East High School Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 09/22/2012
Tournament Location: Memphis, TN


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes
1. Middle College High School - 96
2. Overton High School - 58
3. Whitehaven High School -42
4. Ridgeway High School - 40
5. The Soulsville Charter School - 38
5. Craigmont High School - 38

JV 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Cenishia Hines and Marvin Wilkins (Middle College High School)
2. Jasmine Key and Marcellous Wood (The Soulsville Charter School)
3. Jada Thomas and Tyler Mays (Overton High School)
4. Nicholas Lancaster and Nicolette Rodgers (Craigmont High School)
5. Ana Garcia and Kira Tucker (Central High School)
6. Christopher Johnson and Reese Robinson (Mitchell High School)

Varsity 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Mariatu Okonofua and RaKesha Gray (Ridgeway High School)
2. Madison Inman and Wynter-Haley Scott (Middle College High School)
3. Basia Thomas and Olivia Campbell (Overton High School)
4. Anjellika Dumas and Kiera Jackson (Middle College High School)
5. Aubrea Sutton and Rhonda Payne (Central High School)
6. Kellin Slater and Raquel Brewer (East High School)

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