Aquarium Filters - Which Type to Use


An aquarium filter plays an important role to keep the fishes in the aquarium of yours in good condition. It helps to keep your aquarium water free from pollutants which can cause unsafe effects to the overall health of your fishes. Unless you replace the water everyday, an aquarium air purifier is important in your aquarium. There are several types aquarium filters out there on the market. Some of these fish tank filters are described below.

Canister filter
An aquarium canister filter combines mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. It's a device which contains a filtering chamber for filter media as well as an electric powered pump for spreading water. The water from the aquarium enters the canister filter, is pumped up through the filter mass media, and moves back to the aquarium. The filter chamber consists of a few filter media for example sponges, carbon (charcoal) and ceramic medium.
There are internal and external aquarium canister filters out there. An outside aquarium canister air filter has inlet and outlet pipes for water to run through and to the aquarium. Whereas for the inner aquarium canister filter, it's slits for water to flow into an outlet and the filter from the pump. It's typically put on the floor below the aquarium or connected to the rear of the aquarium glass. Aquarium canister filters have got the electrical capacity of filtering one or two 100 gallons of aquarium water every hour. The benefit of this type of aquarium filter would be that the output of its can be adjusted to any component of the tank.

Undergravel filter
An aquarium undergravel air filtration system is a plastic plate positioned between the substrate along with the aquarium base with uplift pipes. Water is being drawn down, passing through the substrate, and returned thru the uplift pipes. The aquarium undergravel air purifier is viewed as a great method for biological filtration. The advantage of this filtration is the fact that as the inlet is the entire aquarium base area, there's no way that wastes could stop being processed. There is a large amount of filter medium accessible for bacterial colonization. The disadvantage of an aquarium undergravel air purifier is the fact that when the process gets clogged, the laundering process requires an important upheaval.
Undergravel filters are most suitable to be worn in aquariums which do not have big rocks or decorations blocking big areas of the gravel bed. If such major stones exist, the block plates would create old places on the filter. For udergravel filters, it is preferable to use frequent gravel substrate as more compact substrates will have a tendency to fall through and bigger people often conceal a lot of debris.

Sponge filter