High Blood Pressure Causes, symptoms as well as Treatment With Herbal Supplements


Difficulties with blood pressure is one of the most common ailments of the bloodstream. In comparison to low pressure, which often does not cause major problems, hypertension is linked with long-term serious health complications. The top Blood Pressure 911 (similar site) pressure values are 120 mm or Hg for systolic and 80 mm / Hg for diastolic. Hypertension is thought to occur, when the first of these values exceed 140mm / Hg, while the other 90 mm or Hg.

The most widespread form of the condition is impulsive hypertension. It is hard to discuss a specific cause, but hypertension generally follows hyperthyroidism management mechanisms of the body. Certainly an unhygienic lifestyle is conducive to the emergence of the disease.

Of those whose immediate cause can be created about five % of people have secondary hypertension. Underlying secondary hypertension, are diseases for instance atherosclerosis, swelling of the kidney clusters, and hyperthyroidism.

Chance factors:
Among the factors that promote the occurrence of hypertension include:
- Obesity
- Smoking
- Age
- Alcohol
- Excessive consumption of sodium
- Gender - Male
- Scale of family
- Life that is stressful
- Taking drugs containing steroids and certain contraception pills

Risk factors:

- Headache in the occiput area
- Epistaxis (nosebleed)
- Dizziness
- Insomnia
- Swollen calfs


Hypertension is a condition that often develops symptoms which are ascertained during scheduled testing. Unfortunately, late diagnosis can cause severe damage to the body.

Hypertension locates numerous trips on the basis of measurements of blood pressure. Measurements have to be made at various points during the day, and always as soon as the individual is at rest.
In addition to the traditional approach to calculating blood pressure. there is the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring method. This is an instant clock measurement to stay away from errors. This calls for the use of ECG that constantly measures heart rate, both at rest and in a Stressed environment. Another practical test in the investigation of hypertension is fundoscopy ophthalmologic examination to look at the state of fundus.