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Discussing Your Favorite Movie in Your Application Essay with the Help of Free College Admission Essays Applying to graduate school or any institution of higher learning is not an easy process. You are asked to write essays or personal statements on various topics. And as a student writing an essay or personal statement, you need to prove that you are worthy of being accepted in their program. Thus, you need to effectively write an essay that will catch the attention of the admissions committee, and sustain it without losing their interest. This is why you should remember that whatever topic you are asked to write about, there is only one way of doing it effectively, that is, by being guided with essay writing tips that will ensure that you state your main ideas effectively. Styles of writing A very good and interesting theme for writing an essay would be about your favorite movie. First, you may buy capstone project and start by jotting down all ideas you have on your head about your favorite movie, and how that particular movie affected and changed your life. Then organize all your thoughts, create an outline, and start with either a question, or simply an introductory statement. You can do this by, first, identifying which essay format you want to adopt. You can use the “academic style” of writing, starting with an introduction stating why it is your favorite movie of all times, and how it has greatly changed your life. Afterwhich, you focus on the main body, wherein you elaborate on the main topic. Do not forget to support with events in the movie that dramatically moved you to change. Wrap it up by bringing it back to the beginning and transcending your original statement why you adore the movie. This type of writing is more effective when doing short and persuasive essays, such as your task of convincing your reader why your choice of movie is one of the best movies there are. Comparisons and contrasts Another style of writing you can choose is the narrative, which is the best format to use when telling a story about your favorite movie. It is important to remember, though, that you should not appear as a mere storyteller. Support your main topic with concrete details to illustrate how beautiful the movie is. To effectively use this style, start with how the story began, and then adopt the academic style. This is very easy to do, that is why it is the most commonly used writing style of all. Just raise points for comparing your favorite movie with another similar movie, or to a movie under the same genre. When you can decide on which writing route to take, you can now start with your introductory paragraph, by being brief and straight to the point. Lastly, you must deliver your introduction with impact to grab your readers’ attention and tease their minds to keep on reading for the ending. The key here is do not give everything right away in the introduction. If you try to make your introduction longer, the more chances you have of your reader losing interest in reading. Lebanon Valley College Lebanon Valley College is a private university founded in 1866 in Annville, Lebanon County. Also known as LVC and The Valley, Lebanon Valley College aims to provide quality education in more than 35 fields, from the Sciences to the Arts, Humanities and other Social Sciences.