How To Make Deposit On Bet9ja With GTBank


Step2 At the bottom of the page, Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos click on "GTCollections". There is no fee for deposits with this payment method. However, When Do Bet9ja Pay you will be asked Where Is Bet9ja Office to accept a ₦100 charge from the bank. Step2 Navigate to GTBank’s Internet Banking page by clicking "Login". Step3 You will be directed to the GTBank Internet Banking platform. Click the login button on the left. Step4 You will now How Bet9ja Cash Out Works be required to fill in your login details. First, How Bet9ja Bonus Works input your 11-digit GTBank User ID. Step5 Next, Where Is Bet9ja Head Office Located In Port Harcourt use the keypad to input your password. Step6 To proceed, click on the green button. Step7 Which Country Owns Bet9ja Click on "Proceed to Internet Banking", Why Is My Bet9ja Registration Failing where you will be re-directed to your Internet Banking homepage.
Step8 Click "Payments & Collections from the drop-down menu. Step9 Click on "Other Payments". Step10 Scroll down and select "KC GAMING NETWORKS LTD". Step11 Click "Make New Payments". Step12 You will then be directed to a page where you will be required to fill in your Unique Bet9ja UserID and the amount that you would like to deposit. Your Bet9ja UserID can be found at the top right corner of the page when you login to your Bet9ja account. Step13 You will then be required to confirm your details. Step14 Confirm the bank charge, select which account to debit, answer your secret question and enter your token code.
Step15 Upon successful payment, your transaction receipt will then be displayed. Step2 At the bottom of the page, click on "GTCollections". Step3 Click on "Customized Deposit". Step4 Search for "KC Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Ibadan GAMING NETWORKS LTD" and select it. Step5 Fill in your Unique Bet9ja UserID and the amount that you would like to deposit and click "Continue". Step6 You will then be required to confirm your details. Step7 Confirm the bank charge and then select "Confirm & Continue". Step8 You will then be directed to choose between four payment options. Select the option that applies, enter your email and click "Continue". If your deposit is successful, your account will be credited.
Online betting is a popular activity in Nigeria, with thousands of bettors putting money down on the outcome of local and international sporting events all the time. But there is more to sports betting than just picking a team and hoping for the best. Unlike casino games where luck plays a major role, sports betting is more about skill and research than anything else. Sure, there is some element of luck with larger multi-bets, but for the most part, dedication, research, and forecasting can really pay off. In order to become a successful bettor, one needs a base of information to work with.
This includes past results of games, updates on current events and future movements in the sport. All of these factors can influence the outcome of an upcoming game, race or event. This is why African Betting Guide is so important for Nigerians, and why the information we supply makes you better at predicting the outcome of an event. Recently, there have been 3 Nigerians who have made the news for their enormous online betting wins, and these 3 are just some of the many who have become incredibly rich thanks to sites like Betway and Bet9ja. In 2015, Godwin Ighalo, a Computer Engineering professor from Ambrose Alli University won a massive N58, 945, 553, with just N800 worth of bets on EPL matches. Godwin has been placing bets for over 25 years with modest success.
He always believed that his time would come. That being said, he did reveal that his interests in probability, relationships, and special intelligence might have played a part in his success with EPL picks. Godwin is not alone in his sports betting success. In 2016, Melvin Chike Ekpe became the biggest winner of the year when he won N27.3m from just N100. The 30-year-old had been betting consistently for over three years when his persistence finally paid off. Melvin was able to accurately predict the outcome of 16 games with options over 2.5 goals. This turned his N100 into more than 27 million. In the same year, one lucky online betting fan beat the odds and broke all previous winner records, when they won over N37 million with Bet9ja.
Understandably, the man did not want to be named, and all we know about him is his winning bet slip number B941AQPSTTZQE-219492, which he used to place his bet of just N500. We can learn a lot from these 3 millionaires and their huge wins. All of them knew that the golden rule in online betting is to always bet on a sport that you know the most about. In this industry, knowledge is directly proportional to luck. The more knowledge you have about a particular sport, game, team or individual, the more accurately you can predict the outcome of an event.
Of course, there are other factors which can influence how much you get paid out at the end of the day. Getting the most competitive odds for your money is always a good starting point. You also want to find a betting site that will provide you with a large range of markets so that you can choose the best bet for your skills. This, combined with certain promotions can make a huge difference to the amount of money you take home. A such, it is important to sign up with licensed and highly respected online bookmakers like Betway or Bet9ja who are intimately linked to the Nigerian sports betting culture. You’ll find these brands and others at African Betting Guide because we want to make you a winner! For bettors just starting out, it may seem like a lot of time and effort to spend collecting knowledge and analyzing markets for a simple sports bet. The key is to be consistent, dedicated and patient. Nigeria has seen an increasing number of big winners over the last decade, and you could be next. My name is Moses Eze from the beautiful country of Nigeria. Been working as a freelancing writer since 2014 and I love what I do. My passions are technology and sports, which reflects on what I write.
