2014 SLUDL T1

Tournament Information

Date: 10/18/2014
Tournament Location: St. Louis, MO


Tournament Results

JV 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Racinda Garcia (Central Visual and Performing Arts HS)
2. Devin Brooks and Rachael Jones (McKinley CLA)

Novice 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Matthew Hageman (Metro HS)
2. Ella Catherine Strahan and Emily Bischoff (Metro HS)
3. Tessa DeHart and Zoe McKelvie (Metro HS)
4. Hope Ballard and Jamal Burns (Gateway STEM HS)
5. Jacquon Eley and Justine Durham (McKinley CLA)
6. Bariweremeloo Anue and Lauren King (Metro HS)

Varsity 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Mary Blair and Richard Omoniyi-Shoyoola (Metro HS)
2. Danielle Nunn and Naomi Henry (Clyde C. Miller Career Academy)

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