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 My Perfect Piece includes the very best database of high-quality and unique piece selections that will delight any serious forensics competitor.  With contributions from 8+ National Finalists, and a database of 500+ hand-picked pieces, competitors can find their perfect piece to dominate the competition.

My Perfect Piece Membership

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The right piece can enable a performer to enjoy an incredibly successful year, while the wrong piece can waste away an entire year's worth of work.

What if you could see forensics through the perspective of a top Nationals finalist or seasoned veteran?  What if you could bypass those years of trial, error and tedious fine-tuning in order to fast track your way to success? What if you could find your very special perfect piece that will ensure you stand out and dominate the competition? 

With expert contributions from 8+ Nationals Finalists, My Perfect Piece provides all of the above and more. With a deep and hand-picked piece database across the speech categories, users will find that special piece to make them stand out from the competition. 

Piece selections are included across all of the major speech categories: Duo, Declamation, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Prose and Poetry.

Within our exclusive membership portal, users may select a recommended piece, read our expert articles, watch finalist performances or video interview insights.

Instead of wasting months painstakingly researching for a piece, with My Perfect Piece you may find that special piece within one hour.

You will find yourself poised to make big improvements to your performance and place in the top seeds at local tournaments and beyond!

Membership to My Perfect Piece will provide you with the following:

500+ High-Caliber Piece Selections
100+ Expert Articles
8+ National's Finalists Secret Tips
Piece Selections in the following categories: Duo, Declamation, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Prose and Poetry
50+ Extemporaneous Speaking Top Resources
150+ Impromptu Speaking Topic Ideas
Video Interviews with National Finalists
Performance Videos from National Finalists

My Perfect Piece Contributors Include:

Aaron Mattis
3rd Place in International Extemp at NFL Nationals in both 2007 and 2008
Winning the final round of NFL Nationals in 2007
3rd Place at the MBA Round Robin in 2007 and 2008
Winning the MBA exhibition round in 2008
Winning the Barkley Forum at Emory University in 2008
Brandon Simmons
4th Place at NFL Nationals in Dramatic Interpretation in 2007
2nd Place Duo TFA State in 2007
4th Place Prose UIL State in 2007
Bonnie Lyons
6th Place at NFL Nationals for Expository Speaking in 2008

My Perfect Piece Membership

Price: $99.00