2014 The GlenOak JV Fall Forensic Frolic

Tournament Information

Date: 10/25/2014
Tournament Location: Canton, OH


Tournament Results

2-Person Policy Debate
1. Annelesia Brand and Mitch Kamerer (Perry)
2. Estelle Shaya and James Nielson (Wooster)
3. Grant Knepper and Justin Blythe (Perry)
4. Tumas Rackaitis and Yicheng Wang (Jackson H.S.)
5. Anna Sollenberger and Clara Vorndran (Highland)
6. Ben Rife and Hailey Dustin (Highland)

1. Griffin White (Hoover)
1. Saagar Chokshi (Mason)
2. Natasha Dinh (Mason)
2. Alexi Kamer (Mount Vernon)
3. Joe Huang (Medina)
3. Chris Summerville (Medina)
4. Collin Goff (Perry)
4. Myles Pennington (Perry)
5. Suraj Komatineni (Mason)
5. Ben Carmel (Wooster)
6. Kara Li (Copley)
6. Alyson Lam (Mason)

Dramatic Interpretation
1. Amy Jaggers (Stow)
2. Savanna Thompson (Stow)
3. Taylor Mills (Wooster)
4. Robert Steveson (Timken)
5. Jarod With (Perry)
6. Isabelle Cannon (Wooster)

Duo Interpretation
1. Bobby Hughes and Brian Schutter (Centerville)
2. Corrine Dunton and Sarah Laubach (Stow)
3. Hunter Wooldridge and Sean Elofskey (Perry)
4. Anne Marie McCombs and Braedon Yacobucci (Stow)
5. Ben Lewton and Lauren Johnson (Highland)
6. Alexis Courtney and Delaney McConaha (Tusky Valley HS)

Expository Speaking
1. Cassidy Burger (Perry)
2. Cole Bellinger (Hoover)
3. Allie Stahleker (Perry)
4. Nish Sankari (Mason)
5. Grayson Hawkins (GlenOak)
6. Kaylia Becher (Perry)

Humorous Interpretation
1. Blake Brouse (Wadsworth)
2. ISAIAH MEEK (Carrollton)
3. Colin Sellers (Stow)
4. Elaine Werren (Hoover)
5. Evan Doan (Wooster)
6. Elyse Muhl (Wadsworth)

International Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Ethan Burns (Jackson H.S.)
2. Alex Fahmy (Jackson H.S.)
3. Joe Dominik (Perry)
4. Abby Grisez (Hoover)
5. Garret Fruend (Wadsworth)
6. Preeti Balachandran (Centerville)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate
1.Sanjana Are (Mason)
2 . Lauren Ickes (Hoover)
3. Aditi Priyadershi (Hoover)
4. Rahul Ramesh (Mason)
5. Jeffrey Huang (Mason)
6. Sophie Boulter (Wadsworth)

Oratorical Interpretation
1. Lexi Snoddy (Wooster)
2. Caiya Sanchez-Strauss (Hoover)
3. Stephanie Spencer (Perry)
4. Taylor Rook (Perry)
5. Allie Cuenot (Perry)

Original Oratory
1. Quinci Spencer (Perry)
2. Kristen Laps (Perry)
3. Lauren Keyser (Stow)
4. Emily Carden (Perry)
5. Olivia Severyn (Highland)
6. Leah Sim (Wooster)

Prose/Poetry Reading
1. Katie Vesco (Tusky Valley HS)
2. Samantha Rinaldi (Perry)
3. Troy Kind (Perry)
4. Heidi Ebin (Wooster)
5. Jack Fobean (Stow)
6. Eliahs Sumpter (GlenOak)

Public Forum Debate
1. Ben Ferling and T.J. Milam (Medina)
2. Austin Hulse and Nick Downey (Mount Vernon)
3. Brian Lobban and Trevor Allen (Medina)
4. Gabby Bachtel and Nick Regas (Jackson H.S.)
5. Amy Iverson and Leanne Bunnell (Stow)
6. Max Critchfield and Mitch Dillon (Jackson H.S.)

United States Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Kristin Keenan (Hoover)
2. Tyler Schultz (Highland)
3. Mallika Madugula (Mason)
4. Grace Gaddis (Highland)
5. Maison DeWalt (Highland)
6. Yogesh Patel (Mason)

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