2014 Shelby DEBATE HS Tournament 1 at Overton HS

Tournament Information

Date: 09/20/2014
Team-School In Charge: Overton HS
Tournament Location: Memphis, TN


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes
1. White Station - 52
2. Middle College H.S. - 46
3. Soulsville Charter - 41
4. Power Center Academy High School - 40
5. Craigmont - 38

JV 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Kenyona Chaney and Markita Brown (Power Center Academy High School)
2. Ian Howell-Moroney and Taylor Upchurch (White Station)
3. Fatima Smith and JauQuan Wells (Power Center Academy High School)
4. Michael Stovall and Robert Nisby (East H.S.)
5. Lyric Dukes and Tavion Williams (Power Center Academy High School)
6. Kylie Richard and Raven Carico (Soulsville Charter)

Varsity 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Andre Vaughn and Jasmine Watson (East H.S.)
2. Julius Bedford and Timothy Richmond, Jr. (Craigmont)
3. Ivyia Vaughn and Jordan Smith (Central H.S.)
4. Lailah Blackwell and Roland Donnelly-Bullington (Central H.S.)
5. Clarence Armour, Jr, and Maya Donald (Middle College H.S.)
6. Chamberlyn Smith and Destinee Walls (Middle College H.S.)

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