Manchester United will be looking to make it nine wins in a row under their new manager; when they welcome Burnley to Old Trafford for a Premier League affair on Tuesday evening. The home side are not just unbeaten in their previous eight matches in all competitions, they are as well unbeaten in their last eight games against this opponent. In those previous eight meetings between these two sides, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men triumphed five times and drew thrice. And Considering the calibre of teams the Red Devils have conquered inside their current winning streak, they definitely look good to extend their dominance over Burnley with yet another victory at (1.26) with Bet9ja. It’s an outcome that’s priced at spicy odds of (1.40) with the same betting firm. Having said that, Burnley, with three wins from their previous five fixtures in all competitions, are massive (12.00) odds with Bet9ja to shock the Old Trafford crowd with a victory on Tuesday. The last time these two teams clashed on this ground, it ended in a 2-2 draw. Bulky odds of (6.10) are on offer should this game end in stalemate, too.
Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Jobs/Vacancies / NL Pals What Is The Work Of A Retail Cashiers At Bet9ja (199 Views) Cashiers At Lekki / Cashiers Needed / Sales Rep, Cashiers, Store Keeper, Technician & Others Apply Now! 6:57pm On Apr 12It seems I don't even know what I applied for. Thank you for your application for the above role. You are invited to attend an Assessment and Interview with KC Gaming Networks Limited (Bet9ja). Venue: Venue: Bet9ja Shop D-World 470, Works Layout by IMSU Junction Owerri. My question is, the cashier they needed are they those ones that play games for people in the betting shop because I thought the cashier in question is the ones that receive cash at their branch office or head office. Oh he is an agent? Oh he is an agent? Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2019 Oluwaseun Osewa. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.
Africa is crazy about sports, especially football (soccer). But while you hang out with your friends on a cool Saturday evening to enjoy a high-energy football match by your favourite team, there’s something big happening around you that you just don’t realize. Sports is no longer just about entertainment in Africa. It’s also about making (and losing) money. A lot of money. According to a recent investigation, roughly 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 are involved in active sports betting. 15) every day on bets. In South Africa, government statistics show more than half of the adult population is involved in gambling activities, predominantly sports betting, on a regular basis.
This trend is roughly the same across West, Central, East and Southern Africa. While Africa is still touted as a poor continent where up to 40 percent of people live below the poverty line, our continent is also fast emerging as one of the most promising and lucrative markets for sports betting. Betting businesses in the US and Europe are expanding into Africa as they position themselves to tap into an explosive growth opportunity for sports betting on the continent. Supporters of sports betting in Africa claim it’s a business that offers employment to thousands of young people, provides quick money for ordinary people, generates tax revenue for government and contributes to economic growth in African countries.
They may be right, but betting still has its critics on the continent. In this article, I’ll take you into the heart of the sports betting business in Africa. You’ll find out the interesting reasons why sports betting is spreading across the continent and who the biggest companies in the business are. I’ll also show you how the betting business makes money and a few important points to keep in mind, just in case you’re interested in getting a piece of the pie by setting up your own sports betting business. So, Why is Sports Betting Spreading So Fast Across Africa?
For every business I analyse on Smallstarter, I always make it a point to unravel the fundamental reasons why it thrives. If Africans are spending huge sums on betting, and sports betting companies from across the world are spreading into Africa, there’s got to be good reasons for this, don’t you think? So, here are five key reasons for the growth in sports betting on the African continent. In addition to its very youthful population, a high number of these young people are unemployed. ‘Official’ unemployment rates in some African countries are as high as 25 percent. What does youth and employment have to do with sports betting, you ask?
Young and unemployed Africans make up the bulk of the target market for sports betting in Africa. Betting provides them with an opportunity to earn an income, while keeping them stimulated by sports, a strong attraction for many young Africans. Africa’s population is expected to double by 2050. By then, the continent will have the largest population of young people in the world. This will be a potential source of growth for the sports betting industry in Africa. Alcohol and cigarettes are popular consumer products across the world, and sell huge volumes every day. Both products also have something in common with sports betting.
The biggest attraction of sports betting is its value proposition: it costs you almost nothing, but you can win a lot of money. That’s what makes it addictive! 500. It’s this possibility of higher returns that lures millions of Africans, including the poor, to ‘invest’ in sports betting. Given this potential for profit, it’s no surprise how sports betting becomes an addiction for millions of people on the continent who place bets daily and weekly. And even when they don’t have the money, they borrow. Africa is a sports crazy continent. Although football (soccer) takes the lead with the highest number of fanatic fans on the continent, there’s also a huge following for cricket and rugby in Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
European football leagues (especially the English, Spanish, French and Italian leagues) have millions of fans on the continent. But there’s also a lot of betting that goes on for tennis, basketball, hockey, boxing, car and motorcycle racing, horse races and several other sports. Africa’s strong and often fanatical interest in sports makes it a very promising market for the sports betting business. Due to more stringent laws and increasing regulatory pressure on sports betting companies in the US and European markets, many of them are branching into emerging markets like Africa, where most laws on betting are relatively lax. Except for South Africa which is a more established gambling market, betting laws in most other African countries are quite recent, and regulation is still poor.
