2014 ICC Fright Fest

Tournament Information

Date: 10/24/2014
Team-School In Charge: ICC
Tournament Location: East Peoria, IL


Tournament Results

After Dinner Speaking
1. Matt Swiec (Moraine Valley)
2. Ramey AbuDayyeh (Moraine Valley)
3. Sophie Hrinowich (Elgin Community College)
4. Rizamae Enriquez (Moraine Valley)
5. Brianna McDevitt (McHenry County College)
6. Dan Engstrom (Kishwaukee College)

Communication Analysis
1. Onute Jureviciute (Moraine Valley)
2. Megan Huro (Elgin Community College)
3. Slawek Klus (Moraine Valley)
3. Rizamae Enriquez (Moraine Valley)
5. Priscilla Lopez (McHenry County College)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Casey Wilk (McHenry County College)
2. Brianna McDevitt (McHenry County College)
3. Jaqueesha Jacobs (McHenry County College)
4. Hayden Perkins (Kishwaukee College)
5. Rizamae Enriquez (Moraine Valley)
6. Isaac Heins (Luther College Speech and Debate)

Duo Interpretation
1. Brianna McDevitt and Liz Sullivan (McHenry County College)
2. Mike Cronin and Onute Jureviciute (Moraine Valley)
3. Casey Wilk and Dylan Eddy (McHenry County College)
4. Jaqueesha Jacobs and Jasmine Brown (McHenry County College)
5. Rizamae Enriquez and Slawek Klus (Moraine Valley)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Jordy Barry (Luther College Speech and Debate)
2. Maggie Koll (Northern Ill. University)
3. JD Deutsch (Kishwaukee College)
4. Meagan Faye Allen (Harper College)
5. Sarah Sturm (Luther College Speech and Debate)
6. Zack Mayo (Harper College)

Impromptu Speaking
1. Maggie Koll (Northern Ill. University)
2. JD Deutsch (Kishwaukee College)
3. Jordy Barry (Luther College Speech and Debate)
4. Stephanie Fox (Harper College)
5. Sydney Klein (Kishwaukee College)
6. Meagan Faye Allen (Harper College)

Informative Speaking
1. Lauren Hoppenrath (Northern Ill. University)
2. Miracle Diala (Northern Ill. University)
3. Liz Sullivan (McHenry County College)
4. Micah Huff (Kishwaukee College)
5. Tom Vanichachiva (McHenry County College)
6. Claudia Consuelos-Cabrera (Rock Valley College)

Persuasive Speaking
1. Max Zerndt (Elgin Community College)
2. Amanda Garcia (Moraine Valley)
3. Ramey AbuDayyeh (Moraine Valley)
4. Sophie Hrinowich (Elgin Community College)
5. Hailey Bramwell (Moraine Valley)
6. Erik Ehresmann (Luther College Speech and Debate)

Poetry Interpretation
1. Dylan Eddy (McHenry County College)
2. Micah Huff (Kishwaukee College)
3. Hannah Burmahl (Luther College Speech and Debate)
4. Jaqueesha Jacobs (McHenry County College)
4. Jude Abangan (Northern Ill. University)

Program Oral Interpretation
1. Dustin Beelow (Harper College)
2. Amanda Lewis (McHenry County College)
3. Jason Leuthold (Luther College Speech and Debate)
4. Onute Jureviciute (Moraine Valley)
5. Kevyn-Ann Sutter (Highland Community College)
6. Matt Swiec (Moraine Valley)

Prose Interpretation
1. Hayden Perkins (Kishwaukee College)
2. Hayley Flores (McHenry County College)
3. Jasmine Brown (McHenry County College)
4. Olivia Holloway-Racine (Kishwaukee College)
5. Amanda Lewis (McHenry County College)
6. Solana Contreras (Kishwaukee College)

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