Eheim Filters For the home Aquarium


As an innovator for today's aquarium technology Eheim continues to be creating top of the line aquarium fitlers for years. With items which range from external canister filter filters to heaters and light techniques Eheim sets the standard and you can be positive that quality comes with every purchase.
Gunther Eheim was developed in 1945 and gained the fame of its from the producer of technical aquarium solutions. Even during its startup days Eheim has been producing products that had never been seen or used in the aquarium market.
Eheim was among the first to create Jager, the very first adjustable aquarium heater. With very easy to make use of temperature controls their heaters place among the highest quality heaters on the market and every asset was utilized to create a thing that would keep going for years in the harsh aquarium atmosphere. With heaters from fifty to 250 watts temperature control is easy with this good quality heaters.
Canister filters are where Eheim actually sets the standard. From hold on the back to outside processor controlled filters these quality German made filters better than the bunch. Below I am going to examine some of the options and styles available.
The Liberty Series: You will find 3 models to choose from in this category and has a convenient hang on filter engineering for aquariums as high as 200 Liters. Many designs are fully equipped for immediate very easy to setup installations.

The Liberty Series:

Specialized specs:
· Liberty Filters are simply strung on the back part of the aquarium and require no outside operation.
· Liberty Filters have adjustable priming pipes for many different aquarium sizes as well as utilized to correct the flow input/output.