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Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Stanford, IL
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1.    Normal University   
2.    Normal Community West   
3.    Olympia   
4.    Champaign Centennial   
5.    Bloomington H.S.

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Jaron Rhoda (Sr.) and Zoe Birsa (Sr.)
Twilight of the Golds    Normal Community West
2.    David Kesler (Jr.) and Vivian Bui (So.)
The Valiant    Champaign Centennial
3.    Andrew Desch (Jr.) and Hannah Bauersfeld (Jr.)
Death of a Miner    Olympia
4.    Audrey Keen (So.) and Kambria Vance (Sr.)
Gypsy    Normal University

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Miranda Harris (So.)
Mick Hart Was Here    Normal Community West
2.    Kambria Vance (Sr.)
The Women of Lockerbie    Normal University
3.    David Kesler (Jr.)
My Pet Virus    Champaign Centennial
4.    Michaela Maris (Jr.)
The Nurse with Round Eyes    Olympia

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Tyler Ross (So.)    Normal Community West
2.    Joshua Ferrer (So.)    Champaign Centennial
3.    Nate May (Sr.)    Normal University
4.    Cameron Jodlowski (So.)    Olympia

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Megan Hosack (Sr.) and Wesley Humphrey (Jr.)
Find Me a Primitive Man    Bloomington H.S.
2.    Emily Honzel (Jr.) and Rona Hunter (Jr.)
People Watching    Normal University
3.    Andrew Desch (Jr.) and Michaela Maris (Jr.)
She with a Capital Ess    Olympia
4.    Anat Bartov (Sr.) and Kieran Miller (Jr.)
Oh Dad Poor Dad, Moma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad    Champaign Centennial

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Kelsey Larson (Sr.)
Regina Flector Wins the Science Fair    Normal University
2.    Miranda Harris (So.)
Alice's Adventures with Poorly Cooked Cafeteria Seafood    Normal Community West
3.    Bethany Leeds (So.)
Controlling Interest    Bloomington H.S.
4.    Elena Merrick (Sr.)
Alice in Wonderland    Olympia

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Ryan Carrigan (Jr.)    Normal Community West
2.    Michael Kistner (Sr.)    Bloomington Central Catholic
3.    Jay Simmons (So.)    Normal University
4.    Samantha Wells (So.)    Champaign Centennial

Informative Speaking

1.    Elora Karim (Sr.)
Deoxyribonucleic Aglet    Normal University
2.    Iman Eikram (Sr.)
Islamophobia in America    Champaign Centennial
3.    Tyler Ross (So.)
Printing a New Future for Flesh    Normal Community West
4.    Prathyusha Chenji (Sr.)
It's the End Of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)    Bloomington H.S.

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Patty Daniel (Jr.)
A Choice to Change the World    Normal Community West
2.    Whitney Pledger (Sr.)
The ''R'' Word    Normal University
3.    Eric Hansen (Sr.)
Commencement Address    Olympia
4.    Taylor Wiese (Sr.)
''The Motive for Metaphor''    Normal Community

Original Comedy
1.    Mecca Muhammad (Fr.)
The Chronicles of Richele: A True Story    Champaign Centennial
2.    Zach Scanlon (Sr.)
Extreme Makeover: Prom Edition    Normal Community West
3.    Grant Guttschow (So.)
Super Serious Security    Normal University
4.    Megan Hosack (Sr.)
Trutle's Tale    Bloomington H.S.

Original Oratory
1.    Natalie Bowman (Sr.)
Waddup Bro?    Normal University
2.    Marques Brown (Jr.)
Civility...Another One Bites the Dust    Normal Community West
3.    Hannah Bauersfeld (Jr.)
Home School: An Education    Olympia
4.    Michael Kistner (Sr.)
Farmville, Friending, and Information Regurgitation    Bloomington Central Catholic

Performance in the Round
1.    Booby Trap    Normal University
2.    Arrivals and Departures    Normal Community West
3.    Revolting Rhymes    Olympia

Poetry Reading

1.    Elizabeth Wittrig (Sr.)
Expectations in RED    Olympia
2.    Dante Novario (Sr.)
Bicycle Jockey    Bloomington Central Catholic
3.    Kelsey Larson (Sr.)
Everything is Everything    Normal University
4.    Marques Brown (Jr.)
This Goes Out to Those Who Want: A Program    Normal Community West

Prose Reading
1.    Natalie Bowman (Sr.)
Where You Live Now    Normal University
2.    Ashley Litwiller (Sr.)
Appointment With Love    Olympia
3.    Kieran Miller (Jr.)
The Drama Bug    Champaign Centennial
4.    Jaron Rhoda (Sr.)
Confessions of a Don't Bee    Normal Community West

Radio Speaking
1.    Katie Apperson (Sr.)    Champaign Centennial
2.    Charles Kim (Sr.)    Normal Community
3.    Jay Simmons (So.)    Normal University
4.    Justin Aldred (Jr.)    Olympia

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Ryan Carrigan (Jr.)
Pretentiousness: Let's Get Real    Normal Community West
2.    Elizabeth Wittrig (Sr.)
Knit Happens    Olympia
3.    Whitney Pledger (Sr.)
The Bachelors    Normal University
4.    Dante Novario (Sr.)
Jump on the Bandwagon    Bloomington Central Catholic
4.    Rachel Evans (Jr.)
Music in our Schools    Bloomington H.S.


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Peoria, IL
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1.    Richwoods   
2.    Geneseo
3.    Monmouth-Roseville   
4.    Metamora   
5.    Galesburg

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Emily Knezz (Sr.) and Joel Collins (Sr.)
Emma's Child    Geneseo
2.    Adam Duffield (Jr.) and Ruben Lima (Jr.)
Tape    Spoon River Valley
3.    Blake Bullock (Jr.) and Caitlin Arrington (Sr.)
Smudge    Kewanee
4.    Barbara Bryant (Sr.) and Sarah Hall (Sr.)
David's Redhaired Death    Richwoods

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Blake Bullock (Jr.)
It Is No Desert    Kewanee
2.    Joel Collins (Sr.)
Confessions of a Nightingale    Geneseo
3.    Barbara Bryant (Sr.)
We Need to Talk About Kevin    Richwoods
4.    Hannah Farajpanahi (Jr.)
And Baby Makes Two - An Adoption Tale    Galesburg
4.    Haley Schlicksup (Jr.)
If Susan Smith Could Talk    Stark County

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Casmeer Reyes (Sr.)    Richwoods
2.    Lauren Kells (Sr.)    Metamora
3.    Patrick Fasano (Jr.)    Monmouth-Roseville
4.    Amelia Stagg (So.)    Peoria H.S.

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Lelaina Vogel (Sr.) and Margaret Sloter (Jr.)
The Complete History of America: Abridged    Richwoods
2.    Jared Swanson (Sr.) and Lauren Funai (Sr.)
Surviving Fad    AlWood
3.    Ashley Garrett (Sr.) and Kyle Dickson (Sr.)
World Wide Fans    Galesburg
4.    Hannah Taylor (Sr.) and Nathan Pasmore (Sr.)
Extra Curricular Activity    Monmouth-Roseville

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Jordan Lipes (Sr.)
The Ant Farm    Geneseo
2.    Mitch Fischer (Jr.)
Dirk the Angry Scotsman    Galesburg
3.    Lelaina Vogel (Sr.)
Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy    Richwoods
4.    Hannah Taylor (Sr.)
''Not in My Lifetime''    Monmouth-Roseville

Impromptu Speaking

1.    James Rego (Sr.)    Metamora
2.    Evan Kelly (So.)    Galesburg
3.    Gabrielle Healy (Jr.)    Richwoods
4.    John Williams (So.)    Kewanee

Informative Speaking
1.    Fatema El-Sayed (Jr.)
Uncovering the Veil    Richwoods
2.    Lauren Kells (Sr.)
Horror Core and Juggala Family Values    Metamora
3.    Sean O'Reilly (So.)
And the Verdict Is...Frivolous?    United (East Moline)
4.    Caitlin Krofchik (Sr.)
To Approve or Not Approve? That is the Question.    Peoria H.S.

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Casmeer Reyes (Sr.)
A Special Comment on the Inaccurately Described Ground Zero Mosque    Richwoods
2.    Dvahcea Richardson (So.)
The End of Racism    Peoria H.S.
3.    Allison Buelt (Jr.)
A Speech Every High School Principal Should Give    Galesburg
4.    Cassidy Depoy (Jr.)
Closing Remarks    Macomb
4.    Bekah Clancy (So.)
The Dying Art of the Complaint    Stark County

Original Comedy
1.    Jared Swanson (Sr.)
Tick Tock Inauguration    AlWood
2.    John Williams (So.)
Beep    Kewanee
3.    Asiel Mohamed (Fr.)
Late Night with A Seal    Richwoods
4.    Justin Lane (Jr.)
One Epic Trip    Metamora
4.    Joseph Matheis (Jr.)
Karl Marx Meets the 21st Century    United (East Moline)

Original Oratory
1.    Caitlin Krofchik (Sr.)
A Taste of Reality    Peoria H.S.
2.    Sarah Flintgruber (Sr.)
Energy Policy: It's not just about the polar bears    Metamora
3.    Emily Douglas (Sr.)
User or Abuser?    Monmouth United
4.    Emilie Therrien (Sr.)
Losing Literacy    Monmouth-Roseville

Performance in the Round
1.    Being Only Fair    Richwoods
2.    How to Make an American Teenage Quilt    Farmington
3.    Metamora

Poetry Reading
1.    Quenesha Harris (Sr.)
Stop: Gunshots    Peoria H.S.
2.    Mahliyah Adkins-Threats (So.)
Ghettover Girls    Richwoods
3.    Jia Feng (Sr.)
God Went to Beauty School    Monmouth-Roseville
4.    Caitlin Arrington (Sr.)
Hypocrisy: Prejudice With a Halo, A Program    Kewanee

Prose Reading
1.    Emily Knezz (Sr.)
I'm Down    Geneseo
2.    Nathan Pasmore (Sr.)
I Love You, Beth Cooper    Monmouth-Roseville
3.    Ashley Garrett (Sr.)
The Mouse and the Snake    Galesburg
3.    Brea Fearon (Fr.)
Thirteen Reasons Why    Richwoods
3.    Sarah Donnelly (So.)
The Teacher's Funeral    Spoon River Valley

Radio Speaking

1.    Emilee Green (Jr.)    Geneseo
2.    Mark Thomas (Sr.)    Spoon River Valley
3.    Ryan Russell (Sr.)    Metamora
4.    Brody Wooddell (Jr.)    Monmouth-Roseville

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Hannah Burmahl (Jr.)
Body Image and Self Esteem;Changing Society    Geneseo
2.    Allison Buelt (Jr.)
The Price of Beauty    Galesburg
3.    Susann Smith (Sr.)
Sleep Your Way to Success    Monmouth-Roseville
4.    Mahliyah Adkins-Threats (So.)
Car Surf City    Richwoods


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Pekin, IL
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1.    Pekin   
2.    Limestone   
3.    Washington   
4.    Tremont   
5.    Dunlap

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Brett Murray (Sr.) and Kristin Dancer (Sr.)
The Best Medicine    Washington
2.    Gabi Dagit (Sr.) and Spencer Carroll (Sr.)
A Different Moon    Pekin
3.    Courtney Moudy (Jr.) and Rachel Fehr (Jr.)
Vengeful Interlude    Eureka
4.    Frankie Russick (So.) and Oriana Lugo (Fr.)
Final Placement    Limestone

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Erica McClain (Jr.)
Like Dreaming Backwards    Dunlap
2.    Gabi Dagit (Sr.)
Women of Lockerbie    Pekin
3.    Rebekah Dentino (Jr.)
Eleemosynary    Washington
4.    Sabrina Cantrell (Sr.)
Little Lisa Marie    Tremont

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Sarah Carr (So.)    Pekin
2.    Derek Jennings (Sr.)    Eureka
2.    Emily Welch (Sr.)    Limestone
4.    Kiri Oswald (So.)    Peoria Christian

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Josh Ewing (Sr.) and Shayla Hancock (Sr.)
Boy Meets Girl: A Young Love Story    Pekin
2.    Chris Tam (Sr.) and Elise Skulte (Fr.)
Sure Thing    Washington
3.    Christina Kaufman (So.) and Devan McClaskey (So.)
The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World    Limestone
4.    Gyasi Barnwell (Jr.) and Jasmine Beard (Jr.)
The Odd Couple- The Femal Version    East Peoria

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Shayla Hancock (Sr.)
Ruthless    Pekin
2.    Seth Hannan (Jr.)
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee    Tremont
3.    Taylor Walston (Sr.)
Disney Mom Group Therapy    Washington
4.    Taylor Walters (So.)
The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World    Dunlap

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Cora Winfrey (So.)    Peoria Christian
2.    Max Look (Sr.)    Limestone
3.    Jon Brattin (So.)    Dunlap
4.    Kristina Ingold (So.)    East Peoria

Informative Speaking
1.    Amber Keyster (Jr.)
A Message That's Short But Sweet    Pekin
2.    Jack McGee (So.)
Please Withhold the Magical Mystery Mold    Dunlap
3.    Melissa Raney (Sr.)
Silly Bandz    Eureka
4.    Kristin Dancer (Sr.)
Searching for a Cure    Washington

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Sydney Nelson (Sr.)
Disease of Perfection    Pekin
2.    Sabrina Cantrell (Sr.)
Billy Stole It    Tremont
3.    Gretchen Schlossler (Sr.)
Exhaust the Little Moment    Eureka
4.    Tori Moses (So.)
Exceeding Beauty of the Earth    Washington

