Ethnic Declamations

In the quest for the unique Declamation, giving thought to the speech's proposed audience can make a gargantuan difference.  A good writer will create a work designed specifically towards an audience, therefore new words or ideas can be present which may help place you in a distinct niche.  One such brand of Declamation you may consider researching are those related to a precise ethnicity.  Individual ethnicities have their own beliefs for any topic.  For example, two speeches on educational struggles, as told from two differing ethnic groups, most likely will offer two original viewpoints. 

Selecting an ethnic Declamation can offer a few unusual considerations:

  • Are you comfortable speaking about ethnic/race related topics? The subject of ethnicity/race can be one many are uncomfortable with.  It ranks up there with politics and religion.  If for any reason you feel insecure delivering a speech, DO NOT DO IT!  A massive component of Declamation success is showing ownership and confidence.  Lose that and you lose rank.
  • Is the subject relatable to your audience? Regardless of how much merit an ethnic Declamation may possess, if the speech's message does not relate to your target audience it is not worth doing.  Of course not every subject specific to an ethnicity/race will be an issue all other races or ethnicities face.  People are unique.  But, a well-written Declamation can inform an individual with zero prior knowledge, and be interesting and thought-provoking, without alienating those you present to.
  • Is it appropriate for you to present this topic? When you present no one knows who you are.  Speakers may recognize one another and chit-chat between rounds, but aside from team members, people really do not know you.  Thus, when doing an ethnic Declamation is it important to contemplate how others will view your performance.  Your audience has no idea how open-minded you are, why you chose this speech, or your background with the topic.  To be blunt, if you are of one ethnicity performing a speech that is directly related to another, people may question why and deem your selection inappropriate.  Be careful with your piece selection!  Different ethnicities/races can perform speeches written to address another group as long as the speech supports this sort of diversity.  Use discretion!  
  • When performing, NEVER imitate the original speaker. This is a rule any Declamation performance should adhere to, but this advice is doubly true when presenting an ethnically driven speech.  Why is this crucial?  Imagine watching a speaker from one ethnicity presenting a speech written by a member of your ethnicity--and the presenter is subliminally imitating the original speaker!  Again, to be frank, it can be racist.  Declamation, and Forensics, should be about creating art and enlightenment, not about creating anger.

These are the big issues to consider when thinking about presenting an ethnic Declamation.  The challenges faced by crossing the diversity divide can be great, but may offer an immense payoff.  Perhaps in this day of PC it would be best to leave ethnic/race Declamations to the groups who crafted them.  However, if you decide to be daring, please, carefully chose a speech and treat it lovingly.