What is Rock Carpet?

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Rock Carpet is the newest type of luxury flooring for the design conscious that offers limitless functionality and versatility to any room or area. It is also referred to as "Little Rock Carpet, Round Rock Carpet, Pebble Rock Carpet, & Quarry Carpet".

Rock Carpet is nothing like contemporary carpet in that you can customize it's entire appearance. Its name is derived from its composition, which is many thousands of tiny rocks/stones primarily from North/South America and New Zealand.

It's an unusual product in that its waterproof, scratch and dent proof, and slip and stain resistant. This combination of unique characteristics helps create a unique and artistic effect. Its epoxy polymers and other materials draw dirt and water away from its smooth flat surface which helps keep it clean, dry, and slip free.

Rock Carpet provides a warm and unique modern look to any room lqaff.com or area regardless of the size. Rock carpet can be used and applied over just about any flat surface. Some of the more common areas include but are not limited to: showers, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, stairs, swimming areas, spas, restrooms, garages, driveways, side walks, in-and-outdoor decks, storage sheds, workshops, parking lots, basketball courts, tennis courts, restaurants, pubs, clubs, nightclubs, private housing, offices, reception offices, washrooms, showrooms, auto dealer showrooms, board rooms, convention centers, elevators, furniture stores, private housing & more. It is completely up to you.

Rock Carpet is applied in thin layers and is permanently set in place with a UV resistant material (epoxy). When applied correctly by professionals, the result is a beautiful custom look that will last a lifetime.

You can custom design the texture, color, rock type, size & overall look or choose from a number of options offered by the different providers/manufactures. Some providers offer thousands of combinations to choose from while others may only offer a few. Most providers usually offer "large grain, medium grain, and fine grain". Grain size is basically a term that means the size of the rocks or stones.

The base of Rock Carpet is crushed river rock. You can choose other types of "base" for example granite or crushed marble of your size and color preference.

Rock Carpet is a great choice for flooring because it provides a unique look and maintains its incredible shine and polished appearance with out ever having to buff or wax it. Do to its highly effective sealant, dirt, debris, liquids, and most chemicals will not penetrate the floor making Rock Carpet a great choice for those looking for a very low maintenance modern home flooring look.