Original Comedy
1.    Emma Luttrell (Jr.)
The Germies    Washington
2.    Taylor Maxfield (Jr.)
Pink Glitta    East Peoria
3.    Josh Ewing (Sr.)
Where Are They Now?    Pekin
4.    Victoria Heller (Jr.)
One Up in Life    Limestone

Original Oratory
1.    Bethany Sandy (Jr.)
Parlez-vous...?    Dunlap
2.    Autum Greeson (Sr.)
Failing for Success    Limestone
3.    Sydney Nelson (Sr.)
Look Who's Not Talking    Pekin
4.    Riley Steffey (Fr.)
The R-Word    Tremont

Performance in the Round
1.    Wait Wait Bo Bait    Eureka
2.    Chicken Bones for the Teenage Soup    Washington

Poetry Reading
1.    Sarah Keyster (Sr.)
Glass    Pekin
2.    Chase Breeden (Sr.)
The Kent Guardsman    Tremont
3.    Devan McClaskey (So.)
Life and other Stuff    Limestone
4.    Alex Hoerr (Sr.)
Zombies are People, Too    Dunlap
4.    Maggie Hemmele (Jr.)
Blue Blanket    Washington

Prose Reading
1.    Max Look (Sr.)
How to Love a Republican    Limestone
2.    Spencer Carroll (Sr.)
When the Children Are Present    Pekin
3.    Chase Breeden (Sr.)
The Last Rung on the Ladder    Tremont
4.    Megan Whitford (So.)
Speak    Washington

Radio Speaking
1.    Brianna Bueltmann (Jr.)    Tremont
2.    Jack McGee (So.)    Dunlap
2.    Andrew Harvey (Jr.)    East Peoria
2.    Tony Bierman (Sr.)    Pekin

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Danielle Killion (Jr.)
Extra! Extra! The Time to Act is Now!    Pekin
2.    Autum Greeson (Sr.)
In Love with Labels    Limestone
3.    Taylor Walston (Sr.)
No Wardrobe Malfunctions, Please    Washington
4.    Rosie Lai (Jr.)
America Owes Me Money    East Peoria


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Naperville, IL
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1.    Neuqua Valley   
2.    Oswego East   
3.    Metea Valley   
3.    Oswego H.S.   
5.    Illinois Math and Science Academy

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Joey Kim (Sr.) and Julia Rabin (Jr.)
Speak Now    Neuqua Valley
2.    Ashley Bendien (Sr.) and Jordan Brosi (Sr.)
Swerve    Yorkville
3.    Angie Senkpeil (Sr.) and Ben Wooley (Sr.)
Affair Play    Oswego H.S.
4.    AJ Jennings (Jr.) and Blair Wright (Sr.)
The Song of Lillian    Sandwich

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Joey Kim (Sr.)
Ways To Live Forever    Neuqua Valley
2.    Angie Senkpeil (Sr.)
Thirteen Things About Ed Carpolotti    Oswego H.S.
3.    Blair Wright (Sr.)
The Burn Journals    Sandwich
4.    Ashley Bendien (Sr.)
Hold Still    Yorkville

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Anagha Sundararajan (Sr.)    Waubonsie Valley
2.    Neha Nigam (Sr.)    Neuqua Valley
3.    Jake Miller (Sr.)    Illinois Math and Science Academy
4.    Ben Wooley (Sr.)    Oswego H.S.

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Jon Stricker (Sr.) and Kristy Stolic (Jr.)
Sure Thing    Naperville North
2.    George Luke (Sr.) and Kaveri Sharma (Jr.)
DMV Tyrant    Neuqua Valley
3.    Gabriella Godinez (Sr.) and Mikey Tito (Jr.)
Jerry Finnegan's Sister    Oswego East
4.    Dominic Leto (Jr.) and Torie Trenter (So.)
We Regret To Inform You    Oswego H.S.

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Kelsey Sante (Jr.)
Clementine    Neuqua Valley
2.    Filip Bojanic (Jr.)
Titanic: Abrigded    Oswego East
3.    Timothy J. Cook (Jr.)
Medieval Help Desk    Metea Valley
4.    David Mateyka (So.)
Fools    Oswego H.S.

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Krishna Bathina (So.)    Metea Valley
2.    Lauren Kindstrand (Jr.)    Neuqua Valley
3.    Graham Danemayer (Sr.)    Naperville North
4.    Emily Weiland (Sr.)    Illinois Math and Science Academy

Informative Speaking

1.    Joy Dhar (Jr.)
Peace, Love, Ibogaine    Neuqua Valley
2.    Mia McClintic (So.)
Flying High    Oswego East
3.    Haley Ramirez (Sr.)
Jellyfish!    Illinois Math and Science Academy
4.    Jessica Eloso (So.)
Chocolate: A Sweet Speech    Oswego H.S.
4.    Natalie Amend (Sr.)
Your Brain on Music    Yorkville

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Kelsey Sante (Jr.)
My Stroke of Insight    Neuqua Valley
2.    Jenny Lee (So.)
A Plea for Mercy    Illinois Math and Science Academy
3.    Gabby Gazall (So.)
The Strangest Secret    Naperville North
4.    Haley Furstenau (Sr.)
Anna Quindlen's Commencement Speeh: Mount Holyoke College May 23, 1999    Oswego East

Original Comedy

1.    Mikey Tito (Jr.)
Tune Into Tommy's wOrld    Oswego East
2.    George Luke (Sr.)
The Justice B-Team    Neuqua Valley
3.    Meredith Dillon (So.)
Happy Soliciting    Geneva
4.    Danny X. Zhuang (So.)
Asian Road Trip    Metea Valley

Original Oratory
1.    Malavica Sridhar (Sr.)
My Communication Crunch    Neuqua Valley
2.    Anagha Sundararajan (Sr.)
Importance of the Constitution    Waubonsie Valley
3.    Shawon Jackson (Sr.)
How to Get into Harvard    Illinois Math and Science Academy
4.    Jenny Zhou (Sr.)
The Friendship    Naperville Central

Performance in the Round

1.   Happily Ever After    Neuqua Valley
2.   Sandwhich Musical    Oswego East
3.   The Canterbury Tales or Geoffrey Chaucer's Flying Circus    Oswego H.S.
4.   Hansel and Gretel in Foster Care    Naperville Central

Poetry Reading
1.    Aaron Gatdula (Fr.)
Because I Like Like You    Neuqua Valley
2.    Nick Bantz-Beaty (Sr.)
Three Hole Punches: From What Learning Leaves    Sandwich
3.    Anisha Bhatia (Sr.)
Mapping Out Our Futures    Naperville Central
4.    Samantha Wilson (So.)
Far from You    Oswego H.S.

Prose Reading
1.    Ezgi Basar (Jr.)
Maternal Wisdom (5 Pounds Worth)    Metea Valley
2.    Meredith Shadle (So.)
Glass Castle    Naperville North
3.    Julia Rabin (Jr.)
Before I Die    Neuqua Valley
4.    Stephanie Cheng (Sr.)
''Repent, Harlequin!'' Said the Ticktockman    Illinois Math and Science Academy

Radio Speaking
1.    Miles Kovach (Sr.)    Illinois Math and Science Academy
2.    Katy Robinson (Sr.)    Naperville Central
3.    Chinmay Vaidya (Jr.)    Metea Valley
4.    Caroline Dusenberry (Sr.)    Neuqua Valley

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Kaveri Sharma (Jr.)
Kaveri and the Bee    Neuqua Valley
2.    Laura Zimmermann (Jr.)
Finding Street Smarts . . . Without a GPS    Metea Valley
3.    Meera Nathan (Jr.)
I'm a Big Kid Now    Naperville Central
4.    Alex Rogers (Sr.)
Let Go Your Ego    Oswego East


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Lemont, IL
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1.    Sandburg   
2.    Lemont   
3.    Plainfield North   
4.    Lockport   
5.    Bolingbrook   
5.    Andrew (Tinley Park)

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Aubree Tally (So.) and Danny Kulasik (Sr.)
Because I Love You    Lemont
2.    Heather Afriyie (Jr.) and Steffianna Wyatt (Sr.)
Home    Bolingbrook
3.    Kyle Ryan (Sr.) and Lauren Stoll (Sr.)
Doubt    Plainfield North
4.    Ian Rigg (Sr.) and Patrick Kelly (So.)
Down Came the Rain    Sandburg
4.    Bridget Ivancic (So.) and Margaret Ivancic (Sr.)
'Night Mother    Stagg

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Liz Salim (Sr.)
The Stoning of Soraya M.    Sandburg
2.    Steffianna Wyatt (Sr.)
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf    Bolingbrook
3.    Margaret Ivancic (Sr.)
The Yellow Wallpaper    Stagg
4.    Enrika Grigorjevaite (Sr.)
The Land Where Nothing Grows    Lemont

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Lawrence Svabek (Sr.)    Sandburg
2.    Stevie Hippleheuser (So.)    Lockport
3.    Daniel Truesdale (Sr.)    Andrew (Tinley Park)
4.    Rudolph Rosenmayer (Fr.)    Plainfield Central

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    April Krivensky (Sr.) and Dan Rife (Sr.)
I'm With Stupid    Sandburg
2.    David Thomson (Jr.) and Shean Lubaton (Jr.)
The Censored Play    Oak Forest
3.    Alexis Black (Sr.) and Nikki Young (Sr.)
The Duet Show    Plainfield Central
4.    Elana Goodman (Sr.) and Moe Lincoln (Sr.)
Stop Talking    Plainfield South

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Dan Rife (Sr.)
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory    Sandburg
2.    Aubree Tally (So.)
Sealed For Freshness    Lemont
3.    Tanner Strom (So.)
A Cold Day in Hell    Plainfield North
4.    Alex Alontaga (So.)
Oh My God, It's Another Play!    Lockport

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Rebecca Schieber (Sr.)    Sandburg
2.    Jennifer McLean (Sr.)    Andrew (Tinley Park)
3.    Rachel Hunter (Jr.)    Lemont
4.    Tyler Eickholtz (Jr.)    Plainfield Central

Informative Speaking

1    Larry Svabek (Sr.)
A Snapshot of Possibilities    Sandburg
2    Delia Ercoli (Sr.)
Friendly Neighborhood Spider Goats    Lemont
3    Jeric Tumang (So.)
Auto Tune: The Voice of Tomorrow    Plainfield North
4    Sarah Kenny (Jr.)
Have It Their Way; Fast Food Psychology    Andrew (Tinley Park)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Delia Ercoli (Sr.)
Girls are Funnier Than Boys    Lemont
2.    Heather Afriyie (Jr.)
1992 Democratic National Convention Address    Bolingbrook
3.    Chelsea Riley (Sr.)
Mary Tillman's Veterans Day Address    Sandburg
4.    Alex Hish (Jr.)
Always Looking Up - The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist    Plainfield North

Original Comedy

1.    Rahul Jacob (So.)
Macho Man    Sandburg
2.    Moe Lincoln (Sr.)
Kesha and the pre-school brats    Plainfield South
3.    Gabby Zeman (Jr.)
Janitors, Primatologists, and Aptitude Tests    Lemont
4.    Ally Novaski (So.)
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles    Andrew (Tinley Park)
4.    Kyle Ryan (Sr.)
A Kodak Moment with God and Jesus    Plainfield North

Original Oratory
1.    Amy Harlovic (Sr.)
Harry Potter Saved My Life    Lemont
2.    Rebecca Schieber (Sr.)
No Child Left Inside    Sandburg
3.    Matthew Hebron (So.)
Follow the Leader    Plainfield North
4.    Magan Hauser (So.)
Band: What is it Good For    Plainfield Central

Performance in the Round

1.    The Odyssey in 15 Minutes    Lemont
2.    The Good Times Are Killing Me    Sandburg
3.    Zombie Survival Guide    Stagg
4.    4 A.M.     Plainfield North

Poetry Reading
1.    Cara Prochaska (Sr.)
The Place Where the Sidewalk Ends    Sandburg
2.    Rob Smierciak (Sr.)
Taking Love Back    Lemont
3.    Abbey Bobzin (Sr.)
The Spoken Word Revolution    Lincoln-Way Central
4.    Ciara Sewell (Jr.)
Beat Poets - The Beat Goes On    Stagg

Prose Reading

1.    Cara Prochaska (Sr.)
Another Cancer Story    Sandburg
2.    Nathan Kievert (Sr.)
The Department of Nothing    Lemont
3.    Lizz Reitsma (So.)
Please Stop Laughing at Me    Lockport
4.    Kristyn Assise (Sr.)
The Girl With the Blackened Eye    Andrew (Tinley Park)
4.    Colby Glunt (So.)
Me Talk Pretty One Day, Twelve Moments in the Life of an Artist    Plainfield North

Radio Speaking
1.    Alyssa Zaczek (Jr.)    Sandburg
2.    Alex Hish (Jr.)    Plainfield North
3.    Keegan Bosch (Jr.)    Plainfield Central
4.    Leslie Kane (Sr.)    Lemont

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Danny Kulasik (Sr.)
Self-Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself    Lemont
2.    Alex Alontaga (So.)
It's a Hard Knock Life....Get Over It!    Lockport
3.    Chelsea Riley (Sr.)
Dance Dance Revolution    Sandburg
4.    Sandra ELmore (Jr.)
Impulsive     Bolingbrook
4.    Nicole Batinick (Fr.)
You Are How You Eat    Plainfield North


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Hoffman Estates, IL
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1.    Fremd   
2.    Hoffman Estates H.S.   
3.    Palatine H.S.   
4.    Schaumburg H.S.   
5.    Buffalo Grove

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Elise Mathews (Jr.) and Jordan Habel (Sr.)
Because I Wanted to Say    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Emily Prescott (Jr.) and John McHugh (So.)
Baby Steps    Fremd
3.    Emily Smith (Sr.) and Tommy Weber (Jr.)
Jane's Park    Palatine H.S.
4.    Alexa Kropidoski (Jr.) and Jessie Lazzara (Jr.)
Burkie    Buffalo Grove

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Tommy Weber (Jr.)
Grief-Struck    Palatine H.S.
2.    Phil Quarfoot (Jr.)
So I Killed A Few People    Barrington
3.    Emily Prescott (Jr.)
My Left Breast    Fremd
4.    Korinne Yonan (So.)
The World I Cannot Touch    Rolling Meadows

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Haley Shoaf (Sr.)    Fremd
1.    Bailey Armstrong (Sr.)    Hoffman Estates H.S.
1.    Henning Matz (Jr.)    Schaumburg H.S.
4.    Eric Killian (So.)    Conant

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Thomas Squires (Sr.) and Zach Lentino (Sr.)
The Battle of Brown and Whitmore    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Emma Bueso (Jr.) and Nick Boustead (Jr.)
Math For Actors    Buffalo Grove
3.    Erin Parker (Jr.) and Taha Zaffar (Sr.)
Shrinkage    Schaumburg H.S.
4.    Adam Lamb (Sr.) and Kevin Lebo (Sr.)
Everyone's Gonna Die    Palatine H.S.

