    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Matteo Garofalo    (Aspen)
F.    Skyler Leonard    (Moffat County)
F.    Noemi Viera    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Josh Crosby    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Brett Foster    (Montrose)
F.    Brittney Saltysiak    (Delta)
F.    Nick Dziubasik    (Delta)
F.    Stephanie Linsley    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Jamie Holt    (Montrose)
F.    Selina Najar    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Betsy Connor    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Kelly Healy    (Montrose)
F.    Mandi Ellgen    (Moffat County)
F.    Kelley Schweising    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Cyrus Poteat    (Aspen)
F.    Jackie Flowers    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Dakota Myers    (Central of Grand Junction)
F.    Keillor Wright    (Aspen)
F.    Brenna Allard    (Fruita Monument)
F.    Laurie Cotten    (Moffat County)
F.    Sharlena Hoffman    (Moffat County)
F .   Marianne Pressley    (Moffat County)
F.    Katie Miller    (Montrose)
F.    Nicole Ferree    (Moffat County)
F.    Joe Hendershott    (Moffat County)
F.    Katherine Dowley    (Aspen)


Date: 10/30/2010
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Original Oratory/Advocacy JV

Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  DD356 Jenny An 3 3 3
  DD357 Lauren Wright 1 1 1
  DD358 Tim Okita 4 2 3
  DD359 Edward Camp 2 3 1
  DD360 Tyler Sullivan 2 1 5
  DD361 Jesse Bravo 5 4 5
  DD362 Mandy Chen 9 5 2
  DD363 Tanmayi Nagasuri 5 2 2
  GB350 Bridget Dunphy 5 4 5
  SD351 Grace Balmet 5 5 5
  SD352 Usman Zahid 4 5 5
  SD353 Cameron Bridges 5 5 5
  SS354 Zachary Thompson 1 5 4
  SS355 James Wilson (drop) 9    

Humorous Interpretation JV

Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  BW664 Dulce Angulo 9 2 1
  BW665 Jake Gore 1 2 1
  BW666 Miguel Labrada (drop) 9    
  BW667 Silent McCarthy (drop) 9    
  BW668 Kaytlyn Gordon 4 3 4
  DD672 Robert Stupp 2 2 5
  DD673 Rohan Sharma 1 4 3
  DD674 Karen Lu 3 4 3
  GB650 Caitlyn Eaton 4 5 5
  GB651 Mackenzie Cadena 4 5 3
  GB652 Annemarie Paradez 4 5 5
  GB653 Amie Arellano (drop) 9    
  GB654 Monique Morales 5 3 4
  JQ655 Claire Bridges 3 3 4
  JQ656 Chloe Carlson (drop) 5 1 3
  JQ657 Sarena Clark 2 2 2
  JQ658 Alex Gernes 1 1 1
  JQ659 Kathryn Johnston 2 1 2
  JQ660 Tyler Hood 2 1 1
  JQ661 Anna Virk 3 5 5
  JQ662 Shavini Naik 5 4 5
  JQ663 Sarah Bailey (drop) 3 3 2
  SS669 Mallory Wells 5 4 5
  SS670 Audrey Willoughby 1 5 3
  SS671 Philip Brown 5 5 5

Duo Interpretation JV


Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  BW1057 Walker - Evans 3 3 3
  BW1058 McCarthy - Robles 1 2 1
  DD1064 Abbas - Fernandez 2 2 1
  DD1065 Goldstein - Patel 1 1 3
  EC1051 Haverstock - Steffes 4 4 3
  EC1052 Miller - Ortiz (drop) 9    
  EC1053 Sanchez - Zurita (drop) 9    
  EC1054 Gonzales - Grado 5 5 5
  GB1050 Roberts - Galland 1 1 2
  RB1062 Burnett - Herrera 2 2 2
  RB1063 Terrazas - Njau 3 4 2
  SH1055 Barman - Dunham 2 1 1
  SH1056 Atunez - Leal 4 5 5
  SS1059 Bewley - Jauregui 4 5 4
  SS1060 Rivas - Beaty 3 3 9
  SS1061 Bennett - Kelly 5 5 5

