2014 AUDL - September SILVER (Memorial MS)

Tournament Information

Date: 09/20/2014
Tournament Location: Atlanta, GA


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes
1. Autrey Mill - 40
2. Memorial - 30
3. Inman - 28
4. KIPP SFA - 27
5. Altamont- 22

High School
1. Faith Roberts and Joseph Dean (Arabia Mountain)
2. Brian Woolfolk and Rani Shagarabi (Westlake)
3. Vanessa Chen and Zoie Konneker (Campbell)
4. Austin Green and Digue Guilavogui (Arabia Mountain)
5. Barrett Bouska and Janice Alcalde (Galloway)
6. Audean Gilpin and Harry Daniel (Westlake)

JV 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Karina Dalal and Kriti Kothari (Autrey Mill)
2. Daniel Wakefield and Robbie Gibbs(Inman)
3. Brianna Hunter and Gwynivere Schooler (Renfroe)
4. Hunter Price and Robert Grimes (Marist School)
5. Rahul Sahetiya and Rohan Lalla (Autrey Mill)
6. Assata Nkosi and Theodore Weimar (Inman)

Novice 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Chandni Patel and Rabab Meghani (Altamont)
2. CYNTHIA MACK and Zed Howington (Memorial)
3. Sara Catherine Cook and Sojourner Rouco-Crenshaw (Altamont)
4. Andre Myette and Max Moscaliov (Inman)
5. George Lefkowicz and Jordan Freeman (Inman)
6. Griffin Richie and Sechan Tak (Inman)

Varsity 2-Person Policy Debate
1. Jordan DI and Maansi Gupta (Autrey Mill)
2. Camden Rogers and Jalen Jones (KIPP SFA)
3. Akshay Patil and Amogh Totada (Autrey Mill)
4. Jack James (Renfroe)

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