Do All Fidgety Kids Have ADHD?

2011 KHSSL Junior

A number of weeks ago, I received a phone call from a mom that was concerned that her 5 year-old son might have ADHD. We create a scheduled appointment for a consultation. As a child psychiatrist I do diagnostic evaluations to figure out whether a child or a teen has an identifiable diagnosis which warrants therapy. This boy's preschool teacher in addition to baby sitter were worried that he was constantly fidgety.
The primary criticism was he'd difficulties sitting still and would need frequent redirection. My concern is the fact that lots of kids like this 5 year old boy are being tried on medications to find out "if it helps." It is important that an entire diagnostic evaluation is done before any kind of treatment is even considered. Not all young children who are fidgety actually have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.)

ADHD is an intricate medical condition that has been recognized for many decades. It is generally characterized by three groups of symptoms: inattention, impulsivity, and best natural adderall alternative hyperactivity. Nonetheless, just because a kid or maybe a teenager exhibits those signs it does not imply they have ADHD. Those symptoms must be looked at in the context of each and every element of their lives.
For example, a five year old kid might exhibit inattention as well as difficulty sitting still in circumstances which make him nervous and apprehensive. This's a common occurrence for children when they're starting school or perhaps are with the latest child care provider. When small children are anxious and uncomfortable they can show up the same to young children with ADHD. In these cases it would be a huge mistake to try and ADHD medication. This's exactly why it's important that a comprehensive evaluation is done prior to the initiation of any treatment.