Impromptu JV


Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  AM859 Maria Unda (drop) 9    
  BW856 Gabriel Glazer 3 3 5
  BW857 Jake Gore 4 1 4
  DD860 Jane Lah 2 5 4
  DD861 Kasey Munoz 1 1 2
  GB850 Ryan Appleton 4 5 5
  GB851 Sara Klein 5 4 3
  JQ852 Sarah Manges 3 2 2
  SD854 Ashly Mohankumar 1 3 3
  SD855 Usman Zahid 2 2 1
  SH853 Marissa Wathern (drop) 9    
  SS858 Oscar Mira 5 4 1

Dramatic Interpretation JV

Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  BW561 Loren Bayona 3 5 5
  BW562 Haley Hulsey 5 5 5
  DD570 Amanda Wong 1 1 1
  DD571 Rohan Sharma 1 3 2
  GB550 Helen Covey 5 4 5
  GB551 Annalisa Flores (drop) 9 9  
  GB552 Valeria Hernandez 2 3 3
  GB553 Alyssa Amaro 2 3 3
  JQ554 Kymber Cates 4 1 2
  JQ555 Ryan Hammond (drop) 9    
  JQ556 Sarah Manges 1 1 1
  JQ557 Dalia Neri 1 2 2
  JQ558 Olivia Warren 3 4 2
  RB567 Eliza Joy Golingo 5 2 3
  RB568 Andrea Orozco (drop) 9    
  RB569 Cheyanne Martin 2 2 1
  SD560 Rebecca Vasquez 3 1 1
  SH559 Jacob Meyer 5 4 5
  SS563 Ellie Hilliard 2 2 5
  SS564 Anthony Busacca 3 4 3
  SS565 Rae Blansett 4 5 4
  SS566 Mackenzie Duerksen 5 3 4

Extemporaneous Speaking JV

Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  DD160 L.J. Peoples 5 4 3
  DD161 Abigail Maliyekkal 1 1 2
  DD162 Chandler Boyd 3 5 4
  DD163 Amisha Shukla 1 3 1
  DD164 Bria Jamison 3 4 2
  DD165 Aleesha Somani 2 2 2
  DD166 Shannon Lin 3 1 1
  DD167 Austin Huynh 2 2 3
  EC156 Alex Alvarado 4 3 5
  JQ151 Dylan Bryant 5 5 5
  JQ152 Tanner Dewalt (drop) 9    
  JQ153 Kerry Foncannon 5 4 5
  JQ154 Andrew Kerwin 2 2 5
  JQ155 Cody Woessner (drop) 9    
  SS157 Pablo Lopez 4 5 4
  SS158 Mitchell Grove 1 1 2
  SS159 Shlok Patel 4 5 4

Duo Interpretation Varsity

Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  BW1005 Hernandez - Wu 3 3 2
  BW1006 Pelham - Hulsey 4 3 5
  GB1000 Caudle - Aranda 2 1 3
  JQ1001 Carbajal - Voorhees (drop) 9    
  JQ1002 Crawford - Carlson 2 1 1
  JQ1003 Gomez - Williams 1 2 3
  JQ1004 Goold - Moore 1 2 1
  RB1011 Kaur - Mann 5 4 5
  RB1012 Basra - Gill 5 5 4
  SS1007 Ayala - Bernard 4 5 4
  SS1008 Kong - Rodriguez 3 4 2
  SS1009 Bricker - Barnes (drop) 9    
  SS1010 Wilson - Sajadpour (drop) 9    

Original Oratory/Advocacy Varsity

Contestant Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  BW307 Anthony Cruz 4 4 3
  BW308 Kim Phan 2 1 1
  DD309 Joshua Cohen (drop) 9    
  DD310 Saadhya Singampalli (drop) 9    
  EC303 Estefani Rodriguez 4 3 4
  EC304 Andrya Salazar 3 2 1
  EC305 Graycie Monsibias 2 2 3
  GB300 Ally Rodriguez 4 4 4
  JQ301 Nayab Alam 5 3 2
  JQ302 Katelyn Shipp 1 1 2
  SD306 Sergio Avila (drop) 9    


