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Sperm count - An introduction

Sperm count - An introduction
Sperm count is the measurement of the focus of sperms in a man's seminal liquid. This is distinct from total sperm production that is the sperm count multiplied with volume. A under regular sperm count is considered an issue. It affects a male's fertility and the ability of his to impregnate a lady. Low volume can affect a male's confidence and also lower the pleasure derived from sexual activity.

A great deal of factors are taken into consideration to determine the sperm count of a male including the length of time between ejaculations, semen sample analysis, how the sample is kept when being moved to the lab. In order to test the count of sperms, Vybba ( one sample is regarded as inadequate, as lot of variation is seen with sperm production in a person, quite possibly within a few days.
Doctors generally analyse 2-3 samples and even more, each a minimum of two to three days apart to test the sperm count in a male's seminal liquid. Something more than 20 million sperm every millilitre is deemed natural and anything less is thought oligospermia (low count of sperms) and is a cause of concern.

Causes of low semen count

Causes of lower semen count
Low sperm count could be caused due to number of biologic and environmental factors. Conditions that may cause very low count of sperms include:


Anxiety more than sexual performance

Heat factor -

Regular intercourse -

Substance abuse -

Improve sperm count - Things to follow


Eliminate stress out of life -

Improve work style

Try to give up addictions -

Eat a balanced nutritious diet

Minimize weight

Check with a doctor

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