2014 Tonka Talks

Tournament Information

Date: 10/17/2014
Tournament Location: Kansas City, MO


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes
1. Liberty HS - 106
1. Liberty North - 106
3. Blue Springs High School - 95

Dramatic Interpretation
1. LIBNORTH DI03 (Liberty North)
2. BSS DI02 (Blue Springs South)
3. LIBNORTH DI02 (Liberty North)
4. BSHS DI01 (Blue Springs High School)
5. LIBNORTH DI04 (Liberty North)
6. LIBNORTH DI01 (Liberty North)

Duo Interpretation
1. BSHS DUO03 and BSHS DUO04 (Blue Springs High School)
2. RAYPEC DUO01 and RAYPEC DUO02 (Raymore-Peculiar)
3. LIBNORTH DUO03 and LIBNORTH DUO04 (Liberty North)
4. LIBERTY DUO01 and LIBERTY DUO02 (Liberty HS)
5. BSHS DUO01 and BSHS DUO02 (Blue Springs High School)
6. RAYSOUTH DUO01 and RAYSOUTH DUO02 (Raytown South)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1. PEMHILL EX01 (The Pembroke Hill School)
2. TRUMAN EX02 (Truman)
3. LIBNORTH EX03 (Liberty North)
4. PEMHILL EX03 (The Pembroke Hill School)
5. PEMHILL EX09 (The Pembroke Hill School)
6. LSW EX01 (Lee's Summit West High School)

Humorous Interpretation
1. RAYPEC HI01 (Raymore-Peculiar)
2. LIBNORTH HI02 (Liberty North)
3. BSS HI02 (Blue Springs South)
4. LIBERTY HI01 (Liberty HS)
5. LSN HI02 (Lee's Summit North High School)
6. BSHS HI01 (Blue Springs High School)

Lincoln Douglas Debate
1. PEMHILL LD07 (The Pembroke Hill School)
2. PEMHILL LD02 (The Pembroke Hill School)
3. PEMHILL LD01 (The Pembroke Hill School)
4. LIBERTY LD08 (Liberty HS)
5. PEMHILL LD04 (The Pembroke Hill School)
6. BSS LD03 (Blue Springs South)
F. ROCKHURST LD01 (Rockhurst High School)
F. RAYTOWN LD01 (Raytown High School)

Original Oratory
1. RAYPEC OO01 (Raymore-Peculiar)
2. LIBERTY OO02 (Liberty HS)
3. LIBERTY OO07 (Liberty HS)
4. PEMHILL OO01 (The Pembroke Hill School)
5. LIBERTY OO03 (Liberty HS)
6. BSS OO01 (Blue Springs South)

Policy Debate
1. LSHS CX01 and LSHS CX02 (Lees Summit High School)
2. RAYSOUTH CX03 and RAYSOUTH CX04 (Raytown South)
3. VAN HORN CX01 and VAN HORN CX02 (Van Horn High School)
4. TRUMAN CX03 and TRUMAN CX04 (Truman)
5. TRUMAN CX05 and TRUMAN CX06 (Truman)
6. LIBERTY CX07 and LIBERTY CX08 (Liberty HS)
F. LSW CX01 and LSW CX02 (Lee's Summit West High School)
F. STALEY CX01 and STALEY CX02 (Staley)

1. RAYPEC PP01 (Raymore-Peculiar)
2. BSHS PP01 (Blue Springs High School)
3. LSN PP01 (Lee's Summit North High School)
4. MARYVILLE PP02 (Maryville)
5. BSHS PP02 (Blue Springs High School)
6. FORT PP01 (Fort Osage)

Public Forum Debate
1. LIBNORTH PF01 and LIBNORTH PF02 (Liberty North)
2. LSW PF01 and LSW PF02 (Lee's Summit West High School)
3. ROCKHURST PF01 and ROCKHURST PF02 (Rockhurst High School)
4. LIBNORTH PF03 and LIBNORTH PF04 (Liberty North)
5. ROCKHURST PF07 and ROCKHURST PF08 (Rockhurst High School)
6. ROCKHURST PF03 and ROCKHURST PF04 (Rockhurst High School)
F. LIBERTY PF01 and LIBERTY PF02 (Liberty HS)
F. LIBERTY PF03 and LIBERTY PF04 (Liberty HS)

1. BSHS ST01 (Blue Springs High School)
2. LIBERTY ST02 (Liberty HS)
3. LIBERTY ST01 (Liberty HS)
4. LIBERTY ST03 (Liberty HS)
5. MARYVILLE ST01 (Maryville)
6. RAYSOUTH ST01 (Raytown South)

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