Humorous Interpretation Varsity

1. Shad Hicks

2. Heather Hansen

3. Stephanie Celio

4. Frank Daniel

5. Amy Delmore

6. Brittany Louey

7. Janelle Reed

Original Prose and Poetry Varsity

1. Josh Mason

2. Nancy Andrade

3. Jonathan Pusavat

4. Alexis Arias

5. Pratyusha Gogulapati

6. Welby Huynh

Impromptu Varsity

1. Parker Schill

2. Frank Daniel

3. Caitlyn Coodey

4. Abigail Hilliard

5. Francesca Morea

6. Adriana Erquigaga

7. Cassie Sandrini

Dramatic Interpretation Varsity

1. Howard Wang

2. Pricilla Gomez

3. Sabrina Mehtabuddin

4. Shad Hicks

5. Stephanie Celio

6. Karli Wheeler

Expository Varsity

1. Kim Phan

2. Jacob Williams

3. Harmeet Mann

4. Breana Martinez

5. Elysa Bravo

6. Rudy Casteneda

7. Julia Sawaya

Thematic Interpretation Varisty

1. Archna Patel

2. Francesca Morea

3. Cassie Sandrini

4. Sapphire Hernandez

5. Sara Klein

6. Alana Lim

7. Ying Wu

Oratorical Interpretation Varsity

1. Mei Mei Chan

2. Holly Watt

3. Abigail Hilliard

4. Pooja Patel

5. Zachary Thompson

6. Oscar Mira

Extemporaneous Speaking Varisty

1. Connor McCarthy

2. Isheeta Madeka

3. David Lauzon

4. Jotthe Kannappan

5. Tommy Wilson

6. Justine Yu


Date: 10/30/2010
Tournament Location: Terry Sanford High School
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Congressional Debate

1. George Hachmeister (East Carteret HS)

2. Anica Green (Durham Academy)

3. Maliha Talib (Green Hope High School)

4. Michael Averell (Cary Academy)

5. William Stanley (East Carteret HS)

6. Aris Hart (Durham Academy)

Best Presiding Officer

William Stanley


Date: 10/30/2010
Tournament Location: Riverside High School
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Children's Literature

1. Marty Durant (Mauldin High School)

2. Kenzie Wynne (Southside Christian School)

3. Caleb McQuaid (Bob Jones Academy)

4. Tiffany Hwang (Southside HS)

5. Katelyn Christmas (Bob Jones Academy)

6. Devin Scott (Hillcrest High School)

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Serene Burgess (Southside HS)

