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Nothing is worse than having more hair on your face than your boyfriend. Not to mention that men prefer their girlfriends without five o'clock shadows. Laser hair removal may be the solution to such problems. Hey, maybe your boyfriend will even help pay for it! A valentine's gift perhaps? Laser hair removal isn't for everyone. Blonde and red hair are too light and do not contain the melanin pigment at which the laser aims in order to slow the hair's growth process. Melanin is the pigment that causes hair to have color and skin to tan. Laser treatments can be done on blondes and redheads, but with less pleasing results. A beam of laser light is emitted from a wand onto the skin and absorbed by the melanin in the root of the hair follicle.
Dark skin contains much melanin, and is not as easy to treat for hair removal. It requires an experienced technician or doctor to insure the laser goes to the shaft of the hair and not on the surrounding skin which can cause burning and scarring on the skin. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is light skinned and dark haired. Snow White and Wonder Woman are the ultimate candidates for laser hair treatment. Laser hair removal is considered a medical procedure and is not covered by insurance. There are no health risks to having a mustache so the insurance companies don't feel they should pay for its removal.
Picking a good laser treatment clinic or dermatologist is essential. Experience is important. The wrong laser for your hair and skin color can result in blistering and scarring. Certification is mandatory and wanted when it comes to applying a laser to your skin and particularly your face. Laser hair removal is not painful for most people and described as mild discomfort or tingling. There is no bleeding and generally a feeling of a slight sunburn afterward. The results can be inconsistent and even though the word "permanent" is used, it isn't permanent. Maintenance will be necessary every few months. There will be pre-consultation to gather your medical history and discuss your concerns before your first treatment. Treatments can last a few minutes to over an hour depending on the area of skin being treated. Shaving the day before helps.
Do not wax or pluck for three weeks prior to your appointment. To get lasting results you'll need several treatments scheduled every four to eight weeks. After putting on protective eye wear, the doctor presses the laser instrument against your skin. Some doctors encourage taking ibuprofen prior to the procedure and will apply a topical anesthetic if requested. A cooling cream is applied to sooth the skin following the treatment. Don't be alarmed if you smell singed hair. Your skin may be a bit red and tender after the treatment. In very rare cases, swelling and crusting can occur but heals rapidly. Sweat and exercise can cause the area to be aggravated and should be avoided the first day after treatment. Apply sunscreen abundantly and avoid sun exposure for several weeks. Once the five o'clock shadow is gone and your boyfriend got his money's worth, make him take you out for a real Valentine's dinner. It shouldn't matter that it took six months and six hundred dollars.
The state requirements are broken down into four categories. Each category specifies how and by whom the procedure can be performed within that particular state. A brief explanation of each category is below. Physician Only: A medical doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) must actually fire the laser. Then, the doctor may ask a PA, RN or other licensed professional to use laser during the hair removal procedure. Supervision: A medical or non-medical professional can fire the laser and perform the procedure under the supervision of a MD or DO. Depending on the state, the physician might or might not be present when the laser hair removal procedure is performed. N/A: The state has no official requirements for laser hair removal procedures.
Below is a list of states and their general requirements for based on the four above definitions. Check within your own state, however, to obtain more detailed requirements. State requirements as shown at the Web site of Rocky Mountain Laser College of Denver, Colorado. Laser hair removal can be a simple, pleasant process if you find the right doctor. You can usually locate professionals in your local telephone directory, online or by consulting with your own family doctor. If you take the time to locate a doctor that's right for you, you'll be more satisfied with your results. You can see that unwanted hair disappear in no time!
When it comes to laser facial hair removal there are a few things everyone who is considering having the procedure done should consider. Laser hair removal can be a great way to remove unwanted hair which improves self esteem and eliminates the need to shave but there are a few risks as in any cosmetic procedure. If you understand these few points than you can save unnecessary pain down the road. Many women are embarrassed about facial hair in this day and age but there are several simple solutions to this problem. Removing unwanted hair is something that these women go through on a daily or weekly basis since most options they have are non-permanent solutions.
And to top it all off most of they ways to remove their facial hair are quite painful (waxing). And that is where laser hair removal shines. Laser hair removal is a semi permanent to permanent way to be free from unwanted hair once and for all. But laser facial hair removal is not just for women, many men seek treatment as well. There are many reasons a man would seek a semi permanent way to remove their facial hair. They might not like having a beard or their job requires them to be clean shaven or their girlfriend/wife may not like facial hair, whatever the reason men remove their facial hair everyday.
