2014 Chicago Debate League - Allstate Invitational

Tournament Information

Date: 10/18/2014
Tournament Location: Chicago, IL


Tournament Results

2-Person Policy Debate
1. Maria Sanchez and Wes Jones
2. Aaron Phalin and Joel Veizi
3. Lenny Brahin and Luisa Cusick
4. Charlie Bazzell and Henry Ferolie
5. Mayra Deleon and Stephani Lopez
6. Alexis Chavez and Jorell Ellazar
7. Diamond Dortch and Tia Schaffer
8. Jazmine Mercado and Mansur Shawabkeh

2-Person Policy Debate - Individuals Speakers
1. Lenny Brahin (Payton LeLu)
2. Mayra Deleon (Phoenix MaSt)
3. Joel Veizi (Lane Tech AaJo)
4. Wes Jones (Northside Coll MaWe)
5. Luisa Cusick (Payton LeLu)
6. Maria Sanchez (Northside Coll MaWe)

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