2. Jordan Branham (Southside HS)

3. Benjamin Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy)

4. Logan Coffey (Hillcrest High School)

5. Connor Masterson (Hillcrest High School)

6. Corey Nesbitt (Southside HS)

Duo Interpretation

1. Connor Masterson and Richard Merlino (Hillcrest High School)

2. Devin Scott and Brandi White (Hillcrest High School)

3. Alexis Greer and Ashlyn Greer (Hillcrest High School)

4. Logan Coffey and Rachel Jones (Hillcrest High School)

5. Maria Largent and Katelyn Christmas (Bob Jones Academy)

6. Kushal Hegneshwor and Sundeep Bhanot (Southside HS)


1. Abhi Pandya (Southside HS)

2. Nathan Biyani (Southside HS)

3. Mohit Gandhi (Southside HS)

4. Charlie Staub (Southside HS)

5. Harrison Stall (Southside HS)

6. Elliot Lovegrove (Bob Jones Academy)

Humorous Interpretation

1. Emily Olyarchuk (Mauldin High School)

2. James Thompson (Southside HS)

3. Caroline Worthy (Southside HS)

4. Logan Coffey (Hillcrest High School)

5. Madeline McKiernan (Mauldin High School)

6. Tiffany Hwang (Southside HS)


1. Nathan Biyani (Southside HS)

2. Charlie Staub (Southside HS)

3. Abhi Pandya (Southside HS)

4. Steven Wright (Seneca High School)

5. Mohit Gandhi (Southside HS)

6. Haley Osmer (Bishop England HS)

Impromptu Duet Acting

1. Drew Petersen and Caleb McQuaid (Bob Jones Academy)

2. James Thompson and Jordan Branham (Southside HS)

3. Hampton Stall and Caroline Faucette (Southside HS)

4. Robert Fuson and Cole Monroe (Mauldin High School)

5. Kenzie Wynne and Sarah Scott (Southside Christ)

6. Haley Osmer and Treshawn Simmons (Bishop England HS)

Oral Interpretation

1. Connor Masterson (Hillcrest High School)

2. Benjamin Nicholas (Bob Jones Academy)

3. Taylor White (Southside HS)

4. Francine Tamakloe (Southside HS)

5. Rachel Jones (Hillcrest High School)

6. Robert Fuson (Mauldin High School)

Original Oratory

1. Leah Petterson (Bob Jones Academy)

2. Lydia Petterson (Bob Jones Academy)

3. Nia Davis (Southside HS)

4. Brendan McCartney (Southside HS)

5. Caleb Miller (Bob Jones Academy)

6. Tibitha Ferrell (Hillcrest High School)

Novice Reading

1. Madison Young (Mauldin High School)

2. Ryan Sullivan (Hillcrest High School)

3. Anjali Carroll (Southside HS)

4. Alex Greenlee (Mauldin High School)

5. Amira Gee (Southside HS)

6. Amee Shah (Southside HS)

Novice LD Debate

1. William Cummings (Mauldin)

2. Nicolas Paulus (Mauldin)

3. Daniel Leung (Bob Jones Academy)

4. Brittany Fales (Mauldin)

5. Faith Worley (Bob Jones Academy)

6. Auria Garland (Bob Jones Academy)

Varsity LD Debate

1. David Wu (Southside HS)

2. Amit Bilgi (Southside HS)

3. Morgan Johnson (Mauldin)

4. Abisshek Lakshman (Southside HS)

5. Daffy Durairaj (Mauldin)

6. Varun Gopal (Southside HS)

Varsity PF Debate

1. Aahil Merchant and Anurag Khandavalli (Southside HS)

2. Erin Kleinlein and Katelyn Payment (Mauldin)

3. Alexander Koo and Lorenzo B. Canonico (Riverside)

4. Rebeca Dominguez and Marie-Charlotte Pierre (Southside HS)

5. Nishesh Chaubey and Raghav Kappagantala (Southside HS)

6. Judith Lin and Kevin Lee (Riverside)


1. Southside HS

2. Mauldin

3. Bob Jones Academy

4. Hillcrest

5. Southside Christian

6. Bishop England


Date: 10/30/2010
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Dramatic Interpretation

1. Ryan Wilkins

2. Luke Carlsen

3. Tessa Crosby

4. Isabel Middleton-Watts

5. Madeline Nykamp

6. Caitlyn Schwebach


1. Desiree Frederick

2. Shilpa Chandran

3. Caitlin Woodard

4. Dakota Driver

5. Fletcher Day

6. Alexa Moeller

Humorous Interpretation

1. Chris Wilkins

2. Joey Johnson

3. Nicholas Tifft

4. Jason Williamson

5. Divine Zheng

6. Bethany Claussen

Duo Interpretation

1. Ponwith - Zheng

2. Stoebner - Crosby

3. Wilkins - Wilkins

4. Hook - Nelson

5. Bonde - Weiland

6. Sehr - Payne

Poetic Interpretation

1. Zachary Miller

2. Desiree Frederick

3. Christian Kool

4. Gabrielle Jernberg

5. Callie Sieh

6. Emily Uecker

Reader's Theatre

1. In Conflict

2. Man Behind The Rhyme

3. Forensics Channel

4. Camp, Camp

5. Animal Kingdom

Oratory Interpretation

1. Shilpa Chandran

2. Joshua Stoebner

3. Ryan Soukup

4. Zach Nelson

5. Stacy Schluttner

Novice Extemp

1. Nathaniel Steinlicht

2. Rachel Johannsen

3. Michael Buchanan

4. Katlyn Powers

5. Cody Gunther

Experienced Extemp

1. Jacob Clark

2. Gus Campbell

3. Nishita D'Souza

4. Dylan Shroll

5. Karen Lee

Original Oratory

1. Erin Williams

2. Haley Hardie

3. Nick Kantack

4. Brittany Knutson

5. Courtney Hardie


Date: 10/30/2010
Tournament Location: Bensenville, IL
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1. Wheaton North