The most common way to accomplish this for most men is to shave. I'm sure I'm not alone on this but I don't enjoy shaving; getting nicks and cuts on your face is not pleasant. Well laser facial hair removal eliminates that need to shave and at the same time can remove painful ingrown hairs. The great thing about not having to shave anymore is that it saves you time every morning. Of course there are drawbacks with laser hair removal - risks that can be serious if the proper precautions are not followed or you have an inexperienced doctor preforming the procedure.
The first risk of laser facial hair removal is damage to your eyes. There are special goggles that should be worn at all times in an operation like this or you could suffer serious damage to your eyes and even risk going blind. You also have to realize that you will be exposed to a laser that is burning the root of your hair and that laser can also burn your skin if the doctor is not careful. Peeling and burns are some side effects that you might experience after a treatment. Now that you know about the advantages and disadvantages of laser facial hair removal, you might approach it in a different way.
Considering the growth of the tattoo industry, is it any wonder that tattoo removal would grow alongside it? Modern technology and skin care methods have brought tattoo removal into a whole new arena. There are now numerous different tattoo removal methods advertised. With this in mind, it can be difficult to decide which method is right for you and which is most effective. Prior to adopting any one method of removal, it is very important to do your personal research and make sure you are making the best possible choice for your skin. There are many options when it comes to removed tattoos and no reason to cut corners. Trouble is, this medical skin care market is booming and many companies are jumping on the opportunity to help you remove your tattoos, even if the method is not as effective.
Some methods use chemicals on the skin to promote cell turnover and shedding. Eventually, the goal is to lighten the tattoo since most chemical peels do not result in fully removed tattoos unless the tattoo is small and superficial. Larger and more complex tattoos are far more difficult to remove unless laser treatments are used. Laser tattoo removal is by far the most effective tattoo removal method to date. It is also the most costly. For those who wish to have removed tattoos, it is possible to lighten and ultimately slough off top layers of the tattoo with peels or dermabrasion. These techniques usually take far longer to work and use rather harsh chemicals or are rough on the skin. Some may opt to have their tattoos surgically removed if all other methods have failed.
This usually involves surgically removing the top layer of skin and having a skin graph performed if the area is large. Again, this method will certainly result in removed tattoos, but it may also result in scarring. Laser tattoo removal may leave some shading of the former tattoo, or its outlining, but it will typically not leave scars as long as the skin is properly cared for and the person undergoing treatment is generally healthy. It has become increasingly difficult to decide on how to acquire removed tattoos with the many options available. Regardless of what is advertised, as of today, modern medicine offers the most effective tattoo removal through laser treatment. Laser treatment involves high frequency light which breaks up the ink beneath the skin so that the body's immune system can naturally and gradually remove it. Unlike other treatments which force the skin to shed, laser removed tattoos are gradually lightened and removed over time in a way that is better for the skin. After each treatment, the skin should be cared for like a sunburn and treated with care. For the most effective tattoo removal, laser tattoo removal is the best option, though costs are not covered by insurance and for larger tattoos, it can be a substantial financial commitment. It is important to make sure that whatever option you choose fits your needs and is within your budget.
This tattoo will look great in 30 years! Have you or someone you know ever get a tattoo that you later regretted? Tattoos often seem like a cool thing in the moment but later it can become an embarrassment. However, we have the technology for a solution! In this interactive procedure, you will learn about the process of Laser Tattoo Removal. You will use a cold compress to prepare the area of skin to be treated before using a laser to remove the ink. We will go over the different kinds of lasers used for different color inks, and choose the best one for the job. In order to keep the process from becoming too painful, we will use a small machine that expels freezing cold air onto the affected area. When it’s all done, we will teach you all about the recovery process.
I had laser liposuction done years ago post pregnancy on my lower abdomen area but the results were underwhelming and also left a scar I had to have removed with the fraxel. I also did the coolsulpting which was extremely and hardly any results. In late 2017 I was debating another round of laser liposuction or a tummy tuck and decided to try the sculpsure laser fat removal as a last resort. I did the procedure with Manhattan Aesthetics targeting upper abdomen lower abdomen flanks as well as inner and outer thighs. The results are insane! I lost a bulkiness have really good definition. It wasn’t painful either and this was with just 1 round of paddles.
