2014 Patriot Stars & Stripes Spectacular

Tournament Information

Date: 10/18/2014
Tournament Location: Sioux Falls, SD


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes
1. O'Gorman High School - 319
2. Roosevelt High School - 122
3. Sioux Falls Washington - 121
4. Harrisburg OI - 85
5. Brookings Oral Interp - 74

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Annie Deutscher (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
2. Samuel Maxwell (O'Gorman High School
2. Whitney Hansen (Roosevelt High School)
4. Alex Schumacher (Sioux Falls Washington)
5. Shaylee Wilcox (O'Gorman High School)
6. Kaela Newman (Watertown High School)

Duo Interpretation
1. Kelly Maxwell and Shreya Chandran (O'Gorman High School)
2. Jessie Rames and Taren Pfitzer (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
3. Christian Heisler and Samuel Maxwell (O'Gorman High School)
4. Cody Bloomer and Quinn Schoenfelder (O'Gorman High School)
5. Emmy Bear and Matt Billion (O'Gorman High School)
6. Alex Newcomb Weiland and Tucker Hammer (Sioux Falls Lincoln)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Christian Heisler (O'Gorman High School)
2. Chris Larson (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
3. Annie Deutscher (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
4. Lexi Job (O'Gorman High School)
5. Grace Fjellanger (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
6. Jackson Frey (O'Gorman High School)

Non-Original Oratory
1. Quinn Schoenfelder (O'Gorman High School)
2. Hannah Gunderson (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
3. Daphney Miller (Roosevelt High School)
4. Manaal Ali (Harrisburg OI)
5. Kathryn Hammer (O'Gorman High School)
6. Kiley Burggraff (Flandreau Public)

1. Chofian Abobakr (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
2. Daphney Miller (Roosevelt High School)
3. Tucker Hammer (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
4. Miliyna Megosha (Sioux Falls Washington)
5. Jordan Schmidt (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
6. Lauren Buisker (Sioux valley school)

Readers Theatre
1. Alyse Brown, Anna Picasso, Claire Berman, Gabrielle Ammann and Mary Motz (O'Gorman High School)
2. Alex Newcomb Weiland, Chofian Abobakr, Dakota Weisbecker, Emelia O'Toole and Jordan Schmidt (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
3. Courtney Hanson, Dayliah Aadland, Fawn Stone and Kailyn Johnson (Brookings Oral Interp)

1. Tanner Sabol (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
2. Matt Billion (O'Gorman High School)
3. Daniel Bergeson (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
4. Caelan Mangan (Sioux Falls Lincoln)
5. Chris Person (Sioux Falls Washington)
6. Alyse Brown (O'Gorman High School)

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