2. Elk Grove

3. Hoffman Estates HS

4. Conant

5. Oak Park-River Forest

Dramatic Duet Acting

1. Loren Lombardi and Peter Buchacz (Fenton)
2. TIE Emily Patterson and Phoebe Sullivan-Bing (Oak Park-River Forest) AND Jackie Keith and Mike Delarosa (Zion-Benton)
3. TIEAbbie Kaser and Melissa Mikosz (Conant) AND Celine Hall and Katie Hoth (Elk Grove)

Dramatic Interpretation

1. 3-WAY TIE Lauren Di Vito (Elk Grove) AND Mari Uchida (Lake Forest) AND Sarah Feldman (Oak Park-River Forest)
2. Nelly Sampang (Elk Grove)
3. TIE Amanda Baker (Fenton) AND Moomal Khan (Hoffman Estates H.S.)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Kanaan Konno (Fenton)
2. Cody Schulz (Wheaton North)
3. Devi Shastri (Hoffman Estates H.S.)

Humorous Duet Acting

1. Mackenzie Sheridan and Susan Bywaters (Wheaton North)
2. Andy Krivonosov and Casey Krause (Conant)
3. TIE Dustin Beelow and Rachel Carrell (Elk Grove) AND Harita Joshi and Kanaan Konno (Fenton)

Humorous Interpretation

1. Luke Engel (Wheaton North)
2. Maddie Ritter (Wheaton North
3. Madeline Hoepf (Oak Park-River Forest)

Impromptu Speaking

1. Chris Bango (Fenton)
2. Tim Coukart (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
3. Ann Singer (Conant)

Informative Speaking

1. Naureen Hasan (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
2. Ingrid Lustig (Lake Forest)
3. TIE Harita Joshi (Fenton) AND Carlos Garcia (Hoffman Estates H.S.)

Oratorical Declamation

1. Vicki Jablonski (Fenton)
2. Nandhini Satheesh (Hoffman Estates H.S.)
3. Jackie Noto (Elk Grove)

Original Comedy

1. Adrian Castillo (Fenton)
2. Michael Pirovano (Conant)
3. 3-WAY TIE Allen Fearing (Elk Grove) AND Agnes Miklas (Fenton) AND Lauren Frost (Oak Park-River Forest)

Original Oratory

1. Athena Saldanha    Conant
2. Cheryl Victuelles    Elk Grove
3. TIE Vairagi Patel (Fenton) AND Nikki Trutter (Lake Forest)

Poetry Reading

1. Amanda Baker (Fenton)
2. Katie Hoth (Elk Grove)
3. Madeline Mitchell (Fenton)

Prose Reading

1. Janel Webster (Fenton)
2. Cassidy Fauser (Lake Park)
3. Karolina Rys (Conant)

Radio Speaking

1. Isha Jog    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2. Lauren Frost    Oak Park-River Forest
3. TIE Charlotte Hoover (Wheaton North) AND Hannah McCarthy (Wheaton North)

Special Occasion Speaking

1. Isha Jog    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2. Tom Rebman    Wheaton North
3. TIE Stefanie Ronge (Fenton) AND Anna Vogel (Oak Park-River Forest)


Date: 10/30/2010
Tournament Location: Canton, OH
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1. Perry   
2. Jackson H.S.   
3. Stow   
4. Centerville   
5. TIE Wooster AND Louisville

2-Person Policy Debate
1. Jonathan Velasquez and Joseph Gorman (Wooster)
2. Andy Hall and Michael Moreck (Louisville)
3. Corey Anderson and Shane Zabel (Perry)
4. Hans Qu and Seokhyeon Ryu (Wooster)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Hannah Montgomery    (Canton McKinley)
2. Ty Frank    (Perry)
3. Madison Chapanar    (Perry)
4. Liz Reinick    (North Canton Hoover)
5. Caitin Mosley    (Stow)
6. Lydia Benson    (Stow)

Duo Interpretation
1. Kasi Karr and Liz Kittner    (River View)
2. Jackson Groat and Zack Manthey    (Stow)
3. Jacob Voegle and James Satrape    (North Canton Hoover)
4. Alondra Kimbrough and Caylin Millberry    (Canton McKinley)
5. Alexis Klaiber and Garrett Janson    (Perry)
6. Katie Shaw and Kelsey Shawgo    (Southeast H.S.)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Emily Basso    (Louisville)
2. Gabe Reed    (Wadsworth)
3. Elizabeth Girvin    (Centerville)
4. Eric Roytman    (Centerville)
5. Kole Chaney    (Perry)
6. Allison Blocher    (Perry)