Chances are you have heard something on the radio or seen a commercial referencing Laser Treatment Sculpsure hair removal. Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair with — you guessed it — laser treatments. While a straightforward process, it isn’t only just for women who want to be hair-free on the beach. Both women and men choose to get laser hair removal for various reasons. If you or someone you know is considering laser hair removal, here are some things you should know about the process and the subsequent results. What is Laser Hair Removal and How Does it Work? Laser hair treatments remove many of the hairs at the targeted area, but not all of them — so think "reduction" versus complete and total removal of every follicle.
The way the laser hair removal process works entails the use of a device that passes a concentrated beam of light over your skin at the specific area where you wish to have hair reduced. The laser’s light targets the area, and safely damages and halts the growth of hair follicles. A laser system such as the one Sona Dermatology & MedSpa employs involves a series of high-repetition pulses that increase the temperature of the hair follicle and surrounding tissue, destroying hair at the source. To achieve optimal results, you’ll need to undergo several treatments over the course of multiple weeks.
"Laser hair removal is one of the most gratifying treatments we offer. After going through a series of 5-7 treatments, the goal is to see significant hair reduction - to the point where regular shaving is unnecessary. It is so wonderful to have silky smooth skin without needing to shave every day," says Shelley Hoffman, a physician assistant at Sona Dermatology & MedSpa in Frisco. Laser hair removal is permanent, and clients typically enjoy long-term results that mitigate the need for shaving, hair removal creams, and waxing. However, some clients may need additional treatments depending on skin and hair type to achieve the desired results. What Areas of the Body can be Treated? "Laser hair removal addresses the issue of unwanted hair from any area of the body, leaving the treated area smooth and flawless.
It is also highly effective in resolving the issue of ingrown hairs by permanently disabling the hair follicles that produce hair," states Blessing Ogunsefunmi, a nurse practitioner at Sona’s Sugar Land location. Who is a Good Candidate? Since laser hair removal uses lasers that target melanin, skin and hair types that are on extreme ends of the light or dark spectrum are typically not optimal candidates for treatment. According to Hoffman, "Here at Sona we treat most skin types, however, the best candidate for laser hair removal a person with light skin and dark hair. What to Look for in a Provider?
If you’ve decided that laser hair removal is something you want to pursue, choose a provider with care. Ideally, you want to work with a licensed medical provider in a comfortable, relaxed setting. It’s also a good idea to find out if the provider offers any guarantees or promises about the treatment and results. "Providers should be thoroughly trained and adhere to a strict protocol, with medical oversight," says Hoffman. Sona Dermatology & MedSpa is the largest full-service aesthetics company in the nation with four locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and four locations in the Houston area. Sona offers numerous non-invasive cosmetic procedures including laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, Botox and other injectables, and laser skin rejuvenation. Sona’s focus has always been its clients, providing them with exceptional service, efficacy, and safety in a comfortable, spa-like atmosphere. Under the oversight of medical directors, treatment professionals maintain strict safety standards and use the most advanced technology to help clients look and feel their best. As a leader in the aesthetics industry, Sona is committed to providing the best possible results.
Body image is a scary issue. We shouldn’t be afraid of what our bodies look like, but unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. The media and general culture depending on the country you live in have a high influence on what you are supposed to look like. What that means is, each country has different images that are popular with them. In China and Italy, for example, sought-after women are usually very thin. In Nigeria, however, the most attractive woman is usually overweight. Men are also subject to this very same judgment. Nevertheless, these ideal body images can vary within a country as well. All these images and the way they vary is stressful. When we see examples of fit specimens all around us every day, it can push us and motivate us to change our own bodies. Once we have that motivation we start off strong.
A healthy diet, exercising a lot, cutting down on alcohol and all the other standard recommendations for losing weight. If you’re like me, then you might have learned the hard way that sometimes those recommendations don’t work as well as you thought they would. Some people see results within a few weeks, and others never arrive at their goals, which makes them lose hope and give up. Worse, some actually end up gaining weight instead of losing it as they first intended. Why does this happen? Stress and lack of sleep are common inhibitors. Another reason could be that you’re not eating enough of the right nutrient-rich foods. If nothing seems to work, there are new and minimally invasive ways to reduce fat without having to resort to traditional liposuction. As it turns out, there are many scientifically backed reasons as to why you’re not losing weight.