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Miriam Bigurra (Sr.)
Beauty and the Beast    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Christine Gao (Sr.)
The Complete History of America...Abridged    Fremd
3.    Gus Alvarez (Sr.)
Countdown to Love    Schaumburg H.S.
4.    Emma Bueso (Jr.)
The Whole Shebang    Buffalo Grove

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Eiftu Haile (Sr.)    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Lizzy Tucker (Sr.)    Palatine H.S.
3.    Zoi Zaldivar (Sr.)    Fremd
4.    Sabrina Minhas (Jr.)    Streamwood

Informative Speaking
1.    Renata Wettermann (So.)
Yes to IPS?!    Fremd
2.    Theodore Tae (Sr.)
Marching Toward A New Perspective    Barrington
3.    Kayla Huber (Jr.)
Love Under a Microscope    Buffalo Grove
4.    Lovepreet Kaur (So.)
Remembering the Forgotten    Conant

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Amita Prabhu (Sr.)
'B+' Is Just Fine    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Kevin Krause (Sr.)
The Shadow Scholar    Rolling Meadows
3.    Emily Smith (Sr.)
Unbearable Lightness    Palatine H.S.
4.    Dhara Patel (So.)
Prime Rib of America    Schaumburg H.S.

Original Comedy
1.    Hannah Lee (Jr.)
Carnival Kid Chaos    Fremd
2.    Evan Paelmo (Jr.)
Russia's Challenge    Schaumburg H.S.
3.    Michael Pirovano (Jr.)
Broady Tactics    Conant
4.    Conor McGarry (Jr.)
Dating Disorders    Hoffman Estates H.S.
4    Claire Theobald (Sr.)
S'mores    Stevenson

Original Oratory
1.    Amita Prabhu (Sr.)
Step Out of the Bubble    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Theodore Tae (Sr.)
Speak Out: Striving for a Bilingual America    Barrington
3.    Iulia Gheorghiu (Sr.)
It's OK...I'm Not From Here    Fremd
4.    Henning Matz (Jr.)
American Teenager; Digital Warfighter    Schaumburg H.S.

Performance in the Round
1.    Candyland    Fremd
2.    Exodus    Hoffman Estates H.S.
3.    Ham Radio    Buffalo Grove
4.    What REALLY Happened to Humpty?    Streamwood

Poetry Reading
1.    Jacob Custer (So.)
The Wussyboy Underdog!    Buffalo Grove
2.    Hannah Lee (Jr.)
A Program on the Outnumbered    Fremd
3.    Kevin Geraghty (Sr.)
The Secret    Rolling Meadows
4.    Elias Salas (Sr.)
I Am Joaquin    Palatine H.S.
4.    Maria Ranahan (Jr.)
Barbie in Therapy    Streamwood

Prose Reading
1.    Nikhi Kanneganti (Sr.)
Silver Water    Fremd
2.    Claire Berman (Jr.)
Chivalry    Stevenson
3.    Maria Ranahan (Jr.)
My Father, Dancing    Streamwood
4.    Jacob Custer (So.)
Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House    Buffalo Grove

Radio Speaking
1.    Jordan Habel (Sr.)    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Michelle Gorecki (Sr.)    Fremd
3.    Claire Cinquegrani (Sr.)    Palatine H.S.
4.    Jane Trunk (Sr.)    Rolling Meadows

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Bailey Armstrong (Sr.)
To Blame is Lame    Hoffman Estates H.S.
2.    Erika Teufel (Sr.)
Bromance    Fremd
3.    Lizzy Tucker (Sr.)
Comics for CARs    Palatine H.S.
4.    Hailey Anderson (Sr.)
Listen Up Yolks! I'm Talking About Egg-Quality    Barrington


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Glenview, IL
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1.    Prospect   
2.    Warren Township   
2.    Glenbrook South   
4.    Evanston   
5.    Glenbrook North

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Connor Fitzgerald (Jr.) and Madeleine Spacapan (Sr.)
Holding Hope    Prospect
2.    Angela Bacaling (Jr.) and Molly Triveline (Jr.)
Sentences and Words    Warren Township
3.    Bailey Monte (So.) and Chandler Farrell (So.)
Finding A Chord    Glenbrook South
4.    Jodi Snyder (Jr.) and Ryan Wagner (So.)
An Infinite Ache    Glenbrook North

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Jacqueline Dunderdale (Jr.)
A Hand to Hold    Prospect
2.    Alexandra Zimay (Sr.)
The Shape of a Girl    Glenbrook North
3.    Emma Satzger (Jr.)
Almost Normal    Warren Township
4.    Theodora Austin (Jr.)
Grey Gardens    New Trier
4.    Rodrigo Arcibar (Sr.)
Freak    Notre Dame College Prep (Niles)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Sam Bubnovich (Jr.)    Glenbrook South
2.    Noah Whinston (Jr.)    Evanston
3.    Nicholas Steen (Sr.)    New Trier
4.    Melissa Lee-Litowitz (Sr.)    Glenbrook North

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Magda Cychowski (Jr.) and Tyler Cruz (So.)
The Best Daddy    Warren Township
2.    Connor Fitzgerald (Jr.) and Jacqueline Dunderdale (Jr.)
Boy Meets Girl    Prospect
3.    Dan Letchinger (Sr.) and Hannah White (Jr.)
Mary Just Broke up with this Guy    Evanston
4.    Fionna Millett (Jr.) and Matt Smith (So.)
2B (OR NOT2B)    New Trier

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Lauren Matthews (Sr.)
Bobby Wilson Can Eat His Own Face    Prospect
2.    Molly Triveline (Jr.)
Kaput & Zosky    Warren Township
3.    Jodi Snyder (Jr.)
Miss Nelson Is Missing    Glenbrook North
4.    Tyler Wynd (Jr.)
My Client Curley    Notre Dame College Prep (Niles)

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Sam Bubnovich (Jr.)    Glenbrook South
2.    Nick Steen (Sr.)    New Trier
3.    Diana Grote (So.)    Libertyville
4.    Claire O'Donnell (Jr.)    Hersey

Informative Speaking

1.    Faith Yarnoff (Jr.)
101 Ways to get Pregnant    Evanston
2.    Naomi Camp (Jr.)
FMR-Lie Detector    New Trier
3.    David Brablec (Jr.)
A World of Hopeless Bromantics    Prospect
4.    Melissa Lee-Litowitz (Sr.)
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a... Graphic Novel?    Glenbrook North

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Jenna Rapisarda (Jr.)
You Just have to Make your Mother and Father Proud    Evanston
2.    Nneka Garner (Sr.)
Put Down the Backpack    Warren Township
3.    Madeleine Spacapan (Sr.)
A Matter of Perspective    Prospect
4.    Anna Hirsch (Jr.)
I Believe In Atticus Finch    Glenbrook South

Original Comedy

1.    Molly Kipnis (Jr.)
Cinelderly and the Senior Prom    Evanston
2.    Magda Cychowski (Jr.)
Cat of Duty    Warren Township
3.    Kelsey Henquinet (Jr.)
Lessons Behind the Wheel    Prospect
4.    Dana Mrowiec (Jr.)
Fangirlathon    Glenbrook South

Original Oratory
1.    Vimal Gunasekaran (So.)
Eating Children: A Solution to Procrastination    Glenbrook South
2.    Sara Brumm (Jr.)
Creating Your Own Picture    Prospect
3.    Gaby Kenyon (Sr.)
Wasted Water    Evanston
4.    Milly Fotso (Jr.)
Lala land    Libertyville

Performance in the Round
1.    Beauty and the Beast    Warren Township
2.    Black Elk Speaks    Prospect
3.    America the PIR    Glenbrook North
4.    Alice in Wonderland    Libertyville

Poetry Reading
1.    Lauren Matthews (Sr.)
Rising Up From The Ashes    Prospect
2.    Libby Goldman (So.)
A Yes-or-No Answer    Evanston
3.    Zoe Heinz (Jr.)
Impulse    Warren Township
4.    Hannah Mira Friedland (So.)
The Center of the Universe: Yep, That Would Be Me    Glenbrook South

Prose Reading
1.    Amanda Smith (Jr.)
Dramarama    Loyola Academy
2.    Alexandra Zimay (Sr.)
Lost and Found    Glenbrook North
3.    Morgan Arshonsky (Sr.)
If I Stay    Prospect
4.    Theodora Austin (Jr.)
Garbo on Garbo    New Trier

Radio Speaking

1.    Lily Zhu (Sr.)    Warren Township
2.    Billy Neuson (Sr.)    Glenbrook South
3.    Avneet Singh (So.)    Glenbrook North
4.    Katie Greenberg (So.)    Evanston

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Amanda Mawrence (So.)
A Life With No Vowels    Glenbrook North
2.    Anna Hirsch (Jr.)
Swearintology: A Course in Cursing    Glenbrook South
3.    Claire O'Donnell (Jr.)
The Field Guide to ''Claire''ican Culture    Hersey
4.    Katie Szajkovics (Jr.)
Masquerade    Warren Township


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Freeport, IL
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1.    Freeport H.S.   
2.    Sterling H.S.   
3.    Lena-Winslow   
4.    Pearl City   
5.    Moline

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Becki McCorkle (Sr.) and Parker Sheley (Jr.)
Dog Opera    Riverdale
2.    Brendan Meier (Sr.) and Jenna Pautsch (Jr.)
Look at Me    Moline
3.    Alex Rodriguez (Jr.) and Natalie Olds (Sr.)
Next To Normal    Sterling H.S.
4.    Faith Creighton (So.) and Logan Krogull (So.)
Rabbit Hole    Lena-Winslow

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Kelsey Rogers (Jr.)
Tamam    Lena-Winslow
2.    Lauren Hartog (Jr.)
Sarah's Red    Freeport H.S.
3.    Lauren Sheffey (Sr.)
King Hedley II    Pearl City
4.    Leti Estrada (Sr.)
Thing's You Can't Tell Just By Looking At Her (from ''Girl'')    Sterling H.S.

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Jon Stott (Sr.)    Lena-Winslow
2.    Alex Smith (Sr.)    Freeport H.S.
3.    Austin Spillane (Sr.)    Galena H.S.
4.    Lauren Viering (Sr.)    Sterling H.S.

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Brendan Meier (Sr.) and Carlie Lavin (Sr.)
Boy Meets Girl    Moline
2.    Alex Rodriguez (Jr.) and Molly Pashon (Sr.)
Date With A Stranger    Sterling H.S.
3.    Graham Gusloff (Jr.) and Lucas Ensign (Sr.)
Literary Canon Fodder    Freeport H.S.
4.    Brennan Leonard (Jr.) and Kari Huizenga (Jr.)
Twisted Sister    Fulton

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Lauren Kimpel (Sr.)
Camp Sunshine    Freeport H.S.
2.    Peter David McNaught (So.)
Cinderella    Moline
3.    Ryan Downing (Sr.)
God: The Ultimate Autobiography    Sterling H.S.
4.    Haley West (Jr.)
Radio TBS (Trailer Park Broadcasting Scandals)    Riverdale

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Allison Frankfother (Sr.)    Rock Falls
2.    Lauren Viering (Sr.)    Sterling H.S.
3.    Tyler Bussian (Sr.)    Lena-Winslow
4.    Emily Bowen (Jr.)    Freeport H.S.

Informative Speaking
1.    Amber Berge (Jr.)
Laugh For Your Life    Riverdale
2.    Gail Fernandes (Jr.)
Insect Cuisine    Freeport H.S.
3.    Bailey Lauder (So.)
What is a Twinkie?    Pearl City
4.    Anna Micale (Jr.)
Burning Unity    Sterling H.S.

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Cameron Rockwell (Sr.)
Conan O' Brien's Commencement Speech for the Harvard Class    Freeport H.S.
2.    Leti Estrada (Sr.)
The Last Lecture    Sterling H.S.
3.    Lydia Bilyeu (Sr.)
Choices and Change: Commencement Address    Fulton
4.    Sara Farmer (So.)
Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid    Lena-Winslow
4.    Annabelle Borota (Sr.)
''Household Words.'' Small Wonder    Pearl City

Original Comedy
1.    Lauren Sheffey (Sr.)
All By Myself    Pearl City
2.    Austin Sellers (Sr.)
Man Camp    Freeport H.S.
3.    Eric White (Sr.)
Love or Not?    Moline
4.    Tom Ottens (Jr.)
Don Cody de la Chicago    Fulton

Original Oratory
1.    Lauren Hartog (Jr.)
The Prolongation of Death    Freeport H.S.
2.    Jenna Pautsch (Jr.)
Mind the Gap    Moline
3.    Alyssa Carlson (So.)
Bitter Butter    Rock Falls
4.    Nathan Falk (Jr.)
Skeptistics    Pearl City
4.    Molly Pashon (Sr.)
Do You Know Me For Me?    Sterling H.S.