Impromptu Speaking
1. Meredith Taylor    (Highland)
2. David O'Connell    (Centerville)
3. Sara Weller    (Canton Central Catholic)
4. Sunny Patel     (Jackson H.S.)
5. Sam Kibler    (Louisville)
6. Joey Phillips    (Wadsworth)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Abhishek Bhargava (Jackson H.S.)
2. Ryan Benger     (Jackson H.S.)
3. Joe Fahmy     (Jackson H.S.)
4. Shane Stockall    (Perry)
5. Micah Johnson     (Jackson H.S.)
6. Brooke Hisrich    (GlenOak)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1. Abby Lyall    (Jackson H.S.)
2. Emily Grubbs    (GlenOak)
3. Drake Withers    (Highland)
4. Dominick Batchi    (Perry)
5. Nathan White    (Jackson H.S.)
6. Lindsay Patyak    (Medina)

Oratorical Interpretation
1. Jared Sparks    (Perry)
2. Nisha Nanavaty    (Centerville)
3. Erin Criss    (Perry)
4. Abby Zalenski    (Jackson H.S.)
5. Meagan Manfull    (Louisville)
6. Stephanie Haught    (Wooster)

Original Oratory
1. Mary Pyper    (Stow)
2. Morgan Craig    (Perry)
3. Sarah Lyons    (Wooster)
4. Rose Milnes     (Jackson H.S.)
5. Erin Moore    (Perry)
6. Meghan Vodopich    (Perry)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1. Gabi Fatzinger    (North Canton Hoover)
2. Mack Sommers    (North Canton Hoover)
3. Mckayla Morris    (North Canton Hoover)
4. Brittany Rimmel    (North Canton Hoover)
5. Meghan Murray    (Highland)
6. Chandni Chandiramari    (Centerville)

Public Forum Debate

1. Aaron Markowitz and Zander Onders    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
2. Anna McGroarty and Josiah DePaoli    (Brecksville Broadview Heights)
3. Lucas Burris and Nico Hayward-Lara    (Wooster)
4. Brian Haberfield and Kyle Grigsby    (Medina)
5. Gina Mendicino and Veronica Toth    (Medina)
6. Sarah Kaletta and Sydney Alvarez    (Medina)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Claire Kendig    (Perry)
2. Nick Frase    (Wooster)
3. Jesse Wiles    (Wooster)
4. Jacqueline Slusser    (Canton McKinley)
5. Derrek Boland    (Louisville)
6. Hayden Smith    (Perry)


Date: 10/30/2010
Tournament Location: Flossmoor, IL
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1. Lemont  
2. Sandburg   
3. Thornton   
4. Marian   
5. Glenbard West  

