Declamation On-Line Resources: A Cut to the Chase

Has your Declamation piece search left you drained?  After a week of exhausting the library, raiding the team's archives, and asking EVERYONE for a suggestion, are you nearing giving up on speeches?  A computer sits in front of you, but the prospect of mindless searching is unappealing.  It does not have to be mindless.  There are ways to improve the odds of finding valuable websites to browse through (see here:  Or, you can cut to the chase.   

If you have found yourself tired and in desperate need of websites that contain transcripts for handfuls of speeches you are in luck.  The Forensics Community has done some searching to locate sites that hold transcripts to endless amounts of pieces.  Your Declamation could be a link away.

  • Top 100 American Speeches of the 20th Century. Two professors joined forces to get 137 of the country's leading scholars of American public address to list their favorite speeches.  This is what ensued:
  • TED. Public speakers, entertainers, scientists, political analysts, and intellectuals from around the globe deliver speeches about pretty much ANY topic you can image. There are literally hundreds of free, inspiring, informative speeches available.
  • Vital Speeches of the Day. This site's purpose is to showcase well-done, strong pieces of rhetoric from leaders in fields such as politics, business, education, etc. While they feature speeches, to get full access to their resources you will have to subscribe to their membership.
  • The Huffington Post's Ten Picks for the Best Commencement Speeches. Comes with previews of the speeches (as well as full text) and selections from comedians, artists, and politicians.
  • Eulogies. For when you want to be somber.
  • A Few Overseas Speakers. Looking overseas for speeches is not a bad idea.  Here are three links to sites that list a few speakers from outside of America: 
  1. (100% Winston Churchill)
  2. (a mix of American and overseas)
  3. (a collection of speeches from Prime Ministers, Martin Luther King Jr., and Presidents)

There you have it.  Hundreds of texts for speeches seconds away.  Declamation piece searching could not be easier!