Performance in the Round

1.    Pearls Before Breakfast    Moline
2.    Dealing With The Devil    Sterling H.S.
3.    Multiple Intelligence    Pearl City
4.    Monty Python and the Holy Grail    Rock Falls

Poetry Reading
1.    Elijah Eiler (Sr.)
Simple Pleasures    Freeport H.S.
2.    Kassidy Stephen (Jr.)
Like Lilly like Wilson, Miracle Workers, What Teachers Make    Pearl City
3.    Holly Alguire (Sr.)
The Secret of Me    Riverdale
4.    Hannah Matheney (So.)
I Don't Want To Be Crazy    Sterling H.S.

Prose Reading
1.    Allie Long (Jr.)
I Feel Bad About My Neck    Lena-Winslow
2.    Becki McCorkle (Sr.)
Eight Legged Story    Riverdale
3.    Zina Ellis (Sr.)
The Gift Horse    Moline
4.    Demi Reitzel (Jr.)
Hold Still    Sterling H.S.

Radio Speaking
1.    Kristen Field (Jr.)    Fulton
2.    Ben Jenkins (Jr.)    Galena H.S.
3.    Holly Alguire (Sr.)    Riverdale
4.    Drake Walker (Jr.)    Pearl City

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Allie Long (Jr.)
Generation Next    Lena-Winslow
2.    Austin Sellers (Sr.)
Some Black Men Can't Jump Either    Freeport H.S.
3.    Anne Zigler (Fr.)
S.L.A.P.T.    Sterling H.S.
4.    Kaitie Thompson (Fr.)
A Healthful Hit on the Head    Rock Falls


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Flossmoor, IL
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1.    Marian   
2.    Homewood-Flossmoor   
3.    Thornton   
4.    Thornwood   
5.    Lincoln-Way East

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Bree Schmidt (Sr.) and Kanoa Mulling (Sr.)
Land of the Dead    Homewood-Flossmoor
2.    Kiayla Jackson (Sr.) and Lamar Riddle (Sr.)
For The Pleasure Of Seeing Her Again    Marian
3.    Janel Terry (Sr.) and Terrence Hodge (Sr.)
Your Obituary is a Dance    Thornton
4.    Johari Mackey (Sr.) and TJ Patrick (Sr.)
Their Eyes Were Watching God    Thornwood

Dramatic Interpretation
1    Phallon Boyd (Fr.)
The Angel of Philadelphia    Homewood-Flossmoor
2    Janel Terry (Sr.)
Hannah's Gift    Thornton
3    Michael Daniel (Sr.)
Yellowman    Thornwood
4    Kim Fischer (Jr.)
My Name Is Amy    Lincoln-Way East

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Joe Wlos (Sr.)    Marian
2.    Isaiah Sciford (So.)    Homewood-Flossmoor
3.    Jose Avila (Sr.)    Thornton
4.    Noland Branch (Sr.)    Thornwood

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Adam King (Sr.) and Kiayla Jackson (Sr.)
Red Peppers    Marian
2.    Dammy Ojulari (Sr.) and Michael Daniel (Sr.)
Romeo and Juliet in Hollywood    Thornwood
3.    Kaci Antkiewicz (Sr.) and Khari Shelton (Sr.)
The Castro Complex    Homewood-Flossmoor
4.    Ricky Cowan (Sr.) and Terrence Hodge (Sr.)
Private Wars    Thornton

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Khari Shelton (Sr.)
Jimmy, The Antichrist    Homewood-Flossmoor
2.    Blake Rivera (Sr.)
Little Me    Marian
3.    Jasmine Ross (Sr.)
Live and In Color    Thornton
4.    TJ Patrick (Sr.)
The Pagemaster    Thornwood

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Joe Wlos (Sr.)    Marian
2.    Nick Karaskiewicz (Sr.)    Lincoln-Way East
3.    Carolyn Duong (Sr.)    Lincoln-Way North
4.    Jose Avila (Sr.)    Thornton

Informative Speaking
1.    Alex Krull (Jr.)
This Speech Is A Little Fishy    Lincoln-Way East
2.    Devin Malone (Sr.)
What's My Title Again?    Thornton
3.    Martin Kudra (Sr.)
Current Currency    Marian
4.    Stephanie Saintyl (Sr.)
That's What It's All About    Thornwood

Oratorical Declamation
1.    John Arrington, Jr. (Jr.)
Not A Geniune Black Man    Thornton
2.    Stephanie Saintyl (Sr.)
It's Time We Rejected the Racial Litmus Test    Thornwood
3.    Summer Fields (Jr.)
Elizabeth's Story    Marian
4.    Morgan Brown (Fr.)
And I'm Watching It All From My Window    Southland College Prep

Original Comedy

1.    Alex Schultz (Sr.)
Maternal Battlefield    Homewood-Flossmoor
2.    Ricky Cowan (Sr.)
I'm College Bound!    Thornton
3.    Bianca Newell (Jr.)
Star    Thornwood
4.    Zach Henry (Jr.)
The Book Of Secrets    Marian

Original Oratory
1.    Jaboukie Young White (Jr.)
Someone is STALKing Me    Marian
2.    Donyae Lewis (Fr.)
Who Am I?    Homewood-Flossmoor
3.    Shontanice Miller (Sr.)
The Tallest Munchkin    Thornwood
4.    Carolyn Duong (Sr.)
Pink Awareness    Lincoln-Way North

Performance in the Round
1.    Sarafina    Thornwood
2.    Scottsboro Nine    Homewood-Flossmoor
3.    I Never Promised You A Rose Garden    Marian
4.    A Song for Coretta    Thornton

Poetry Reading
1.    Conor Keane (Sr.)
Entirely Unexpendable    Marian
2.    John Arrington, Jr. (Jr.)
Once I Was A Panther    Thornton
3.    Nicholas Williams (Sr.)
Jonestown    Homewood-Flossmoor
4.    Dammy Ojulari (Sr.)
The Subtle Art of Breathing    Thornwood

Prose Reading
1.    Bree Schmidt (Sr.)
The Wife's Story    Homewood-Flossmoor
2.    Destin Patton-Warner (So.)
Running for His Life    Thornton
3.    Adam King (Sr.)
Where I Slept    Marian
4.    Johari Mackey (Sr.)
Marigolds    Thornwood

Radio Speaking
1.    Summer Fields (Jr.)    Marian
2.    Kanoa Mulling (Sr.)    Homewood-Flossmoor
3.    Alex Krull (Jr.)    Lincoln-Way East
4.    Deanna Lee (Jr.)    Thornton

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Conor Keane (Sr.)
The Battle Is Not The Race    Marian
2.    Kristina Hill (Fr.)
The Art of Conversation    Homewood-Flossmoor
3.    Patrick Walsh (Jr.)
Can You Hear Me Now?    Lincoln-Way East
4.    Devin Malone (Sr.)
Frankie Says. . .Educate    Thornton


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Elk Grove Village, IL
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1.    York   
2.    Fenton   
3.    Oak Park-River Forest   
4.    Maine South   
5.    Maine East   
5.    Elk Grove

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Rebecca Klages (So.) and Sarah Tarabey (Jr.)
Final Placement    Maine South
2.    Mike Dreger (Jr.) and Sarah King (Jr.)
Angels in America    York
3.    Loren Lombardi (Sr.) and Peter Buchacz (Jr.)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf    Fenton
4.    Dustin Beelow (Fr.) and Samantha Gatwood (Jr.)
The Shape Of Things    Elk Grove
4.    Benjamin Brissette (So.) and Catherine Bustos (Jr.)
Proof    Maine West

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Benjamin Brissette (So.)
RFK    Maine West
2.    Jack McFarlane (Sr.)
Looking A Lot Like Christmas    York
3.    Alexandria Frisch (Jr.)
Blackbird    Oak Park-River Forest
4.    Amanda Baker (Jr.)
Little Footsteps    Fenton
4.    Nora Elderkin (Sr.)
Medea Redux    Maine South

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Andrew Kelly (Jr.)    Oak Park-River Forest
2.    Hope Tone (Sr.)    Maine South
3.    Ashley Boyte (Jr.)    Leyden
4.    Lauren Rourk (So.)    Fenton

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Caitlin McManus (Jr.) and Eric Helm (So.)
Boy Meets Girl: A Young Love Story    York
2.    Austin Bryniarski (Jr.) and Lisa Francis (Sr.)
The Best Daddy    Maine South
3.    John Depa (So.) and Natasha Laws (Jr.)
The Five-Minute History of Western Civilization    Maine East
4.    Agnieszka Miklas (Jr.) and Vincenzo Bartolomeo (Sr.)
Playwriting 101: Rooftop Lesson    Fenton

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Jack McFarlane (Sr.)
The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From    York
2.    Daniel Sanchez (So.)
Freak    Fenton
3.    Audrey Roen (Sr.)
Lady with All The Answers    Oak Park-River Forest
4.    Nicole Jovicevic (Jr.)
Over the Moon    Maine West

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Lizzie Diamond (Jr.)    York
2.    Andrew Kelly (Jr.)    Oak Park-River Forest
3.    Ashley Boyte (Jr.)    Leyden
4.    Emily Johnson (Jr.)    Fenton

Informative Speaking
1.    Raymond Roman (Jr.)
Fear on the Brain    Maine East
2.    Mary Kaleta (Jr.)
Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Haven't You Heard?    York
3.    Anna Hullinger (Sr.)
Sha-BAN!    Oak Park-River Forest
4.    Janell Nunziato (Sr.)
Digital Overload    Leyden

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Sarah Tarabey (Jr.)
Smith College Commencement Address 2010    Maine South
2.    Maggie Patchett (Jr.)
Welcome Address to Parents    York
3.    Daniel Franchi (Fr.)
The 2006 Tufts University Commencement Address    Fenton
4.    Alexandria Frisch (Jr.)
Fives Best Pieces of Advice    Oak Park-River Forest

Original Comedy
1.    Agnieszka Miklas (Jr.)
Dear Diary    Fenton
2.    Michaela Laws (Sr.)
FTW2 = For the Win x For the Women    Maine East
3.    Shannon Hancock (Sr.)
Poetry Slam    Elk Grove
4.    Jack Sullivan (Sr.)
The College Admissions Process    York

Original Oratory

1.    Tamyra Love (Jr.)
Dream Maker    Leyden
2.    Harita Joshi (Sr.)
Dish This!    Fenton
3.    Hope Tone (Sr.)
Can he say that ?    Maine South
4.    Cheryl Victuelles (Jr.)
That's Gay    Elk Grove

Performance in the Round

1.    Ruthless!    York
2.    Variations On A Theme Of Love    Elk Grove
3.    So You Want to Be a Teacher?    Fenton
4.    Crimes of the Heart    Maine West

Poetry Reading
1.    Nora Elderkin (Sr.)
Why I Tutor at the International Trade Center    Maine South
2.    Michaela Laws (Sr.)
Cindarella; Instructions    Maine East
3.    Amanda Baker (Jr.)
Left Memories    Fenton
4.    Katie Hoth (So.)
Thin Line Between Love and Hate    Elk Grove

Prose Reading
1.    Danielle Zarbin (Jr.)
This is All : The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn    Oak Park-River Forest
2.    Anna Marie Abbate (Sr.)
Eleven    Maine South
3.    Catherine Bustos (Jr.)
Lawns    Maine West
4.    Janel Webster (Sr.)
All the Good Things    Fenton

Radio Speaking
1.    Danielle Zarbin (Jr.)    Oak Park-River Forest
2.    Mary Kate McHugh (Jr.)    York
3.    Janell Nunziato (Sr.)    Leyden
4.    Stefanie Ronge (Sr.)    Fenton
4.    John Depa (So.)    Maine East

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Kelly O'Ryan (Jr.)
The S Word: Swearing    York
2.    Roderic Phillips (Sr.)
Zero To Hero    Elk Grove
3.    Stefanie Ronge (Sr.)
The Truth About Lying    Fenton
4.    Marian Hjelmgren (Jr.)
Defense Against the Dark Arts    Leyden


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Downers Grove, IL
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1.    Downers Grove South   
2.    Hinsdale Central   
3.    Downers Grove North   
4.    Willowbrook   
5.    Hinsdale South

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Dan Cassin (Jr.) and Maddie Mitchell (Sr.)
A Very Common Procedure    Hinsdale Central
2.    Billy Chengary (Jr.) and Stephanie Flowers (Sr.)
Careless Love    Downers Grove South
3.    Simona Curkoska (Sr.) and Tito Ponce (So.)
A Shayna Maidel    Hinsdale South
4.    Murtaza Kapasi (Jr.) and Sarah Batchu (Jr.)
Wrong for Each Other    Downers Grove North

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Tomi Adeyemi (Sr.)
Bums    Hinsdale Central
2.    Colleen Derosa (Jr.)
Just Checking    Downers Grove South
3.    Julie Thorn (So.)
Medea Redux    Downers Grove North
4.    Olivia Heath (Sr.)
The Weir    Glenbard South

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Ed Roberge (Sr.)    Downers Grove South
2.    Emily Temple-Wood (Jr.)    Downers Grove North
3.    Gen Carter (Jr.)    Hinsdale Central
4.    Andreas Wiede (Sr.)    Willowbrook

