Nutritional Supplements Can cause Liver Damage


Dietary supplements like vitamins, minerals, along with herbal products are able to cause liver damage. I mastered this the tough way.
When I was clinically determined to have breast cancer and slated for a mastectomy, my pre opt assessments revealed the liver enzymes of mine were over normal. Liver enzymes are an indicator exipure customer complaints ( of the well being of the liver. When the liver is healthy, the liver enzymes reside in the cells of the liver. Whenever the liver is injured or unhealthy, the enzymes are introduced into the blood stream. Liver function tests-a particular type of blood tests-are employed to detect liver disease or damage. My liver function examinations revealed my liver enzymes were three times above normal. And so high that my cancer surgery was recorded on hold to run extra tests to try to identify the main cause. The assessments were inconclusive. Though the doctors of mine were worried about the liver, I'd no alternative but in order to have the mastectomy. Follow up cancer treatment wasn't advised due to my unhealthy liver. For the subsequent year, I took a liver function test every single three months. The effects were generally the same: liver enzymes three times above normal.
During this year after surgery, I did in depth researching on the liver. I used myself as a guinea pig and put the investigation of mine to the test. I stopped all mineral and vitamin supplements. After six weeks, I returned to the doctor of mine for blood tests. The results: my liver enzymes were normal, the overall cholesterol of mine dropped 40 points, the "good" cholesterol of mine rose 40 points, even the "bad" cholesterol of mine dropped a few points.
Dietary supplements do more damage than good. The supplement industry a twenty billion dollar-a-year industry has no regulation by the food as well as Drug Administration. Many of these supplements are made in China where quality management is an issue.
Organic solutions as ginkgo bibola is able to react with ibuprofen (Motrin), Lipokinetix, a weight loss supplement can cause internal bleeding, kava, Jin Bu Huan, germander, chaparral, shark cartilage, mistletoe, and, yes, artificial vitamins as well as nutrients are able to result in serious damage to the liver. Unless your physician prescribes a product, don't take any supplement.