And believe it or not, working out too much might be one of them! In this article, we will look at 5 ways to lose belly fat which are not the standard recommendations, for those who need to dig deeper. Yes, I’m recommending you eat more, but don’t frown yet. If you think I’m saying you should double up on the bacon for your hamburger, you’re sorely mistaken. When I say eat more, I mean eat more of the nutrient-rich foods that your body needs. An extra serving of vegetables to your standard meal will help you get the fuller feeling. It will also provide you with the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for weight loss.
Many people opt for calorie reduction when losing weight, but in reality, that’s not the answer. You have to eat more superfoods and vitamin-rich foods which accelerate your body’s metabolism and help you shed pounds. For example, foods which are high in protein are practically essential for weight loss. Your body burns fatter when it digests protein in comparisons to other foods. So you lose weight by eating. Fibre has a similar effect. Find some recipes and feel great while eating loads! Not too long ago, I didn’t even know what mindful eating was. When it was first mentioned to me, my initial reaction was, what? "Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations." The tenets of mindfulness apply to mindful eating as well, but the concept of mindful eating goes beyond the individual.
In layman’s terms, mindful eating teaches you to appreciate what you eat instead of how much you eat. You embrace the present moment as a meditation technique. This allows your taste buds to explode in satisfaction when you finally take a bite. It involves taking the time to understand where your food came from, smelling it, and chewing a lot more than you normally would. I felt ridiculous when I first picked up the practice. Now, I find that I appreciate my meals much more than I used to. This leads to a generally more satisfied feeling when I end a meal. Some personal trainers will tell you that you need to push yourself to your limits and sweat buckets to lose weight.
I’m telling you that you need more sleep. Aside from helping your muscles recover after exercising, sleep also helps with proper digestion. A report by Time says that getting enough sleep can reduce your cravings for junk food and gives you a longer feeling of fullness. In addition, they report that you burn better calories with good sleep, and it makes you more likely to exercise and follow your diet. Don’t take this the wrong way; you shouldn’t sleep too much either. Get the standard 8 hours and combine it with your diet and workout routine to achieve maximum results.
The idea of gaining weight due to stress-related issues is often neglected. In reality, it’s a major contributor to weight gain. If you want to get thinner, you should focus on outside factors as well. As a natural defense mechanism to fight stress, your body creates a hormone called Cortisol. It is released when high levels of stress are detected in the body. The problem with Cortisol is that it also increases the levels of insulin in your body. Insulin makes you hungrier. Emotional eating is a real thing. That stereotype of a heartbroken individual eating a tub of ice cream while crying at a romance movie didn’t stem from anything. It actually happens and it is backed by science.
If you want to lose weight, you should figure out what your stress triggers are and how to reduce them. Yoga is an excellent way of reducing stress while exercising at the same time. There are many ways to reduce stress out there, find one that works for you. So you’ve tried all the natural forms of losing weight and nothing seems to work for you. That’s okay, it’s common to lose motivation when we don’t see results. The good news is, technology has made significant advancements in the form of fat removal. Traditional liposuction is problematic because it removes all kinds of beneficial tissues while sucking out fat cells.
Laser fat removal works in a different way and shows better results with less downtime. There are two ways laser liposuction is performed. First, a local anesthetic is applied, followed by an incision made by the specialist. The specialist then inserts a metal tube called a cannula and uses the laser to liquefy fat cells from the inside. The body then naturally expels those burned cells through natural bowel movements. The second method involves the application of a pad on the outside above the area that you want to reduce. Once it is turned on, it starts to zap away the fat cells without any surgical procedure. Both ways have been proven to work very well, as long as the patient understands the conditions. Essentially, laser lipo is supposed to be for those who are looking to improve their current bodies, and not for those who want major fat removal. It’s more of a perfection tool. Either way, patients have minimal side effects and can usually return to their daily activities right after they leave the clinic. Those are 5 lesser-known ways to lose weight. Everyone’s body works differently, and there isn’t one golden rule for weight loss. People have to try and combine different methods to see what works for them. Natural remedies are everywhere for those who want to lose weight at home. On the other hand, surgical approaches have developed a lot. Find what works for you, and feel better while you do it!