Nashville Debate - September 2012 Tourney

Tournament Information

Date: 09/22/2012
Tournament Location: Nashville, TN


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes
1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet - 40
2. Hillwood - 28
3. Antioch HS - 24
4. Nashville School of the Arts - 16
5. McGavock High School -14

Novice Policy Debate
1. Autumn Lucas and Olivia Bedne (Nashville School of the Arts)
2. Charles Briones and Ryan George (Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet)
3. Asaad, Marina and McGee, Donald (Antioch HS)
4. Almazon, Janeth and Beltran, Karina (Antioch HS)
5. Ishak, Marina and Mansnour, Abraham (Antioch HS)
6. Atkins, Nicholas and DT= Brandon Joyner (substitution) (Whites Creek HS)

Varsity Policy Debate
1. Jesse Offei-Nkansah and Michael Ding (Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet)
2. Camron Shirkhodaie and Samuel Rafter (Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet)
3. Abel Yosef and Yasmin Telwar (Hillwood)
4. Bryce Howard and DeNarius Lawson (McGavock High School)
5. Shiv Patel and Tony Hoang (Hillwood)
6. Kawayns Dieudonne and Sarah Martin (Hillwood)

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