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Billy Chengary (Jr.) and Michelle McCarthy (Jr.)
The Big Bang    Downers Grove South
2.    Charlie Wagner (Jr.) and Hannah Carroll (Jr.)
Oedi    Hinsdale Central
3.    Murtaza Kapasi (Jr.) and Nicole Smith (Fr.)
Boy Meets Girl    Downers Grove North
4.    Billy Sharp (Sr.) and Collin Labak (Sr.)
Fools    Hinsdale South

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Jake Robertson (Sr.)
Nana's Naughty Knickers    Willowbrook
2.    Erin C. Walsh (Jr.)
A ... My Name is Alice    Downers Grove South
3.    Devin Collett (Jr.)
Miss Polly's Institute for Criminally Damaged Young Ladies Puts on a S    Downers Grove North
4.    Maddy Oleszkiewicz (Jr.)
Squids Will Be Squids    Hinsdale Central

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Lindsey Bergholz (Sr.)    Hinsdale Central
2.    Emily Temple-Wood (Jr.)    Downers Grove North
3.    Jennifer Benyamin (Sr.)    Willowbrook
4.    Ed Roberge (Sr.)    Downers Grove South
4.    Collin Labak (Sr.)    Hinsdale South

Informative Speaking
1.    Taylor Rasmussen (Jr.)
Heavy Metal    Hinsdale Central
2.    Andreas Wiede (Sr.)
February 14th...Not So Lovely    Willowbrook
3.    Meredith Frank (Sr.)
Brain Battle of the Sexes    Downers Grove North
4.    Stephanie Flowers    Downers Grove South

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Colleen Derosa (Jr.)
A Victor - not a Victim    Downers Grove South
2.    Maddie Mitchell (Sr.)
Teen Power    Hinsdale Central
3.    Sophia Nagle (Sr.)
Odditude    Willowbrook
4.    Erin Portman (Sr.)
Embrace Transformation    Downers Grove North

Original Comedy

1.    Ryann Javois (Sr.)
Rent    Hinsdale Central
2.    Devin Collett (Jr.)
It's the Nerd Herd, Fershotally    Downers Grove North
3.    Jake Robertson (Sr.)
Reign of Fools    Willowbrook
4.    John Junk (Sr.)
Two and a Half Junks    Downers Grove South

Original Oratory
1.    Claire Drews (Sr.)
For the Birds    Downers Grove South
2.    Maggie Butzen (Sr.)
Neither Civil nor Discourse    Downers Grove North
3.    Tomi Adeyemi (Sr.)
The Battle of Discontent    Hinsdale Central
4.    John Espinosa (Sr.)
Battling Obesity    Glenbard East

Performance in the Round

1.    The Final Rehearsal of The Compleat Works of Willm Shkpr Abridged    Downers Grove South
2.    Hooray!    Downers Grove North
3.    The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales    Glenbard East
4.    London    Glenbard South

Poetry Reading
1.    Erin M. Walsh (Jr.)
Rubber Houses    Downers Grove South
2.    Kate Karl (Fr.)
Stories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet    Downers Grove North
3.    Jena Sugay (So.)
Pretty    Hinsdale Central
4.    Nick Bryant (Sr.)
How To Watch Your Brother Die    Glenbard East

Prose Reading

1.    Michelle McCarthy (Jr.)
My Boyfriend's Back and There's Gonna be Laundry    Downers Grove South
2.    Sarah Batchu (Jr.)
Sold    Downers Grove North
3.    Morgan Sherlock (Sr.)
Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy    Hinsdale Central
4.    Nicole Mashburn (Sr.)
The Bell Jar    Willowbrook

Radio Speaking

1.    Jake Novak (Sr.)    Hinsdale South
2.    Taylor Rasmussen (Jr.)    Hinsdale Central
3.    Erin C. Walsh (Jr.)    Downers Grove South
4.    Meredith Frank (Sr.)    Downers Grove North

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Milap Mehta (Sr.)
Pants On Fire    Downers Grove South
2.    Heather Johansen (Jr.)
Like a Snowflake    Downers Grove North
3.    Laert Skreli (Sr.)
0v3rcl0ck3d    Willowbrook
4.    Caroline Nyheim (Jr.)
It's a Snap...Judgment    Hinsdale Central


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: DeKalb, IL
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1.    DeKalb   
2.    Huntley   
3.    Rochelle   
4.    Byron   
5.    Cary-Grove

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Allison Plansky (Sr.) and Christian Aldridge (Jr.)
A World Without Memory    Huntley
2.    Hananiah Wiggins (Sr.) and Robyn Cheeks (Sr.)
Thieves    DeKalb
3.    Grant Prindle (So.) and Kalvin Parker (Fr.)
The Diviners    Rochelle
4.    Elizabeth Curtiss (Sr.) and Mark Goldsmith (Sr.)
Views    Byron

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Adrian Fait (Sr.)
The Women of Lockerbie    Huntley
2.    Emily Silver (Sr.)
Spoonface Steinberg    DeKalb
3.    Laura Williams (Sr.)
Please Stop Laughing at Me    Hononegah
4.    Megan Barnes (Sr.)
The Exonerated    Cary-Grove

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    John Whitman (So.)    Rochelle
2.    Abe Mulberry (Jr.)    Byron
3.    Shehnoor Qureshi (Jr.)    Crystal Lake Central
4.    Parker Tweeten (So.)    Cary-Grove

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Erica Bush (Sr.) and Laura Williams (Sr.)
The Draft Board    Hononegah
2.    Taylor Little (Sr.) and Zoar Lopez (Sr.)
Matt & Ben    Huntley
3.    Derek Neff (Jr.) and Grace Schaffer (Jr.)
The Murder Room    DeKalb
4.    Kate Pillen (Sr.) and Tyler Mollet (Fr.)
Open To Interpretation    Rochelle

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Derek Neff (Jr.)
God: The Ultimate Autobiography    DeKalb
2.    Tyler Mollet (Fr.)
How The West Was Won    Rochelle
3.    Taylor Little (Sr.)
13 Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview    Huntley
4.    Austin Deets (Jr.)
The Gifted Program    Byron

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Marta Makowski (Jr.)    Huntley
2.    Kelsey Faivre (So.)    DeKalb
3.    Sydney Birnbaum (Sr.)    Prairie Ridge
4.    Sophia Nordgren (Fr.)    Cary-Grove

Informative Speaking
1.    Anna Flemming (Jr.)
Life as an Aspie    Prairie Ridge
2.    Chris Sible (So.)
The Marvel of Comics    Byron
3.    Sara Wuchte (Jr.)
The Sum of All Fears    DeKalb
4.    Olivia Stepp (Jr.)
''You've Got Privacy''    Huntley

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Hananiah Wiggins (Sr.)
Race    DeKalb
2.    Katelin Coronado (So.)
Rally to Restore Sanity    Cary-Grove
3.    Maureen Stevens (Sr.)
Blow Bubbles Every Day    Rochelle
4.    Anita Dominic (Sr.)
Heal The Kids    Jacobs

Original Comedy

1.    Grace Schaffer (Jr.)
The ''Miss-Fit'' Pageant    DeKalb
2.    Rebecca Pierce (Sr.)
Ranger Danger    Hononegah
3.    Chris Sible (So.)
My Childhood Is a Lie!    Byron
4.    Olivia Stepp (Jr.)
''Hide The Salsa!''    Huntley

Original Oratory
1.    Marta Makowski (Jr.)
Sandbox Code of Ethics    Huntley
2.    Emily Hansen (Jr.)
Stop Helping!    Rochelle
3.    Tiffany McHugh (So.)
Got Water?    Hononegah
4.    Sydney Birnbaum (Sr.)
A Shot in the Arm    Prairie Ridge

Performance in the Round
1.    Puberty In The Round    DeKalb
2.    Free to be You and Me    Woodstock
3.    Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?    Huntley

Poetry Reading
1.    Emily Stratton (Sr.)
Where We Belong    DeKalb
2.    Udita Persaud (So.)
Portrait of a Bulemic    Rochelle
3.    Joslyn Aldape (Sr.)
A Program of Inner Beauty    Huntley
4.    Kelsey Blodgett (Jr.)
Bitter Creek Junction    Cary-Grove

Prose Reading
1.    Karyssa Ercoli (Jr.)
Stolen Moments    Huntley
2.    Somali Wilson (Sr.)
My Boyfriend's Back And There's Going To Be Laundry    DeKalb
3.    Kate Pillen (Sr.)
Rats Eat Cats    Rochelle
4.    Clare Dhom (Sr.)
The Good Guy    Woodstock

Radio Speaking
1.    Alex Prusator (Sr.)    Rochelle
2.    Sara Wuchte (Jr.)    DeKalb
3.    Chris O'Meara (Jr.)    Huntley
4.    Shelby Krall (So.)    Byron

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Alex Prusator (Sr.)
The F Word    Rochelle
2.    Garret Hall (Sr.)
A Classics Case    DeKalb
3.    Sophie Juhlin (Sr.)
Me Read Good    Woodstock
4.    Megan Clift (Sr.)
Fashion Frenzy    Byron


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Coal City, IL
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1.    Coal City   
2.    Reed-Custer   
3.    Morris   
4.    Bradley-Bourbonnais   
5.    Seneca

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Kaylin Slattery (Sr.) and Sam Barnes (Sr.)
Ten Minutes    Peotone
2.    Alex Giordano (Sr.) and Cassidy Johnson (Sr.)
Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)    Coal City
3.    Jorie Struck (Sr.) and Sam Bennett (Sr.)
Ghosts    Morris
4.    Alaina Boudreau (Fr.) and Hannah Bevis (Jr.)
Stop Rain    Bradley-Bourbonnais

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Cody Chandler (Sr.)
Hands of My Father    Coal City
2.    Katrina Kryzaniak (Sr.)
The Good Mother    Reed-Custer
3.    Samantha Courter (Sr.)
The Weir    Morris
4.    Orion Lovell (Jr.)
Grief Struck    Ottawa
4.    Aimee Nugent (Sr.)
Ice Cream for Dinner    Seneca

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Zackary A. Landers (So.)    Coal City
2.    Amanda Murphy (Jr.)    Reed-Custer
3.    Dakota Applebee (Jr.)    Seneca
4.    Jorie Struck (Sr.)    Morris

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Belinda Green (Sr.) and Cody Chandler (Sr.)
The Marriage Counselor    Coal City
2.    Cody Marcukaitis (Sr.) and Sam Barnes (Sr.)
Psychiatry in a Can    Peotone
3.    Kelli O'Donnell (Sr.) and Wil Padera (Sr.)
The Murder Room    Reed-Custer
4.    Cody Gindy (Jr.) and Michael Keigher (Sr.)
The History of Television, Condensed    Bradley-Bourbonnais

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Michael Keigher (Sr.)
Green Eggs and Ham    Bradley-Bourbonnais
2.    Kelsey Devine (Sr.)
The Craving    Coal City
3.    Mary Wolverton (So.)
Bobby Wilson Can Eat His Own Face    Morris
4.    Brittany Armstrong (Sr.)
Amelia Bedelia's Frist Day of School    Seneca

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Zackary A. Landers (So.)    Coal City
2.    Sarah Tedeschi (Sr.)    Crete-Monee
3.    Dakota Applebee (Jr.)    Seneca
4.    Jaymee Cole (Jr.)    Morris

Informative Speaking
1.    Megan Smith (Sr.)
Sunny Side Up    Reed-Custer
2.    Carlos Shoemaker (Fr.)
It's a Short Life    Coal City
3.    Rebecca Hettrick (Jr.)
The Tragic Glow    Ottawa
4.    Kate Kirkton (Sr.)
Modern Day Mowglis    Seneca

Oratorical Declamation

1.    Amber Hunnewell (Sr.)
Flight 93    Morris
2.    Nick Allen (Sr.)
Here, Queer, and Everywhere    Bradley-Bourbonnais
3.    Rebecca Hettrick (Jr.)
The Prime Rib of America    Ottawa
4.    Wil Padera (Sr.)
For My Brothers and Sisters in the Failure Business    Reed-Custer

Original Comedy
1.    Alex Benajmin (Sr.)
Don't Believe The Skype    Bradley-Bourbonnais
2.    Belinda Green (Sr.)
What's a girl to do?    Coal City
3.    A.J. Galli (Sr.)
Kissing Bob Barker    Joliet West
4.    Lance Willis (So.)
The Life of a Bellhop    Reed-Custer

Original Oratory
1.    Brooke Smith (Jr.)
Babies...Cause Death!    Morris
2.    Amanda Murphy (Jr.)
Thirsty? Tough!    Reed-Custer
3.    Casey Zelko (So.)
We no speak Americano    Coal City
4.    Kaitie Maierhofer (Sr.)
Working with ADD/ADHD    Seneca

Performance in the Round

1    Kurt Vonnegut JR's ''Welcome to the Monkey House''    Morris
2    High School Musi-Pocalypse in under 10 minutes    Coal City

Poetry Reading
1.    Nick Allen (Sr.)
Finally, a Place at the Table...    Bradley-Bourbonnais
2.    Rachel Johnson (Jr.)
Alice in Wonderland Program    Seneca
3.    Kelsey Dilday (Jr.)
Because I am Furniture    Minooka
4.    Uxmar Torres (Fr.)
Carpe Diem    Coal City

Prose Reading
1.    Kelsey Devine (Sr.)
It Sucked and Then I Cried    Coal City
2.    Alex Koerner (Jr.)
One in Ten    Bradley-Bourbonnais
3.    Kate Kirkton (Sr.)
The Middle Place    Seneca
4.    Nathaniel Marshall (So.)
A Brief Moment in the life of Angus Bethune    Reed-Custer

Radio Speaking
1.    Blake Wilhelmsen (Jr.)    Morris
2.    Kyle Johnson (Jr.)    Peotone
3.    Sarah Pollock (Sr.)    Reed-Custer
4.    Connor Johnson (So.)    Minooka