This lax regulatory environment, while potentially dangerous to consumers, provides an attractive incentive for both local and international betting companies to enter the African market. However, countries like The Gambia and some Muslim-majority countries on the continent have placed outright bans on betting or have very strict rules and restrictions around betting of any sort. As one of the world’s fastest growing markets for mobile phones, the widespread use of mobile phones in Africa has been a positive game changer for the sports betting business. More Africans can now place bets from the comfort of their homes via mobile phones.
Sports betting companies on the continent now partner with major mobile phone operators to link their betting products with mobile money services like Airtel Money, Orange Money and M-Pesa. What’s more, with rising internet penetration rates across the continent, more people are able to make bets online. These days, sports betting is available by SMS and over the internet. Every day, it’s getting easier to pay and play. While it can be hard to get information about the financial performance of betting companies in Africa, you can always spot the big boys by their spread (number of outlets and presence in several countries), and their popularity among punters. There are now over 2,000 different sports betting companies on the continent (many of them unlicensed), and this number is expected to grow.
Sport Pesa is arguably the biggest sport betting business in East Africa, with a very strong presence in Kenya and over 1 million registered users. Sport Pesa enjoys partnerships with leading banks, telcos, radio stations and media houses in Kenya. This has helped to strengthen its lead in the sports betting market in East Africa. Based in South Africa, Supabets is fast expanding across sub-Saharan Africa. It now has businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 100,000), Supabets is one of the leading businesses in the highly competitive sports betting market in South Africa. Bet9ja is one of several homegrown sport betting businesses in Nigeria that’s doing its best to overcome the intense competition in the market.
It’s arguably not the market leader in Nigeria by a long shot, but its highly visible promotional campaigns make it one of the most promising businesses to watch on the sports betting scene. 3.5m) in winning bets. The business of sports betting is based on odds and probabilities. People often place bets based on gut feeling, popular opinion, intense research or just plain luck. In every bet, there are always two categories of people who emerge in the end; winners and losers. Handling the losers is easy; they don’t get anything. But to stay in business and make money, the goal of every sport betting business is to make sure it makes enough money from the losers to reward the winners, and still earn a healthy commission on top.
To accomplish this, sport betting businesses use a mix of simple and complex strategies to fix the odds of every bet, and ensure that the income from losers balances out the payouts for winners. It’s quite an interesting and technical business that has its own lingo and deals a lot with numbers. Don’t be fooled, getting started in the sport betting business can be a tough and highly competitive venture to take on. It may look like easy money at first, until you look under the hood. In this business, the margins (commissions) are quite tight, a large portion of the costs are fixed, regulatory compliance is strict and profitability depends on volume. Nevertheless, it can be a very lucrative business if you can pull it off successfully. If you’re up for the challenge, here are some of the most important things to consider in setting up a sport betting business. The betting and gambling industry is closely regulated in many countries. African governments are interested in the sports betting market for two main reasons: consumer protection and tax revenues.
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Online Sports Betting presents an opportunity to make money with the use of your smart phone or computer as long as you have internet connection. All you need is to correctly predict the outcome of football matches. Merrybet Nigeria some years ago were regarded as the novice of the sports betting industry but they have grown and proven themselves to compete with the strongest in the industry. They have the fastest paying platform with some good bonuses on staked games. 1960bet is also another good betting company; with also a fast payment system of 24hrs. They also recently increased winning per bet slip to 10million naira. Their odds are also high. 1960bet offers a mix of good odds and fast payment.
Naijabet one of Nigeria’s finest with robust online betting platform. Offering a wide variety of games for its users; great odds, bonus on first funding and good payment system. Bet9ja is a sports betting company that have spread so much and become a household name in the sports betting industry. One of the oldest; actually second to Nairabet. High odds, great bonus incentives. Offering also casino games to its users. Lovingbet is a fast growing online sports betting company in Nigeria; 48hrs withdrawal ssystem, bonus on first funding, bonus on accumulated games are also okay. The above Online sports betting companies are not the only one’s available but this is a recommendation based on positive response from users of the quality service offered by these companies over the years. So feel free to register and not be scared of your winning being delayed or not paid at all.
I sincerely congratulate them for at least using their idleness to attract the attention of the public. The young man had his business proposals presented to Hon Barr Kennedy Ibeh who saw merit in the proposal and quickly asked for his budget. 300,000 to the credit of the young man who ran to the bank the next day and made withdrawals. In less than 2 weeks, the Beneficiary had Hon Barr Kennedy Ibeh inundated with calls appealing him to come and commission his business. And of course as the Honorable Member, he had the pleasure of identifying in the success story of the young man.