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Jonathan Wheeler and Paul Spaniak    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
1.   Nikki Ahline and Sydney Bozich    (Lemont)
2.    Johanna Mason and Kyrie Courter     (Homewood-Flossmoor)
2.    Ashley Rose and Leah Kurecki    (Sandburg)
3.    Jazmine Mazique and Kevin Strong    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
3.    Anne-Marie Alwan and Rachel Hunter    (Lemont)
3.    Laura Hilger and Theresa Milazzo    (Marian)
3.    Blake Rivera and Caleb Philgene    (Marian)
3.    Bruce Miles and Lindsey Bliss    (Shepard)
4.    Candice Turner and Lorenzo Jackson    (Bolingbrook)
4.    Laura Shurna and Natalie Salo    (Glenbard West)
4.    Mack Quaid and Will Crawford    (Glenbard West)
5.    Eva Rest and Nick Radmer    (Naperville Central)
6.    Keynon Miller and Robert Barton    (Eisenhower)
6.    Deshawn McGowan and Jamicia Parker    (Thornton)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Jordan Morgan    (Marian)
1.    Cora Georgiou    (Sandburg)
2.    Elaina Etter    (Munster Speech)
3.    Conor Matthews    (Lemont)
4.    Gregory Madden    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
4.    Lindsey Bliss    (Shepard)
5.    Alyssa Russell    (Eisenhower)
5.    Christopher Kelley    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
5.    Alison Rehfus    (Lemont)
5.    Natalia Kotz    (Munster Speech)
5.    Tashawna Rials    (Thornton)
6.    Sabrina Gomez    (Naperville Central)
6.    Enrique Montoya    (Shepard)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Rathnam Venkat    (Munster Speech)
1.    Sidarth Singh    (Munster Speech)
2.    Ben Berry    (Glenbard West)
3.    Leah Kurecki    (Sandburg)
4.    Matt Hackiewicz    (Lemont)
5.    Danyal Bhutto    (Andrew (Tinley Park))
5.    Germain Martinez    (Eisenhower)
5.    Alexandra Ullberg    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
5.    Christian Wallace    (Shepard)
5.    Marwin Romaro    (Shepard)
6.    Daniel Truesdale    (Andrew (Tinley Park))
6.    Krea Davis    (Bolingbrook)
6.    Baily Bystry    (Glenbard West)
6.    Joe Fabro    (Lemont)
6.    Kevin Driscoll    (Lemont)
6.    Kyela Wilson    (Marian)
6.    Richard Bernard    (Thornton)

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Conor Matthews and Kayla Neetz    (Lemont)
2.    Jessica Wienand and Rob Smierciak    (Lemont)
3.    Austin Ball and Mishari Zambrano    (Sandburg)
3.    Cohen and Goggins    (Shepard)
4.    Melissa Daniels and Reginald Hamilton    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
4.    Deshawn McGowan and Ly'Vashia Wolford    (Thornton)
5.    Abrianna Willis and Jevon Lyle     (Homewood-Flossmoor)
6.    Kyle Habben and Michael Peel    (Marian)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Blake Rivera    (Marian)
1.    Nick Siano    (Munster Speech)
1.    Monica Hutchhausen    (Sandburg)
2.    Robert Rigler    (Lemont)
3.    Tyler Maxie    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
3.    Anna Meehan    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
3.    Jasmine Ross    (Thornton)
4.    Julia Dorn    (Glenbard West)
4.    Judie Muhrez    (Munster Speech)
4.    Emily Bochnowski    (Munster Speech)
5.    Maribel Ang    (Eisenhower)
5.    Warren Jefferson    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
5.    Anne-Marie Alwan    (Lemont)
6.    Alexandria Bassett    (Glenbard West)
6.    Kyle Habben    (Marian)
6.    Marcell Vanarsdale    (Southland)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Daniel Truesdale    (Andrew (Tinley Park))
2.    Rachel Hunter    (Lemont)
3.    Danyal Bhutto    (Andrew (Tinley Park))
3.    Theresa Milazzo    (Marian)
3.    Halek Mehta    (Naperville North)
3.    Monica Hutchausen    (Sandburg)
3.    Tasha Wiersal     (Shepard)
3.    Oscar Rodarte    (Thornton)
3.    Richard Bernard    (Thornton)
3.    China Anderson    (Thornwood)
4.    Killian McNeill    (Naperville Central)
5.    Joel Mayo    (Glenbard West)
5.    Christina Livley-Dykas    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
5.    Kyela Wilson    (Marian)
5.    Mariana Reyes    (Thornton)
6.    Rathnam Venkat    (Munster Speech)

Informative Speaking
1.    Jasmine Ross    (Thornton)
2.    Desiree McCray    (Marian)
3.    Peter Gianakakis    (Lemont)
3.    Kim Kosman    (Shepard)
3.    Tierra Williams    (Thornton)
4.    Tierra Simpson    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
4.    John Dohse    (Lemont)
4.    Maddie Naillon    (Naperville Central)
5.    Kylie Kratz    (Sandburg)
6.    Rachel Elfman    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
6.    Vito DiBeasi    (Lockport)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Shalini Rao    (Glenbard West)
2.    Gabby Gazall     (Naperville North)
2.    John Arrington Jr.    (Thornton)
3.    Hallie Peilet    (Munster Speech)
3.    Nathalie Kauz    (Munster Speech)
4.    Ashlee Renich-Malek     (Andrew (Tinley Park))
5.    Taylor Lach    (Sandburg)
6.    Michelle Awad    (Lemont)
6.    Donny Stewart    (Shepard)
6.    Brandi Jones    (Thornton)
6.    Yolanda Drew    (Thornton)