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Kelli O'Donnell (Sr.)
Statistically Speaking    Reed-Custer
2.    Lauren Galloway (Jr.)
All You Need is Love?    Morris
3.    Tommy Fatigante (Jr.)
Soccer: This is how we kick it!    Coal City
4.    Alex Benjamin (Sr.)
Requiem Aeteman Dona Eis, Domine    Bradley-Bourbonnais


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Chatham, IL
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1.    Belleville West   
2.    Glenwood   
3.    Belleville East   
4.    Springfield High School   
5.    Granite City

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Audriana Marion (Sr.) and Matt Ingram (Sr.)
Jane's Park    Belleville West
2.    LeeAnna Studt (So.) and Tyler Green (Jr.)
Twilight of the Golds    Belleville East
3.    Ben Shane (Sr.) and Kevin Tkach (Sr.)
Angles in America    Glenwood
4.    Annie Gates (So.) and Rebecca Davis (So.)
Letters Home    Springfield High School

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Teryl Thurman (Sr.)
Dancing With the Devil    Belleville East
2.    Emily Woods (Sr.)
The Speed Queen    Belleville West
3.    Leanne Malcolm (Jr.)
Crystal Clear    Glenwood
4.    Carly Piland (Jr.)
Hitting the Bars    Springfield High School

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Eli Bernstein (Jr.)    Belleville West
2.    Jamie Vaught (Jr.)    Granite City
3.    Skylar Midden (Sr.)    Glenwood
4.    Onsi Kamel (So.)    Springfield High School

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Colin Sobol (Jr.) and Jackie Eberle (Jr.)
Marriage Is Murder    Belleville East
2.    Kevin Tkach (Sr.) and Nate Broderick (Sr.)
Gangster Apparel    Glenwood
3.    Cody Essien (So.) and Myesha Harris (Jr.)
The Marriage Counselor    Belleville West
4.    Rachel Bond (Fr.) and Spencer McDonald (Fr.)
Hypneurosis    Springfield High School

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Tayler Kinner (Sr.)
God's Favorite    Glenwood
2.    LeeAnna Studt (So.)
Ruthless    Belleville East
3.    Ally Perko (Jr.)
The Remarkable Adventures of States the Obvious Girl    Springfield High School
4.    David Felts (Jr.)
Dracula vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck Spectacular    Belleville West

Impromptu Speaking

1.    Eli Bernstein (Jr.)    Belleville West
2.    Tylar Midden (Sr.)    Glenwood
3.    Jack Zinnnen (So.)    Springfield High School
4.    Kyle Phouangmalay (Sr.)    Granite City

Informative Speaking
1.    Ryne Eversman (Sr.)
In Your Dreams    Belleville East
1.    Shay Berry (Sr.)
Remote Control    Belleville West
1.    Jansen Eaton (Sr.)
Signature Finishing Move: I See What You Did There!    Glenwood
4.    Jack Zinnen (So.)
Hurrah for Hemp    Springfield High School

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Vondell Burns (Jr.)
Stop Screaming at the Microwave    Belleville West
2.    Kirstie Suddeth (Sr.)
Tulane University's 2010 Commencement Address    Granite City
3.    Emily Wheeler (So.)
''My Mother's Girdle.''    Glenwood
4.    Teryl Thurman (Sr.)
Down the Slide    Belleville East

Original Comedy
1.    Ben Shane (Sr.)
Gondola of Ironic Deaths    Glenwood
2.    Emily Woods (Sr.)
Leonore's Chance    Belleville West
3.    Phillip Cheng (Sr.)
Can D Land    Belleville East

Original Oratory
1.    Vondell Burns (Jr.)
Think Before You Speak    Belleville West
2.    Joe Wilson (Jr.)
Trapped in Something, Somewhere    Glenwood
3.    Tyneshia Wilkinson (Jr.)
So, What Are You?    East St. Louis Sr.
4.    Zainab Jasim (Jr.)
Validating Violence    Springfield High School

Performance in the Round
1    All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten    Belleville West
2    Devdas    East St. Louis Sr.
3    Three Hundred and One    Althoff

Poetry Reading

1.    Myesha Harris (Jr.)
Life According to Motown    Belleville West
2.    Jansen Eaton (Sr.)
You Know What They Say about Lawyers...    Glenwood
3.    Jackie Eberle (Jr.)
Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns    Belleville East
4.    Carly Piland (Jr.)
Program Builder: Past the Profundity    Springfield High School

Prose Reading

1.    Matt Ingram (Sr.)
The Perfect Love Story    Belleville West
2.    Colin Sobol (Jr.)
The God Box    Belleville East
3.    Emily Wheeler (So.)
Such a Pretty Girl    Glenwood
4.    Shaniyah Moore (Fr.)
Bloodletting    East St. Louis Sr.

Radio Speaking

1.    Sterling Beckmann (Jr.)    Belleville West
2.    Nate Broderick (Sr.)    Glenwood
3.    Jamie Vaught (Jr.)    Granite City
4.    Anna Kurtz (Fr.)    Belleville East

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Rose Beauchamp (Sr.)
Teenage Relationships: Epic Fail!    Glenwood
2.    Ryne Eversman (Sr.)
How to FAIL    Belleville East
3.    Jorden Guldner (Jr.)
Creeping Toms and Other Virtual Voyeurs    Belleville West
4.    Shaniyah Mayes
Thirteen Going On Thirty    East St. Louis Sr.


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Charleston, IL
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1.    Lincoln   
1.    Charleston   
3.    Heyworth
4.    O'Fallon   
5.    Mahomet-Seymour

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Shelby Voyles (Jr.) and Wyatt Phillis (So.)
''Because I Wanted to Say''    Lincoln
2.    Emelia Ferrero (Fr.) and Katie Stewart (Jr.)
Final Placement    Nokomis
3.    Hannah Deitsch (Fr.) and Stephanie Niemann (Jr.)
Final Placement    Heyworth
4.    Mikka Spencer (So.) and MIRANDA LESTER (So.)
LULLABY    Charleston
4.    Jennie Thompson (So.) and Shawnee Brady (Jr.)
The Unknown Part of the Ocean    Georgetown-Ridge Farm
4.    Hailey Sellek (Jr.) and Shannon Satterlee (So.)
“Digging Too Deep”    Paxton-Buckley-Loda

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Anna Dujakovich (Sr.)
Talking to Strangers    Heyworth
2.    Jordan Cornwell (Fr.)
SAFETY    Charleston
3.    Elizabeth Jaegle (Jr.)
''Thirteen Things About Ed Carpolotti''    Lincoln
4.    Shannon Satterlee (So.)
“I’ve Seen the Dark”    Paxton-Buckley-Loda

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Matthew Mason (Jr.)    Lincoln
2.    JONATHAN HAWKINS (Sr.)    Charleston
3.    Tabitha Nelson (Sr.)    Heyworth

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Samuel Filbeck (So.) and Sara Buchannan (Jr.)
''Little Footsteps''    Lincoln
2.    Anna Dujakovich (Sr.) and Spencer Coile (Sr.)
One Tennis Shoe    Heyworth
THE STEPFORD GUY    Charleston
4.    Katelyn Wonderlin (Fr.) and Laura Briney (So.)
On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning    Mahomet-Seymour

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Samuel Filbeck (So.)
''The Poet and the Rent''    Lincoln
2.    Hannah Deitsch (Fr.)
Wanda's Visit    Heyworth
3.    Keely Zimmerman (Jr.)
Gangsta Claus    O'Fallon
4.    BLAKE WARMAN (Jr.)

Impromptu Speaking
1.    JONATHAN HAWKINS (Sr.)    Charleston
2.    Matthew Mason (Jr.)    Lincoln
3.    Melissa Coffel (Sr.)    Mahomet-Seymour
4.    Abigail Milton (Jr.)    Heyworth

Informative Speaking

''Keepin' It Real''    Charleston
2.    Marissa Booth (So.)
''Poisons''    Lincoln
3.    Abigail Milton (Jr.)
The Barefoot Bandit    Heyworth
4.    Blake Heiner (Sr.)
Adrenaline Addiction    Tri-Valley

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Kathryn Langdon (Sr.)
''How to Be Hopeful'' 2008 Duke Commencement Address    Lincoln
2.    JAY DANIELS (Jr.)
THE LAST LECTURE    Charleston
3.    Hope Nash (Sr.)
Commencement Address    Heyworth
4.    Danielle Moody (Sr.)
Love Beyond Life    O'Fallon

Original Comedy
''Jurassiphobia''    Charleston
2.    Rachel Freese (Sr.)
Cleanup in Aisle 13    O'Fallon
3.    Rachel Langley (Jr.)
Group Therapy    Mahomet-Seymour
4.    Rebecca Furbeck (Fr.)
2012: Fact, Fiction, or Prank?    Heyworth

Original Oratory
1.    Hope Nash (Sr.)
Fear the Right Things    Heyworth
2.    AMY DANIELS (Fr.)
''Are There Any Questions?''    Charleston
3.    Olivia Bohnhoff (Sr.)
Discrimination Against Immigrants    Tri-Valley
4.    Elizabeth Dye (So.)
''Family, Matters''    Lincoln

Performance in the Round
1.    LITERARY CANON FODDER    Charleston
2.    ''Rance Bourbon: Private I--A Film Noir Tale of Warm, Fuzzy Terror''    Lincoln

Poetry Reading
1.    Kathryn Langdon (Sr.)
''Toys: A Program''    Lincoln
2.    AMY DANIELS (Fr.)
HEARTBEAT    Charleston
3.    Rachel Freese (Sr.)
The Homefront    O'Fallon
4.    Marie Beasley (Jr.)
Colors    Nokomis

Prose Reading
1.    JAY DANIELS (Jr.)
''The King of Nerd Camp''    Charleston
2.    Samantha Klein (So.)
We're Just Like You, Only Prettier    Heyworth
3.    Tara Shane (Jr.)
''If I Stay''    Lincoln
4.    Ennessa Curry (Jr.)
Blue Roses    O'Fallon

Radio Speaking

1.    Stephanie Niemann (Jr.)    Heyworth
2.    Zach Feldker (Sr.)    Tri-Valley
3.    Shelby Voyles (Jr.)    Lincoln
4.    Tiffany McCormick (So.)    O'Fallon

Special Occasion Speaking

1.    Spencer Coile (Sr.)
Sense and Sensitivity    Heyworth
''Face''-ing the Truth    Charleston
3.    Amy Knutilla (Jr.)
''Boys Have Cooties''    Lincoln
4.    David Gaddy (So.)
The Mental Light Switch    Mahomet-Seymour


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Carbondale, IL
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1.    Benton   
2.    Carbondale   
3.    Harrisburg   
4.    Waterloo   
5.    DuQuoin H.S.

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Johnathon Koski (Jr.) and Kayla Erwin (Fr.)
Astro 69    Benton
2.    Amber Adams (Jr.) and Katie Butler (Jr.)
Swerve    Herrin H.S.
3.    Kaylee Ridgeway (So.) and Sydney Heumann (So.)
The Unknown Part of the Ocean    DuQuoin H.S.
4.    Phillip West (So.) and Puja Mehta (Jr.)
Butterflies are free.    Harrisburg

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Portia Goodin (Sr.)
Wishful Drinking    Carbondale
2.    Sara Barnett (Sr.)
Satan in Wonderland    Benton
3.    Maddy Munsell (Jr.)
It's Always Something    Waterloo
4.    Brandon Johnson (So.)
Avoiding kryptonite    Harrisburg

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Sarah Seward-Genung (So.)    Carbondale
2.    Maddy Munsell (Jr.)    Waterloo
3.    Zac Thomason (So.)    Benton
4.    Cassi Watkins (So.)    Harrisburg

Humorous Duet Acting

1.    Courtney Knight (So.) and Johnathon Koski (Jr.)
If I Could Script a Date    Benton
2.    DJ Duncan (So.) and Jillian Miller (Fr.)
Heritage, Her-i-tage, & Hair-i-tage    Harrisburg
3.    David Naber (Jr.) and Rebecca Blake (Sr.)
Romantic Fools    Waterloo
4.    Jacob Gorecki (Jr.) and Richard Ketter (So.)
Two Wild and Crazy Guys    Carbondale

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Jacob Gorecki (Jr.)
The Tick vs. The Terror    Carbondale
2.    Luke Hartenstein (Sr.)
Genetically Altered Book of Genesis    Waterloo
3.    DJ Duncan (So.)
Pinnochiante    Harrisburg
4.    Henry Pickett (Jr.)
The Colored Museum    Benton

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Zac Thomason (So.)    Benton
2.    Hannjoo Moon (Sr.)    Carbondale
3.    Torri Lawrence (Fr.)    Waterloo
4.    Puja Mehta (Jr.)    Harrisburg

Informative Speaking

1.    Kayla Erwin (So.)
3D: Here to Stay or a Floating Illusion?    Benton
2.    Dante Migone (Sr.)
Carbon Nanotubes: Capturing the Future    Carbondale
3.    Kellyn Sirach (Sr.)
Jack & Jill: a cerebral perspective    Harrisburg
4.    Lauren Gentsch (Sr.)
Narcolepsy    Waterloo

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Jessica Robinson (Jr.)
Bill Buckner Would Approve    Carbondale
2.    Henry Pickett (Jr.)
What's Wrong With Black English    Benton
3.    Hanna Mocaby (Sr.)
The Lean and Hungry Look    Mt. Vernon H.S.
4.    Hannah Owen (Sr.)
Where is Anna Quindlen when I need her?    Harrisburg

Original Comedy

1.    Courtney Knight (So.)
Joke, Plot, Characters, Funny Twist, Touching Ending    Benton
2.    Nicole Cavitt (Sr.)
Get In Where You Fit In    Carbondale
3.    Brandon Johnson (So.)
Life: stuck in a bottle    Harrisburg
4.    David Naber (Jr.)
Opposite Day    Waterloo

Original Oratory

1.    Hannah Owen (Sr.)
A nation of snuggies    Harrisburg
2.    Abbie Price (Jr.)
4 Good    Benton
3.    Sam Brittingham (Jr.)
Student Activism: More Than Just Protest    Carbondale
4.    Torri Lawrence (Fr.)
Two is Better Than One    Waterloo

Performance in the Round
1.    Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread    Carbondale
2.    All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten    Benton
3.    The colors of love.    Harrisburg
4.    The Auditioners    Herrin H.S.

