How to cheat online casino


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Return to player percentage
The RTP is the theoretical statistic that shows the return of all bets on a slot machine, and thus an indication of how likely a jackpot can be won. This is calculated by dividing 100% by the statistical average yield of the slot machine (minus the house edge). For example, A traditional fruit machine has an RTP of 97.3%. This means for every dollar played, on average 97 cents is paid back to players over time as wins from spins, while 2.7 cents is kept by casino operators as profit. In practice, however, slots have been found to deviate from this theoretical payout percentage significantly – some only paying out 90%; giving casinos a 10% profit margin for their games.
Customer Support
Spinago Casino has an excellent Customer Support service to help you solve any issues that you may have quickly and easily. You can contact them by telephone, email, or live chat. They usually reply very fast and should be able to answer every single question about the casino and its games. They also provide special promotions and other information on their website.
In our experience, this is an even better way of communicating because they will go out of their way to make sure your problem gets solved as soon as possible. In general, we were very satisfied with Spinago Casino's customer support team and how well they dealt with any complaints or questions we had during our testing period.
Mobile Bonuses and promotions
Online casinos face the tough challenge of luring players back to a traditional desktop format. For Spinago Casino, they have devised a way for their mobile players to come into full contact with the casino's different promotions and bonus deals. Spinago Casino is one online casino that has made it a point to provide its mobile users with similar opportunities.  A new player would only need to register as a user on Spinago website before being able to sign up as a customer at Spinago's Android or iOS app version of the site.  In order for players who have previously been registered as Spinago Mobile Online Casino members will still keep all awards from previous bonuses and promotional offers that they received when using a PC or a laptop.
Regulation for Safe Casino Gambling Online
Casino gaming is a popular activity all over the world and many enjoy playing casino games online. For this reason, there are several different types of regulatory authorities that oversee the safety and protection of players. The first to recognize and set rules for online casinos was Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC). Spago Casino is under KGC regulation and has met all regulatory requirements to protect its customers from unfair practices.
To assist with the enforcement of fair play, software providers such as Avalanche Software utilize random number generators (RNG) to verify each spin or hand played by a player on any game offered at Spinago Casino. An RNG is computer software used to ensure an unbiased, randomly generated result every time. This technology eliminates human intervention and ensures that results cannot be manipulated by casino staff or insiders.