Original Comedy
1.    Carly Mayer    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
1.    Gabbie Zeman    (Lemont)
2.    Jack McKay    (Glenbard West)
3.    Faith Bischoff    (Glenbard West)
3.    Eric Blain    (Thornwood)
4.    Raghene Hoard    (Thornton)
5.    DeAira Cooper    (Marian)
5.    Boeckenstedt, Mark    (Naperville Central)
6.    Immanual Sodipe    (Eisenhower)
6.    Eva Rest    (Naperville Central)
6.    Andre Rogers    (Thornridge)

Original Oratory
1.    Jessica Wienand    (Lemont)
2.    Guadalupe Huerta    (Thornton)
2.    Sarah Hill    (Thornton)
3.    Cooper Packard    (Marian)
3.    Kathryn Joost    (Sandburg)
4.    Alex Leslie    (Andrew (Tinley Park))
4.    Roland Hatcher    (Sandburg)
5.    Anne Lemenager    (Glenbard West)
5.    Paris Glenn    (Marian)
5.    Candice Perry    (Thornwood)
6.    Ashley Wenzel    (Munster Speech)

Poetry Reading
1.    Sydney Bozich    (Lemont)
1.    Kyliah Thompson    (Marian)
1.    John Arrington Jr.    (Thornton)
2.    Shativia Smith    (Thornton)
3.    Rob Smierciak    (Lemont)
3.    Marwa Saleh    (Naperville Central)
4.    Breyan VanPelt    (Eisenhower)
4.    Victoria Sherman    (Eisenhower)
4.    Jabree Ellis    (Munster Speech)
4.    Diana Lata    (Sandburg)
5.    Shannon Leyva    (Sandburg)
6.    Mohamed Elhrisse    (Bolingbrook)
6.    Donyae Lewis    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
6.    Sabrina Gomez    (Naperville Central)
6.    DeQuandra Beverly    (Thornton)

Prose Reading
1.    Caroline Paul    (Glenbard West)
2.    Robert Rigler    (Lemont)
2.    Roxanne Balakas    (Sandburg)
3.    Kelly Miotti    (Lockport)
3.    Beth White    (Naperville North)
3.    Kristin Lowe    (Thornwood)
4.    Sarah Van Hecke    (Lemont)
4.    John Dohse    (Lemont)
5.    Kristyn Assise    (Andrew (Tinley Park))
5.    Alison Mudro    (Munster Speech)
5.    Caylee O'Connor    (Naperville Central)
6.    Andrea Henderson    (Eisenhower)
6.    Terrence Mitchell    (Hillcrest)
6.    Nicole Mammano    (Munster Speech)
6.    Shativia Smith    (Thornton)

Radio Speaking

1.    Sofia Conforti    (Glenbard West)
1.    Cora Georgiou    (Sandburg)
2.    Ian Fox    (Glenbard West)
2.    Christy Ulmet    (Lemont)
3.    Sean Burchfield    (Eisenhower)
3.    John Lukas    (Eisenhower)
3.    Lydia Tsu    (Naperville North)
3.    Edwin Klippenstein     (Naperville North)
3.    Brittany W    (Shepard)
3.    Deanna Lee    (Thornton)
4.    Sherry Huang    (Naperville Central)
4.   Alec Siannas    (Naperville Central)
5.    D'ondra Cotton    (Thornwood)
6.    Joe Fabro    (Lemont)

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Liz Young    (Eisenhower)
1.    DeAira Cooper    (Marian)
1.    Brittany Presley    (Marian)
2.    Shayna Vaughn    (Marian)
3.    T'nya Jones    (Thornton)
4.    Amanda Tibstra    (Eisenhower)
5.    Mariana Reyes    (Thornton)
6.    Dana King    (Homewood-Flossmoor)
6.    Michelle Awad    (Lemont)
6.    Sarah Skwarczyk    (Sandburg)
6.    Anthony Desmond    (Sandburg)