Poetry Reading
1.    Noah Coleman (Jr.)
A Man and a Boy on a Bike    DuQuoin H.S.
2.    Jessica Robinson (Jr.)
I Want To Forget You    Carbondale
3.    Leah Juenger (Jr.)
I Like you but Behind Closed Doors    Waterloo
4.    Katie Butler (Jr.)
I Carry It In My Heart    Herrin H.S.

Prose Reading
1.    Kellyn Sirach (Sr.)
I'm down    Harrisburg
2.    Noah Coleman (Jr.)
Silent Night's of Firefly Light    DuQuoin H.S.
3.    Sara Barnett (Sr.)
WWJD    Benton
4.    Leah Juenger (Jr.)
Mr. Spaceman    Waterloo

Radio Speaking
1.    Ian Pierce (Sr.)    DuQuoin H.S.
2.    Hannjoo Moon (Sr.)    Carbondale
3.    Stuart Thomas (So.)    Benton
4.    Haleigh Sperry (So.)    Waterloo

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Abbie Price (Jr.)
Mr. Know-it-All    Benton
2.    Ashley Rickert (Sr.)
Banning of Thought    Waterloo
3.    Maggie Scudder (So.)
Let's Clique Together    Carbondale
4.    Cassi Watkins (So.)
Where art thou anger?    Harrisburg


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Blue Island, IL
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1.    Oak Lawn   
2.    Richards (Oak Lawn)   
3.    Shepard   
4.    Thornridge   
5.    Eisenhower

Dramatic Duet Acting
1.    Jacqueline McNaughton (Jr.) and Michael Sequeira (Jr.)
Who's Sorry Now    Oak Lawn
2.    Destiny Thompson (Jr.) and Timothy Jefferson (Sr.)
Jitney    Thornridge
3.    Chance Cutrano (Sr.) and Dan O'Sullivan (Sr.)
Angels In America, Part One: Millennium Approaches    Shepard
4.    Lauren Smith (Sr.) and Malcolm Thompson (Sr.)
Seven Guitars    Eisenhower

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Malcolm Thompson (Sr.)
Daddy's Little Girl    Eisenhower
2.    Emily Forberg (Sr.)
Faith Healer    Richards (Oak Lawn)
3.    Timothy Jefferson (Sr.)
Man    Thornridge
4.    Chance Cutrano (Sr.)
Mr. America    Shepard

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Andrew Green (Sr.)    Oak Lawn
2.    Sean Pieroth (Sr.)    Shepard
3.    Demola Adeoshun (Jr.)    Thornridge
4.    Robert Distasio (Sr.)    Marist

Humorous Duet Acting
1.    Ashonta Atkinson (Jr.) and Patrick Pierre (Sr.)
The Colored Museum    Thornridge
2.    Elizabeth Wallace (Sr.) and Emily Forberg (Sr.)
Young Love    Richards (Oak Lawn)
3.    John Lamberger (Sr.) and Katherine Ford (Sr.)
Superhero    Oak Lawn
4.    Khyel Roberson (Sr.) and Robert Hill (Jr.)
Pillow Talk    Thornton Fractional North

Humorous Interpretation
1.    John Zahlmann (Jr.)
Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations    Richards (Oak Lawn)
2.    Samm Hilger (Jr.)
Fat Kids on Fire    Shepard
3.    Eric Hoppenrath (Sr.)
Coming Attractions    Oak Lawn
4.    Marta Toporkiewicz (So.)
I, Freddy    Reavis

Impromptu Speaking
1.    Julia Boyle (Jr.)    Oak Lawn
2.    Robert Distasio (Sr.)    Marist
3.    Demola Adeoshun (Jr.)    Thornridge
4.    Allison Lonigro (Jr.)    Richards (Oak Lawn)

Informative Speaking
1.    Andrew Green (Sr.)
iPod, iPad...iPot?    Oak Lawn
2.    Courtney Nisavic (Sr.)
The Future of Food    Shepard
3.    James Smith (Sr.)
Imagine This    Eisenhower
4.    Gina Cesario (Jr.)
Cancer 411    Reavis
4.    Allison Lonigro (Jr.)
Ctrl + P for IT'S ALIVE!    Richards (Oak Lawn)

Oratorical Declamation
1.    Christopher Allen (Jr.)
Not a Genuine Black Man    Eisenhower
2.    Michael Sequeira (Jr.)
A Call to Men    Oak Lawn
3.    Katherine Katsivalis (Sr.)
Cracks In The Ceiling, Cracks In The Door    Richards (Oak Lawn)
4.    Dennis Lynch (Jr.)
Unlimited Power    Marist
4.    Ewa Jankuc (Sr.)
Letter to a Daughter at Thirteen    Reavis

Original Comedy
1.    John Zahlmann (Jr.)
Be A Man!    Richards (Oak Lawn)
2.    Kevin Smaller (Jr.)
Algebrawl    Riverside-Brookfield
3.    Vincent Doria (Jr.)
Saving Private Vince    Oak Lawn
4.    Samson Awoyemi (Sr.)
Why me?    Thornridge

Original Oratory
1.    Rosa Gallagher (Sr.)
Are You A Digital Native?    Richards (Oak Lawn)
2.    Taylor Thomas (Sr.)
The Issue of Racism    Shepard
3.    Markist Booker (Sr.)
To Vote or Not to Vote    Thornridge
4.    Michael Olsson (Sr.)
Education Hesitation    Oak Lawn

Performance in the Round

1.    Green Eggs And Hamlet    Richards (Oak Lawn)
2.    The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing    Reavis
3.    The Kingdom Inside    Shepard
4.    Too Much Memory    Oak Lawn

Poetry Reading
1.    Katherine Katsivalis (Sr.)
Lit or (To The Scientist I'm Not Talking To Anymore)    Richards (Oak Lawn)
2.    Lauren Smith (Sr.)
My Love, My Liberty    Eisenhower
3.    Leah Ellis (Sr.)
To The Lightning Teachers    Shepard
4.    Michael Olsson (Sr.)
A Program on the Learning Experience    Oak Lawn

Prose Reading
1.    Ivette Salazar (Jr.)
My Life by Rita Romero from Push    Thornridge
2.    Brianna Griggs    Riverside-Brookfield
3.    Jacqueline McNaughton (Jr.)
The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance    Oak Lawn
4.    Doug Farley (Sr.)
A November Farewell    Shepard

Radio Speaking
1.    Katherine Ford (Sr.)    Oak Lawn
2.    Dan O'Sullivan (Sr.)    Shepard
3.    Mimi Abu-Ajamieh (Sr.)    Richards (Oak Lawn)
4.    Dennis Lynch (Jr.)    Marist

Special Occasion Speaking
1.    Leah Ellis (Sr.)
The Perception of Blackness    Shepard
2.    Rosa Gallagher (Sr.)
Blue Collar Blues    Richards (Oak Lawn)
3.    Kassy DeGrado (So.)
''I'm a Pepper, You're a Pepper...''    Reavis
4.    Eric Hoppenrath (Sr.)
Creativity is Dead    Oak Lawn


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: West Point, NE
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1.    Battle Creek   
2.    Hartington   
3.    Pierce   
4.    West Point Central Catholic   
5.    Elkhorn Mount Michael

JV Duet Acting
1.    Alisha White and Caleb Lohrberg    (Pierce)
2.    Aaron Schaecher and Shawna Schaecher    (Battle Creek)
3.    Brenda Gallardo and Darien Gustafson    (Wakefield)
4.    Brandon Gerdes and Charles Krueger    (Pierce)
5.    Dani Muhle and Sarah Lutjens    (Lutheran High Northeast)
6.    Aryn Smidt and Katie Becker    (West Point-Beemer)

JV Entertainment Speaking

1.    Skylar Peyton    (West Point Central Catholic)
2.    Lauren Barge    (Wakefield)
3.    Abby Ortmeier    (West Point Central Catholic)
4.    Ethan Steiner    (Hartington)
5.    Austin Barry    (Wahoo-Bishop Neumann)
6.    Alex Gass    (Elkhorn Mount Michael)

JV Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Kelsey Daganaar    (Louisville)
2.    Connor Moynihan    (Elkhorn Mount Michael)
3.    Caleb Lohrberg    (Pierce)
4.    Erick Diaz    (Leigh)
5.    Katie Lloyd    (Wahoo-Bishop Neumann)
6.    Sean Craven    (West Point-Beemer)

JV Informative Speaking
1.    Heidi Miller    (Lyons Decatur)
2.    Marissa Franzluebbers    (West Point Central Catholic)
3.    Karlie Bracht    (West Point Central Catholic)
4.    Shelby Eickhoff    (Hartington)
5.    Matthew Holly    (Gross Catholic)
6.    Kenny Volk   (Battle Creek)

JV Oral Interpretation of Drama
1.    Hannah Rose, Konner Lamb and Marcus Manley    (Louisville)
2.    Abby Thurin, Ethan Steiner, Joe Noecker, Justine Fischer and Riley Haug    (Hartington)
3.    Laurel Nelson, Mikayla Booth and Sarah Lutjens    (Lutheran High Northeast)
4.    Alisha White, Blake Douglass, Briton Rodenborg, Molly Harris and Myckaila Leach    (Pierce)
5.    Mandy Davis, Molly Phillips and Sydnee Brehmer    (Lyons Decatur)
6.    Abby Kirby, Hannah Goodwater, Katy Kirshner and Rebecca Blank    (Lutheran High Northeast)

JV Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose

1.    Shawna Schaecher    (Battle Creek)
2.    Mike Peavler    (Yutan)
3.    Jordan Brus    (Pierce)
4.    Darien Gustafson    (Wakefield)
5.    Travis Pritchard    (Arlington)
6.    Jackson Miller    (Battle Creek)

JV Oral Interpretation of Poetry
1.    Marty Anderson    (Elkhorn Mount Michael)
2.    Whitney Dowling    (Hartington)
3.    Shawnee Peterson    (Yutan)
4.    Katie Zeluf    (Louisville)
5.    Jackson Miller    (Battle Creek)
6.    Liz Henery    (Battle Creek)
F.    Anna Weiler    (West Point Central Catholic)

JV Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose
1.    Richard Woods    (Elkhorn Mount Michael)
2.    Charles Krueger    (Pierce)
3.    Randy Speer    (Elkhorn Mount Michael)
4.    Karen Lawrence    (Logan View)
5.    Dani Muhle    (Lutheran High Northeast)
6.    Sarah Lutjens    (Lutheran High Northeast)

JV Persuasive Speaking

1.    Nick Oviatt    (Yutan)
2.    Tyler Prauner    (Battle Creek)
3.    Hannah Meyer    (Lutheran High Northeast)
4.    Sara Hunke    (West Point Central Catholic)
5.    Annie Niewohner    (West Point Central Catholic)
6.    Ashton Johnson    (Pierce)

Varsity Duet Acting

1.    Mercedes Greve and Ryan Conyers    (Wakefield)
2.    Adam Wortmann and Nick Lammers    (Hartington)
3.    Gabe Scoville and Houston Arens    (Hartington)
4.    Alison Fleer and Miranda Schnebel    (Battle Creek)
5.    Matt Koeppe and Ryan Leise    (Pierce)
6.    Brandi Feldmann and Michaela Feldmann    (Battle Creek)

Varsity Entertainment Speaking
1.    Gary Grinvalds    (Yutan)
2.    Emily Taylor    (Pierce)
3.    Rachel Schott    (Battle Creek)
4.    Adam Wagner    (Battle Creek)
5.    Alison Fleer    (Battle Creek)
6.    Shavon Bonner    (Battle Creek)

Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    Jared Bourek    (Elkhorn Mount Michael)
2.    Cody Fischer   (Hartington)
3.    Aubrey Dinslage    (Battle Creek)
4.    Katherine Cole    (Lutheran High Northeast)
5.    Monta Meirose    (Hartington)
6.    Rachel Flaugh    (Hartington)

Varsity Informative Speaking

1.    Kim Ruskamp    (Dodge)
2.    Casey Steiner    (Hartington)
3.    Ryan Rowe    (Gross Catholic)
4.    Mallory Hrabanek    (Battle Creek)
5.    Whitney Driver    (Hartington)
6.    Amanda Luhr    (Wakefield)

Varsity Oral Interpretation of Drama
1.    Adam Wagner, Matthew Henery, Rachel Schott and Shavon Bonner    (Battle Creek)
2.    Elyssa Leach, Emily Taylor, Jacob Jones, Micah Bahnfleth and Zach Halsey    (Pierce)
3.    Adam Wortmann, Alec Fuelberth, Bryan Dunn, Nanette Heimes and Nick Lammers    (Hartington)
4.    Colin Wichman, Gary Grinvalds and Thomas Pascarelli    (Yutan)
5.    Hannah Paxton, Henry Ventura, Mercedes Greve, Ryan Conyers and Sydney Rose    (Wakefield)
6.    Anna Creekmore, Eric Derickson, Michaela Dendinger and Nick Miller    (Hartington)

