Some Thoughts and a Friendly Call to Write some Blogs :)


Hey Everyone,

First off, thanks to everyone who joined our FTHS Team. You all rock. It's great to see some of the old-timers like Rachel Segall, KenDoug, Silverman, Seegs, etc all on here. I think Segall has been meaning to make a post - if he can ever figure out how to work a computer. He told me he seems to be taken in by the poll he's winning by a shred.

Just an FYI to the old-timer LDers out there (you know who you are) - the current team gave me the impression that the LD Team could use some rebuilding. Any help-advice you could offer on current-future resolutions I'm sure would be greatly appreciated.

I wanted to reach out to the current team to see if you could help me get some blogs going. The blogs could be on any category, on anything of interest related to forensics.

The speech contest is soon going to be expanded to include blogs as well - so with posting a blog on a speech category, you automatically enter yourself in the contest and could win up to $750. As for debate, for those who are done competing for the season, you probably won't feel too scared about posting your case on the site. A simple 30-second copy-paste of your case on the site as a blog enters you in the debate contest. Or you could get creative and post a video.

The blogs don't need to be masterful-epic writings. Just short entries on anything of interest. Even just one short blog entry expressing some thoughts on your category would be amazing. You'd really be helping me out a lot! Seeing different users posting-interacting helps to create a sense of community. And this will be real important as I start exposing the site to a larger number of teams.

Plus, if my marketing skills are as bad as my debate skills were my senior year (0 breaks, embarrassing) - then perhaps this site will stay FTHS-dominated and virtually any blog post will stand a good chance at winning a nice chunk of cash in one of the contests. Consider it an alumni donation :)

Now get blogging!

I've done my share for the day: