How to Enable Two-Step Verification for Apple ID / iTunes / iCloud

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iCloud for iPhone is one of the top media service applications used all over the world. Users who have signed up for iCloud are given a unique Apple ID, using which they can not only store their contact lists, calendars, photos, and such other data on iCloud but can also purchase content from iTunes App Store. And the number of applications that can be downloaded, such as how to record iphone calls or Instagram, is countless. This basically means that protecting your personal information is very important, as it could pose a lot of trouble if your account goes over to unwanted hands. Keeping this in mind, Apple has introduced a two-step verification system for your Apple ID. This significantly increases the security of your iTunes or iCloud account, and you also don’t have to keep worrying about forgetting your password.

The two-step process means that anytime you log in to your account from a new device/computer, you will have to verify your identity – using either a pin code sent to your device or using a 14-digit key.

Before you enable two-step verification, you need to make sure your current password has 8 characters including one capital letter and one number. If your current password does not meet this requirement, and you have to change it to enable two-step verification, you will have a short waiting period, (two to three days) following which you can enable the verification system.

The steps to enable two-step verification are:

- From the ‘Apple ID Settings’ page, click on “Manage your Apple ID”.
- Log in using your provided information. If you have login security questions enabled, answer them, and then log in.
- From the navigation bar on the left, click on “Password and Security”, and then on ‘Get Started’.
You will now be given a short explanation of what this two-step verification system is. Keep in mind, that once you enable this system, your login security questions will cease to exist. Also, since the only person who will have permission to request a password change is you, you need to store your Recovery Key safely.
- After you have read all of it, click on ‘Continue’.
- You will now have to add the device (or devices) where you will be receiving your four-digit verification code.
- After you have verified your device(s), you will be given your ‘Recovery Key’. Store it somewhere safe, as you will need this if you ever forget your password and need to reset it. To make you realize the significance of how important this key is, Apple will ask you to enter the Recovery Key right after it has been given to you.
- The ‘Terms and Conditions’ dialog box will then be displayed. Read it (or not) and click on ‘Agree’.
- Finally, click on the ‘Enable Two-Step Verification’ button.

A confirmation screen will be displayed, showing you that two-step verification has been added to your account.
Although this is a very robust security measure provided by Apple, whether you choose to avail of this feature or not is completely up to you. The two-step verification system is optional. However, to protect your personal account information, this verification system is top-notch.

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