Varsity Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose
1.    Justin Reininger    (Leigh)
2.    Bryan Dunn    (Hartington)
3.    Gabe Scoville    (Hartington)
4.    Micah Bahnfleth    (Pierce)
5.    Zach Halsey    (Pierce)
6.    Ryan Conyers    (Wakefield)

Varsity Oral Interpretation of Poetry
1.    Preston Prauner    (Battle Creek)
2.    Brittany Hinkel    (Hartington)
3.    Beth Ahlers    (Lutheran High Northeast)
4.    Casey McCutcheon    (Leigh)
5.    Emma Stokely    (West Point Central Catholic)
6.    Kara Sousek    (Wahoo-Bishop Neumann)

Varsity Oral Interpretation of Serious Prose
1.    Megan Perry    (West Point Central Catholic)
2.    Spencer Leffler    (West Point Central Catholic)
3.    Preston Prauner    (Battle Creek)
4.    Victoria Nelson    (Wakefield)
5.    Colin Wichman    (Yutan)
6.    Emma Stokely    (West Point Central Catholic)

Varsity Persuasive Speaking
1.    Miranda Schnebel    (Battle Creek)
2.    Aubrey Dinslage    (Battle Creek)
3.    Mary Marks    (Battle Creek)
4.    Nicole Barry    (Wahoo-Bishop Neumann)
5.    Heidy Arriaza    (Leigh)
6.    Anna Creekmore    (Hartington)


Date: 02/05/2011
Tournament Location: Duluth, MN
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1.    Chanhassen   
2.    Moorhead   
3.    Eden Prairie   
4.    Centennial   
5.    Marshall   
6.    Chaska   
7.    Duluth Denfeld   
8.    Bemidji   
9.    St. Francis   
10.    Forest Lake

Creative Expressions
1.    Annie Cameron    (Moorhead)
2.    Matt Walton    (Moorhead)
3.    Peter Totten    (Moorhead)
4.    Tessa Hilpipre    (Eden Prairie)
5.    Stephanie Callaghan    (Chanhassen)
6.    Chris Cheng    (Eden Prairie)
F.    Nate Sand    (Moorhead)


1.    Megan Koehnen    (Centennial)
2.    Monica Ohnsorg    (Chanhassen)
3.    Jarrod Anderson    (Moorhead)
4.    Tanner Robare    (Bemidji)
5.    Bo Erickson    (Marshall)
6.    He Li    (Eden Prairie)
F.    Ben Peterson    (Bemidji)

Dramatic Interpretation
1.    Chino Farok    (Moorhead)
2.    Nina Grollman    (Moorhead)
3.    Maria Lisignoli     (Chanhassen)
4.    Megan Pellettiere    (Chanhassen)
5.    Courtney Otto    (Marshall)
6.    Andy Kimball    (Centennial)
F.    Dillon Willis     (Chanhassen)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Anna Larranaga and Chris Schnettler     (Chanhassen)
2.    Nina Grollman and Sam Winsenden    (Moorhead)
3.    Ali Souza and Nick Klauda     (Chanhassen)
4.    Courtney Otto and Nick Dorman    (Marshall)
5.    Mallory McKinney and Taylor Diles    (Chaska)
6.    Jake Shermer and Mandi Salo    (Hermantown)
F.    Anna Menzel and Nate Olson    (Duluth Denfeld)

Extemp. Reading

1.    Andy Troska    (Centennial)
2.    Lindsay Lundeen    (Eden Prairie)
3.    Hannah Milani    (Hibbing)
4.    Dillon Willis     (Chanhassen)
5.    Maija Lindaas    (Moorhead)
6.    Katie Clem    (Chanhassen)
F.    Kaley Kaufman     (Chanhassen)

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.    David Stauffer     (Chanhassen)
2.    Alex Gray    (St. Francis)
3.    Alex Rafferty    (Centennial)
4.    Alex Everhart    (St. Francis)
5.    Seiko Shastri    (Moorhead)
6.    Alex Kister    (Centennial)
F.    Elise Sperling    (Moorhead)

Great Speeches
1.    Chris Cheng    (Eden Prairie)
2.    Layla Safinia    (Eden Prairie)
3.    Andrew Brady    (Chaska)
4.    Madeline Erickson    (Bemidji)
5.    Esther Lee    (Chaska)
6.    Genevieve Kafka    (Moorhead)
F.    Paige Wakefield    (Moorhead)

Humorous Interpretation

1.    Lewis Baker    (Chanhassen)
2.    Hailey Woolverton    (Duluth Denfeld)
3.    Garrett Maron    (Duluth Denfeld)
4.    Chris Schnettler     (Chanhassen)
5.    Zach Aufenthie    (Marshall)
6.    Missy Baddin    (Duluth Denfeld)
F.    Jeff Paskach    (Marshall)

Informative Speaking
1.    David Stauffer     (Chanhassen)
2.    Colin Richards    (Bemidji)
3.    Sydney Delp    (Hermantown)
4.    Megan Howell   (Eden Prairie)
5.    Hayley Sprat     (Chanhassen)
6.    Kalie Zahn     (Chanhassen)
6.    Brad Mondloch    (Forest Lake)

Original Oratory

1.    Joanne Jiang    (Eden Prairie)
2.    Raffy Maristela    (Eden Prairie)
3.    Lindsay Lundeen    (Eden Prairie)
4.    Mitch Newport     (Chanhassen)
5.    Lauren Katalinich     (Chanhassen)
6.    Nick Evans    (Marshall)
F.    Alex Everhart    (St. Francis)

1.    Hayley Ryan     (Chanhassen)
2.    Trevor Larson    (Moorhead)
3.    Bjorn Hunstad    (Moorhead)
4.    David Young-Stephens    (Centennial)
5.    Emma Fowler    (Grand Rapids)
6.     Kristyne Hass    (Moorhead)
F.    Caitlin Fryment    (Chanhassen)

1.    Sam Winsenden    (Moorhead)
2.    Elaine Patterson    (Eden Prairie)
3.    Luke Schroeder    (Marshall)
4.    Seiko Shastri    (Moorhead)
5.    Stephanie Johnson    (Centennial)
6.    Ali Dorschner    (Chanhassen)
F.    Gabby Scott    (Walker)
F.    Kaisi Haarstad     (Chanhassen)

1.    Sam Scarlato    (Chanhassen)
2.    Anne Totten    (Moorhead)
3.    Kayla Peters    (Chaska)
4.    Emily Kari    (Moorhead)
5.    Andy Pollino    (Eden Prairie)
6.    McKenna Risch    (Chanhassen)
F.    Dillon Quinn    (Chaska)
F.    Haley Vinup    (Eden Prairie)


Creative Expressions
1.    Marcus Jahn    (Duluth Denfeld)
2.    Karin Nordin    (Centennial)
3.    Missy Baddin    (Duluth Denfeld)
4.    TJ Kegel    (Chaska)
5.    Cameron Wintersteen    (Moorhead)
6.    Zach Anderson    (Chanhassen)
F.    Brady Mueller    (St. Francis)


1.    Alex Jorgenson    (St. Francis)
2.    Claira Poirier    (Duluth Denfeld)
3.    Megan Jones    (Bemidji)
4.    Rahul Agarwal    (Eden Prairie)
5.    Daniel Merna    (Marshall)
6.    Walker Manning    (Chanhassen)
F.    Kelli Linehan    (Eden Prairie)

Dramatic Interpretation

1.    Amber Ledoux    (Duluth Denfeld)
2.    Vanessa Agnes    (Forest Lake)
3.    Kate Tepley    (Moorhead)
4.    Amanda Casselton    (Moorhead)
5.    Jake Stendahl    (Forest Lake)
6.    Joey McKinney    (Chanhassen)
F.    Andy Troska    (Centennial)

Duo Interpretation
1.    Andrew Carlson and Megan Renslow    (Moorhead)
2.    Lewis Baker and Megan Pellettiere    (Chanhassen)
3.    Kayla Peters and Zach Bolland    (Chaska)
4.    Maria Lisignoli and Sam Scarlato    (Chanhassen)
5.    Drew McMillian and Marcus Jahn    (Duluth Denfeld)
6.    Rachel Nebeker and Ryan Nebeker    (Eden Prairie)
F.    Brady Mueller and Kenny Mauch-Morff    (St. Francis)

Extemp. Reading
1.    Ryan Sudo    (Forest Lake)
2.    Emily Dehart    (Bemidji)
3.    Geordin Crist    (St. Francis)
4.    Kari Grundmeier    (Forest Lake)
5.    Kelsey Seppelt    (Centennial)
6.    Robbie Pettys-Baker    (Moorhead)
F.    Brittany Kortuem    (Moorhead)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1.    Tony Stauber     (Chanhassen)
2.    Matthew Uttermark    (Duluth Denfeld)
3.    Matt Tyson     (Chanhassen)
4.    Rachel Palermo    (Totino-Grace High School)
5.    Morgan Motzel    (Totino-Grace High School)
6.    Brandon Breuer    (Chanhassen)
F.    Kyle McCleary    (Forest Lake)

Great Speeches

1.    Hannah Olevson    (Chanhassen)
2.    Lucas Groskreutz    (Chaska)
3.    Alice Thomson     (Chanhassen)
4.    Kylie Windecker    (Moorhead)
5.    Paul Enger    (Bemidji)
6.    Abby Udstuen     (Chanhassen)
F.    Tyler Johnson    (Hermantown)

Humorous Interpretation
1.    Matt Wisenden    (Moorhead)
2.    Megan Renslow    (Moorhead)
3.    Ali Souza     (Chanhassen)
4.    Ryan Olson    (Moorhead)
5.    Neil Peterson    (Forest Lake)
6.    Luke Schroeder    (Marshall)
F.    Ross McKenzie    (Chaska)

Informative Speaking
1.    TJ Kegel    (Chaska)
2.    Nick Evans    (Marshall)
3.    Annie Kuznik    (Hibbing)
4.    Anastasia Eckman    (Moorhead)
5.    Jenny Stolp     (Chanhassen)
6.    Amy Welu    (Marshall)
F.    Jessica Rupp    (Marshall)

Original Oratory

1.    Abby Surprenant    (Marshall)
2.    Tony Stauber     (Chanhassen)
3.    Hannah Spieldenner    (Chanhassen)
4.    Andy Laengle     (Chanhassen)
5.    Rena Wang    (Duluth Denfeld)
6.    Carolyn Ritter    (Grand Rapids)
F.    Ryan Nelson    (Centennial)


1.    Amber Atkinson    (Chaska
2.    Sarah Rice    (Moorhead
3.    Autumn Huber   
4.    Breanna Schulenburg    (Eden Prairie)
5.    Grace Steward    (Walker)
6.    Hannah Carlson    (Duluth Denfeld)
F.    Kat Hammer    (Eden Prairie)

1.    Devon Manney    (Moorhead)
2.    Breanna Schulenburg    (Eden Prairie)
3.    Mandi Salo    (Hermantown)
4.    Quinn Vatland    (Eden Prairie)
5.    Brittany Kortuem    (Moorhead)
6.    Tanner Tweten    (Moorhead)
F.    Hannah Sinner     (Chanhassen)

1.    Sarah Solberg    (Centennial)
2.    Kathryn Eggert    (Moorhead)
3.    Sara Rendall     (Chanhassen)
4.    Ben Steward    (Walker)
5.    McKenzie Vermeire    (Marshall)
6.    Shontel Smith    (Moorhead)
F.    Celena Todora    (Centennial)


Date: 02/04/2011
Tournament Location: Hattiesburg High School Campus in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
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International Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Maria Vasser

2. Ben Mabie

3. Nealesh Padhye

4. Will Bedwell

5. Kelsey Glenn

6. Vineet Aggarwal

Oral Interpretation

1. William Wildman

2. Kristen Dupard

3. Kevin King

4. Takira Laffitte

5. Payton Green

6. Michael Jordan

Original Oratory

1. Kelsey Glenn

2. Mitchell Ferguson

3. Miles Bridges

4. Nealesh Padhye

5. Mujda Alamzai

6. Kevin King

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Miles Bridges

2. Jyoti Swamy

3. Sarah Dahdouh

4. Kristen Dupard

5. Ravneet Kapoor

6. Julian Flores


1. Ben Mabie

2. Haylee Upton

3. John Brahan

4. Grant Thomas

5. Victoria Jones

6. Shiran Sukumar


1. Darby Burghard

2. Madison Kolbo

3. Becca McGehee

4. Racquel Downing

5. Claire Kinnell

6. Ashly Kyzar

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Ben Mabie

2. Maria Vasser

3. Nealesh Padhye

4. Joshua Von Herrmann

5. Michael Xu

6. William Ross


1. Howard Xiao

2. Chris Steere

3. Mary Ryan Karnes

4. Jennifer Lott

5. Haylee Upton

6. Hannele Heusser


1. Dalinda Andrade

2. Julian Flores

3. Kristen Dupard

4. William Wildman

5. Will Folsom

6. Juan Martinez

Duo Interpretation

1. Martinez - Flores

2. Pittsinger - Chica

3. Garcia - Andrade

4. King - Ferguson

5. Robinson - Hargreaves

6. Thorderson - Burghard

Impromptu Speaking

1. Ben Mabie

2. Shiran Sukumar

3. Steven Wild

4. Mary Ryan Karnes

5. Maria Vasser

6. John Brahan

Extemp Commentary

1. Will Bedwell

2. Shiran Sukumar

3. Steven Wild

4. Harris Barakzoy

5. Jenny Tran

6. Sohabe Mojaddidy

C-X Debate

Barakzoy - Xu

LD Debate

Zack Barlow

PF Debate

Bedwell - Wild