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Their powers go far beyond the mediation as his or her prowess around the battlefield is really admirable. For thousands of years, Jedi happen to be working to create balance and preserve it all the time at With threats that located bring down the concepts built because of the Forces of Republic, Jedi need powerful leaders more than ever before who will imply to them the way throughout the darkness.
It is how Jedi Consulars found be. They have mastered the Force not just to give them hidden power to fight evil but in addition to bring wisdom during meetings with the council. Consular weapon of is the dual lightsaber that they can use when negotiations fail, and it is time to use strength. In the fight, they're unmatched when it comes to predicting enemy movement. With the gift of foresight, they are fully aware exactly what to do continually, which shaped them into perfect leaders and generals.
If you've created a level 60 or 65 Outlander character, your primary story objective may be to simply continue with the Knights in the Fallen Empire expansion story. You'll then have the capacity to go back and carry out some of these quests - however, not all of them. Outlander token characters can return back and complete planetary quests, bonus series quests, and Flashpoint quests, yet not class quests. They can also return back and start certain later planets, but they also can not play in the Rise on the Hutt Cartel expansion or even the Shadow of Revan expansion. This guide was written mainly for players starting at level 1, so bear in mind the order and availability is a bit jumbled available for you if you are playing on an Outlander token character.
This also will apply to any players who begin either expansion and beyond - any quests which are left undone from the class story, Rise with the Hutt Cartel, and Shadow of Revan will likely be set to your defaulted number of choices. This also locks out any achievements and titles concerning completing any of people quests.
Before you do any combat (sometimes, certainly, you might have to fight), make certain there's a possibility of winning it. Always look in the information about the sort of opponents (shown by their name) - enemies with silver plates [+], elite [*] and bosses [#] are from the more challenging kind.