Tournament Information

Date: 03/12/2010
Team-School In Charge: Poland Seminary
Tournament Location: Poland Seminary in Poland, OH


Tournament Results


1. Centerville    38

2. Carrollton    27

3. Louisville    23.25

4. Poland Seminary    18.5

5. (TIE) Hathaway Brown AND Brecksville Broadview Heights  18

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Abby Zerull; CVCA

2. CALEB DEVITT; Carrollton

3. Rachel Criswell; CVCA

4. Victoria Klim; Poland Seminary

5. Jon Burns; Poland Seminary

6. Jacob Cummings; Louisville

Impromptu Speaking

1. Brendon Embry; Centerville

2. Mary Suszczynski; Youngstown Christian School

3. Scott Duberstein; Centerville

4. Jack Smith; Brecksville Broadview Heights

5. Dominique Burrell; CVCA

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1. Carly Sekerak; Lordstown

2. Brenna Scully; Hathaway Brown

3. Elaine Souder; Louisville

4. David Trujillo; North Canton Hoover

5. Sean Heflin; Massillon Perry

6. Alek Ball; Poland Seminary

Oratorical Interpretation

1. Shushmitha Pavikumar; Centerville

2. Michael Baader; Centerville


4. Kate Ols; CVCA

5. Lauren LoPiccolo; Brecksville Broadview Heights

6. Courtney Yoder; Springfield

Prose/Poetry Reading

1. Josephine Eissing; Centerville

2. Anthony Hoover; Louisville

3. Rachael Suszczynski; Youngstown Christian School

4. Dainaly Perez; Youngstown Christian School

Public Forum Debate

1. Andrew Cutshall and shubham Chandra; Centerville

2. Anna McGroarty and Josiah DePaoli; Brecksville Broadview Heights

3. Greg Knapp and Ryan Gimm; Centerville

4. Connor Whitacre and Eden Boyd; Massillon Perry

5. Ben Africk and Chandni Chandiramari; Centerville

6. Lauren Higgins and Vincent Burwell; Louisville

Student Congress

1. Michael Stankey; Brecksville Broadview Heights

2. Cristen Manion; Youngstown Christian School

3. Dana Mitchell; Hathaway Brown

4. TAYLOR THOMPSON; Carrollton

5. DOUG VANMETER; Carrollton

6. Tatini Mal-Sarkar; Hathaway Brown

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Aly Bryan; Hathaway Brown

2. BRADY MCCLURE; Carrollton

3. Nick Tessone; Poland Seminary

4. Alex Miller; Poland Seminary

5. Kevin Krymowski; Brecksville Broadview Heights


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