Hallsville High School Christmas Classic UIL Academic Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 12/05/2009
Team-School In Charge: Hallsville High School
Tournament Location: Hallsville High School


Primary Contact: Jennifer Bailey
Events Offered:
Other Events Offered:
Number Sense
Ready Writing
Current Issues and Events
Calculator Applications
Computer Applications
News Writing
Literary Criticism
Spelling and Vocabulary
Feature Writing
Computer Science
Editorial Writing
Social Studies
Headline Writing

Tournament Results

Poetry Finals

1) Conner Skinner

2) Julia Bodiford

3) Katrina Johnson

4) Casey Anne

5) Patrick Hill

6) Sam Haynie


Prose Finals

1) Sam Bruce

2) Alyssa Rummel

3) Taylor Ellis

4) Casey Anne

5) Katie Irwin

6) Amanda Leavell


Original Oratory Finals

1) Haley Wheat

2) Leah Collum

3) David Parker

4) Sayde Pihota

5) Tom Hill

6) Cayden McDonald


Informative Speaking Finals

1) Haley Wheat

2) Payton Hall

3) Meredith Wilson

4) Ella Lowry

5) Albert Iskandarani

6) Mario Martinez


Persuasive Speaking Finals

1) Tom Hill

2) Peyton Gilbert

3) Forrest Hebron

4) Cayden McDonald

5) David Parker

6) Lindsey Kellam


Humorous Interp Finals

1) Ben McGlauglin

2) Sam Bruce

3) Taylor Ellis

4) Vincent Troino

5) Devon Sullivan

Dramatic Interp Finals

1) Allie Parker

2) Brooke Perkins

3) Sam Bruce

4) Milenka Lopez

5) Jesi Miller

6) Ashley Mungiguerra


Duo Interp Finals

1) Parker - Leavell


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