4A East Subsections

Tournament Information

Date: 04/07/2010
Tournament Location: St. Anthony Village, MN


Tournament Results

Creative Expression

1. Jake Limpert; St. Croix Lutheran

2. Garret Bluhm; Christ's Household of Faith

3. Kristopher Mitchell; DeLaSalle

4. David Busacker; Saint Anthony Village

5. Alexa Pearson; Saint Anthony Village

6. Emily Rognrud; Saint Anthony Village


1. Nick Dugas; Mounds Park Academy

2. Bethany Fleishmann; St. Croix Lutheran

3. Mara Johnson; DeLaSalle

4. Connor Wray; Minnehaha Academy

5. Des McKeown; Mounds Park Academy

6. John Dietman; Mounds Park Academy

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Hena Vadher; Mounds Park Academy

2. Mariah Crabb; Saint Anthony Village

3. Megan Cardenas; St. Croix Prep

4. Xiaomin Zhuang; St. Croix Lutheran

5. David Backer; St. Croix Lutheran

6. Erin Piepkorn; Christ's Household of Faith

Duo Interpretation

1. Sierra Piepkorn and Tate Piepkorn; Christ's Household of Faith

2. Josh Revier and Michael Jacobsen; Saint Anthony Village

3. Anna Wittig and Paris Hagen-Baca; St. Croix Lutheran

4. Anna Wiechmann and Olivia Hinz;St. Croix Lutheran

5. Franny Stoopes and Shenique Emelife; Saint Anthony Village

6. Nathan Snyder and Vic Bollensen; Saint Anthony Village

Extemp. Reading

1. Elizabeth Jacobsen; Saint Anthony Village

2. Rachel Ibes; Saint Anthony Village

3. Laura Myers; Mounds Park Academy

4. Lucy Hayes; Saint Anthony Village

5. Sean McInerney; DeLaSalle

Extemporaneous Speaking

1. Ameay Naravane; Mounds Park Academy

2. Caroline Miller; Mounds Park Academy

3. Sam Anklesaria; Mounds Park Academy

4. Trevor Killeen; Mounds Park Academy

Great Speeches

1. Noora Hussain; Saint Anthony Village

2. Adam Busacker; Saint Anthony Village

3. Carrie Fleishmann; St. Croix Lutheran

4. Sophia Bachmann; St. Croix Lutheran

Humorous Interpretation

1. Greta Stacy; Mounds Park Academy

2. Cathy Backer; St. Croix Lutheran

3. Margaret Sittig; DeLaSalle

4. Grace Bratzel; Christ's Household of Faith

5. Katie Plante; Saint Anthony Village

6. Ben Slye    Saint; Anthony Village

Informative Speaking

1. Gracie Oribamise; Saint Anthony Village

2. Darian Warneke; Christ's Household of Faith

3. Marie Wappes; Saint Anthony Village

4. Alison Shannon; Saint Anthony Village

Original Oratory

1. Emily Colton; Mounds Park Academy

2. Eric Baudry; Mounds Park Academy

3. So-Won Kim; St. Croix Lutheran

4. Jae Park; St. Croix Lutheran

5. Luis Dietsche; St. Croix Lutheran

6. Sessen Mengist-Teklay; Saint Anthony Village


1. Jeremy Thao; Mounds Park Academy

2. Leila Ali    ; Saint Anthony Village

3. Linda Blair; DeLaSalle

4. Amanda Magistad; Mounds Park Academy

5. Byeol Kim; St. Croix Lutheran

6. Savanna Givens; St. Croix Prep


1. Gyu-ri Han; St. Croix Lutheran

2. Annie Stewart; Mounds Park Academy

3. Sutter Meinke; St. Croix Prep

4. LaVina Branscomb; DeLaSalle

5. Tanny Britts; DeLaSalle

6. Jasmine He; St. Croix Lutheran


1. Moriah Barker; St. Croix Lutheran

2. Erin Marshall; St. Croix Lutheran

3. Sheila Bluhm; Christ's Household of Faith

4. Lizzie Klaesges; Saint Anthony Village

5. Zandra Rooney; Christ's Household of Faith

6. Gretchen Tillmann; Saint Anthony Village


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